Rendell Tells Kane: “Do Your Job”

Kane-RendellFormer Governor Ed Rendell has some advice for embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

“Do your job,” Rendell said bluntly in an interview with PennLive. “Just don’t get involved in charges and countercharges, attacks and counter-attacks. Do your job and let the chips fall where they may.”

Kane’s office has been mired in controversy since her inauguration in 2013. A Philadelphia Magazine cover story from May details her skirmishes with former staffers in the AG office, particularly former state prosecutor Frank Fina. She’s also being investigated for leaking internal memos to the Philadelphia Daily News, an act for which she could face criminal charges.

Rendell warned Kane to stay away from office politics and interpersonal conflicts, encouraging her to focus instead on the real tasks at hand for a state AG.

“Revenge has no place in an elected official’s pantheon,” he said. “It can only get you in trouble. It never achieves the goal…. Take care of drug enforcement. Take care of child predators. Do the job of the AG and that’s all you can do,” Rendell said.

This isn’t the first time Rendell has spoken out about Kane’s political scandals. Last month, he speculated that the attorney general found herself in trouble because she “couldn’t handle pressure” and “let her emotions [get] the best of her” in her feud with Fina. He has also voiced the concern, shared by many in Harrisburg, that Kane was not prepared to be Attorney General.

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  1. The rest of the world seems to have figured out that DA Williams’ “Press Play” on the steaming pile of dung “sting case” was a JOKE. Did he really think he would get away with those fake prosecutions?

    The US Attorney’s Office and AG’s Office were right about that steaming pile of dung. What DA Williams did was use it to grandstand. He admitted that he too wants AG Kane’s job. This “Press Play” was a way he thought he could get it. From the comments on Craig & Angela’s most recent propaganda, it looks like it has backfired in his face.

    At first, the DA’s Office tried to keep the sweetheart deals quiet. That hasn’t worked. They tried to pretend Tynes actually got jail time. She didn’t. They let all of the big bad dirty politicians KEEP THEIR PENSIONS. LOL ….

    Now – Peruto is poised to make fools of them in Court on Ms. Bishop’s case. DA Williams will certainly be looking for ways to duck that case … because, in open Court (where guys like Fina hate being), the TRUTH WILL COME OUT.

  2. LOL … “dropping shoes” on AG staffers. The Fina-driven CLOWN CAR is a mess!!

  3. Is “BustaPerv” the notorious “Platinum” from the Disqus comments? I think you are. I see you are as delusional here as you are on Phillydotcom.

    Kane has been proven as an inept Attorney General time and time again. From the failed attempt to cast aspersions on the Sandusky investigation, to the Philly 5 sting to her leaking grand jury material to promoting a man to chief of staff that sexually harassed not one but two women. Yet, “BustaPerv” aka Platinum only retorts with “Fina looked at porn…yadda…yadda…yadda.”

    Kane will go down not only as the most inept Attorney General in Pennsylvania’s history but quite possibly the most corrupt, and morally bankrupt politician in Pennsylvania history.

    Oh, and keep an eye towards her morally challenged Chief of Staff. I hear another big black mailed shoe may be dropping soon.

  4. IMO – the US Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office made the righter decisions. They do not believe in using a criminal prosecution as a “press play.”

    DA Williams and his ADA (Gilson) showed how desperate they were when they violated the law and made statements to the Press about the strength of their case. Even if it was true (here it was not), that would be HIGHLY UNETHICAL.

    If you are pro-accountability:

    What do you think about Ali being allowed to keep the $400,000.00 he stole from a non-profit set up to help children?

    What do you think about Fina being allowed to get away with using his State computer to view and distribute bestiality porn? Videos depicting graphic violence against women?

  5. “Proof” that Kane made the right decision? You apologists are laughably delusional. This train wreck masquerading as an Attorney General was the one who repeatedly insisted that these criminal cases were NOT PROSECUTABLE. And – surprise! – it turns out Kane was demonstrably wrong. As usual.

    Unsanctioned R summed it up best in a recent post. If the Kane apologists had their way, these now-disgraced public officials would get to keep their positions of esteem, their presumptions of innocence and their good names.

    And all for what? To protect Kane from taking another hit politically? Yeah, your priorities aren’t out of order at all…

  6. Kane seems to be heeding that advice. The AG’s Office has been in the Press for all the right reasons lately. And the sweet plea deals for the politicians DA Williams has been grandstanding about are proof that AG Kane and the US Attorney’s Office made the right decision on the so-called “sting” case. None of the allegedly corrupt politicians are going to jail and ALL OF THEM are keeping their pensions. What kind of criminal prosecution is that? I’ll tell you … It’s the kind where the DA doesn’t want to go to trial because they know their case stinks.

  7. Kane looks like she’s about to cry. I guess that means that Ed Rendell and the Philadelphia machine have chosen her replacement for the 2016 race.

  8. She is doing her job. Rendell is probably upset because she ignored his passes at her.

  9. Someone needs to encourage Rendell to check into an old age home. His time is waaaay over…

  10. Great photo. Rendell looks like he wants to jump off a bridge, and Kane looks like a scared little girl.

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