Rendell: Philly DNC $10 Million Short

EdRendellDemocrats are falling behind in their bid to raise $64 million for their national convention in Philadelphia this summer.

The party is looking at a $9 to $10 million shortfall at this point, Chairman of the convention’s host committee Ed Rendell said this week, but he is certain the convention will reach its fundraising goal.

“Including pledges from companies I know are going to write the check, we’re $9 to $10 million down. It’s a legitimate gap, but we’re touching every base to fill it,” Rendell told Adrian Carrasquillo of BuzzFeed News.

Rendell – who also chairs Katie McGinty’s campaign for Senate – said there were several reasons for the gap.

In 2012, the federal government pitched in $18 million for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, and Rendell said he expected anywhere up to $7.75 million from the City of Philadelphia, who will not be helping at all.

Then there’s Trump.

Most donor companies will often contribute to both the Republicans’ and Democrats’ national conventions, but Rendell is crediting “the Trumpster” for driving fundraising totals even further down, with some afraid to associate their brands with the GOP nominee and opting to sit out this election cycle.

In his interview with BuzzFeed, Rendell also had a few words for Sanders supporters, again worrying openly about any potential disturbances when the Democratic Party gathers at the end of July.

“95% of the Bernie delegates don’t give a shit about the Democratic Party or somebody other than Bernie winning the presidency,” Rendell said. “They could be disruptive in the convention hall. That would be a terrible outcome.”

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  1. Diano, They are “Criminals” Saudi=9/11 + have horrific human rights record and abuse women, Israel begs + extorts $ + F-35’s from US courtesy US taxpayers, if we don’t comply, well then, we are anti-Semitic. So no it’s not racist to call these countries criminals, only fact based.
    Crooked Hillary has received vast sums from rich Saudi’s and Rich Jews for her foundation and for her campaign. Something that should be closely scrutinized, when you pull that lever. She’s bought and paid for.

  2. Tim-

    You referred to the Saudis and Israelis as “these criminals”.


    That isn’t remotely true. Hillary has won caucuses, primaries, open and closed. No alternate voting scheme that Bernie or his supporters have proposed would result in him winning, short of giving it to him based on the Gallop poll (which is pretty worthless this far out).

    But, the primaries are part of the party’s nominating process. They should NEVER be open to other parties. Registered GOP voters have no business voting in the Dem primary and corrupting the process and visa versa.

  3. @Hillary fans, she is literally winning the primary election via dictatorship. If it weren’t for closed primaries and super-delegates (400+ of whom voted for Hillary before the election begun) Bernie would be the Democratic nominee.

  4. Hey Diano, quit your fapping for a minute and tell me how my comments were even minutely “racist”? You have a major league problem pally, when you read “race” into everything. The old, tired cunard of “racist!” is a pejorative used to taint and paint anyone whose opinion you don’t agree with. Stick itwhere the sun don’t shine idiot. I’m sorry if you get triggered by Trump “chalkings” and have to call out the “Hate Response Team” to deal with it because your too much of a pussy to handle someone else’s “opinion”. Grow up little boy!

  5. Sanders Fan-

    He’s trying to undermine a fair process by claiming it’s unfair, then attempting to circumvent the will of the voters by exploiting the super-delegates.

    If Hillary and the DNC announce the elimination of super-delegates today, Bernie would be bitching and moaning that she was being unfair.

    He should have long ago stopped this dangerous rhetoric, which fuels violence and helps Trump.

  6. @ David
    How is Bernie doing himself, the Party and Democracy itself a disservice? By winning nearly half the contested states so far? By playing by the rules and not taking special interest monies? By not changing his positions as much as the wind blows? How is his disadvantaging the Democratic Party? If anything be happy Hillary can’t run away with this today and has a challenge to keep her on her toes. If you do not think the Super-Delegate and Delegate process is as outdated as some view the Constitution, then enjoy your candidate and I will continually fight for mine.

  7. Real Democrats head the state party now. No more lightweights that cant even pay the rent. The party leaders will pull together and make the convention perfect.

  8. Oh, Ed will find the money. No need to panic. Same as for McGinty. No one needs to worry. Ed and Tom will have enough money to fund EVERYTHING!

  9. Sanders Fan-

    I don’t know the percentage of Bernie delegates who wouldn’t vote for Hilly in the general, but I’m sure it’s a lot higher than the general population.

    Bernie is doing himself, the Democratic party, and democracy itself a disservice by perpetuating myths about rigged primaries and the hypocrisy of super-delegates picking him as a good thing.

    He needs to start showing some grace and statesmanship.

  10. @David. I agree in kind with only a few points. But I wrote in the horrid decree The Gov placed on the shoulder of Sanders Supports:
    “95% of the Bernie delegates don’t give a shit about the Democratic Party or somebody other than Bernie winning the presidency,” Rendell said. “They could be disruptive in the convention hall. That would be a terrible outcome.”
    You yourself cannot agree that the majority of Sanders Supports are going to create an up-rise….

  11. Sanders Fan and Jay-

    Bernie Sanders has never had an attack ad run against him, nor real scrutiny of his record, since he was never the lead contender. His polling is artificially high and there is zero evidence he can take a punch.

    Trump would EASILY be able to paint Sanders as an un-American commie, who would tax everyone, including the middle class to death.

    But, Bernie couldn’t even beat Hillary in a Dem primary where his form of socialism is well accepted/received. He is too far from the center to win a general election.

    Hillary has beaten him consistently 55% to 45%, no matter what counting method you use (winner take all, proportional, raw count, pledged delegates only, etc). Hillary slaughters Bernie with the black and other minority voters that are the base of the Democratic party.

    She will beat him in NJ and CA next week, so everyone can stop pretending he’s a stronger candidate, and he can stop being a hypocrite about wanting the super-delegates to pick the person who got fewer votes.

  12. The latest Real Clear Politics Average of all polling currently has Hillary up +1.5% against Trump in the projection of the general election. Bernie is up a RCP Average of +10.5% against Trump. Bernie has been so restrained and saint-like about her emails and now it seems that Hillary is starting to fizzle out on her own accord: a scathing inspector general report just found that she “misstated key facts about her use of private email and her own server”. Don’t Democrats want to win in General? Rid yourselves of the scandal and mistrust attached to the Clinton name and nominate Bernie who wins by greater margins in the polls and will fight for the lower and middle working class folks–he has his whole political career 34 years, he is so morally consistent. Bernie has excited young and unaffiliated voters (the largest voting group in the United States at 42% of all voters [Gallup]). Bernie is the only candidate of the three of them who has positive favorability ratings and not negative ones. Hang in there Bernie!

  13. I love how he is so eager to press down upon possibly the strongest supporters of free, fair and open elections – Sanders Supporters. Sanders said it best, (as outlined in the NY Times), “If the Democratic Party is to be successful in November, it is imperative that all state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness and the respect that they have earned,”
    I worked hard for the Sanders campaign, as did many of whom now I call friends and for a Progressive leader (?) like the Gov to question our stance or understanding of the Democratic Party is possibly the reason he is falling short and out of touch with his quote-end-quote establishment assembly. We face something we never have before in November and he’s worried about a Senator whom has almost an equal share in voting tallies? He needs fundraising dollars from every supporter of the Democratic Party, and shouting, shewing Sanders supporters away like we are mere dirt in the way really shows the true notion of the Convention as a whole. Shame on you Gov, shame on YOU!

  14. Just Rendell haters or want to be’s… People fall over themselves to kiss his ass.
    At least he isn’t Wolf……….

  15. How much can I deduct from my cable bill or my health insurance bill if Comcast or IBX bail out “Fast Eddie”? Let the liberal flakes like Streyer put their money up to pay for this circus.

  16. I guess Fast Eddie will have to get back on his knees for David Cohen and Brian Roberts again. Nothin’ new – been doing it for 20 years.

  17. Wow. Racist against the Saudis and the Israelis in one post.

    I’m surprised you didn’t say the Mexicans so they won’t have to pay Trump to build a wall.

  18. Crooked Hillary can have her pals the Saudis stroke a couple of checks and problem is solved! Not a big deal. Or Her pals the Israeli’s can dump a bunch of Shekels into the DNC coffers, PROBLEM SOLVED. These criminals have no shortage of resources on who they can extort money from.

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