Reader Poll: Will Hillary or Bernie Win the PA Dem Primary?

Clinton-SandersPennsylvania’s 210 delegates are one of the biggest prizes left in the Presidential Democratic primary.

As Hillary Clinton tries to secure the nomination and Bernie Sanders attempts to upset the trend of the race, the Keystone State is shaping up to be a major battle.

Furthermore, Clinton has a rich history in PA (her husband won it in 1992 and 1996 and she won in 2008) and is predicted to do well.

In fact, her campaign recently asserted that they’ll have the nomination wrapped up with victories in PA and other Northeastern states on April 26th.

Nevertheless, Sanders did pull off an upset in a similar Rust Belt state like Michigan.

So dear readers, we leave the question to you.

Who Do You Think Will Win the PA Presidential Democratic Primary?

  • Bernie Sanders (55%)
  • Hillary Clinton (45%)

Total Voters: 2,156

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53 Responses

  1. Why are you voting for Bernie Sanders?” I get this constantly. I was an AVID Clinton supporter before I dived into Sander’s politics in detail, so this is coming from someone who has nothing personally against Clinton. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate out there actively addressing our current system’s Oligarchal structure which is run by, and for corporate entities. Some may even argue that the US is basically in itself a corporate entity. Sanders understands the importance of rerouting the power and wealth in this country in order to benefit everyone, not just 1% of the country. This doesn’t mean we’re all going to be giving our paychecks to our neighbors, it means that he wants to incorporate corporate practices and lawful practices into place that ensures workers are paid and treated fairly for the work that they do so that they can survive off of their wages, take off from work without fear of being fired when they’re ill or have a child, and have negotiating rights with their employers. Clinton does not address these issues, and it will be business as usual with her in power. From wage inequality, to general working class inequality, to gender and race inequality Sanders addresses ALL of the issues concerning the everyday person and refuses to give in to corporate lobbying, which is basically individuals from a corporate entity who pay off candidates like Clinton in large sums to vote and act accordingly to their private interests.

  2. The “Bernie is promising ‘free stuff'” but is a Republican attack (remember how Tomney criticized our two term winning President for that?). It belies a fundamental difference between the campaigns.

  3. Bernie need to stop attacking hillary if he wants to unite the democratic party, hillary raised money for the Democratic party not for herself,Bernie should stop promising the college kids free tuition fees because it is impossible to do that without raising taxes on the middle class.Hillary has the experience and the judgment to move this country forward so Bernie and the Republican needs to go back to their home state and retire because hillary is moving forward ever back never.

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