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RNC, Trump Campaign Ramps Up Digital Outreach in PA

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted campaigning in 2020 as we know it. 

For the past month, the RNC and President Donald Trump’s campaign has moved their operation 100% online in Pennsylvania and every other state in the nation.

“The RNC and the Trump campaign are actively engaging Pennsylvanians with critical information about coronavirus and making sure Pennsylvanians are safe and healthy,” said RNC Spokesperson Michael Joyce. “Pennsylvania will be crucial to re-electing President Trump, so with our campaign activities moved to 100% online we are still primed to help Republicans win up-and-down the ballot in November.” 

While the campaign is no longer meeting voters at their doors and making calls from campaign offices across the state, Joyce believes that they haven’t skipped a beat by making this switch. 

Although the data-driven ground game hasn’t left the state since 2016, March 13 is when the effort officially moved entirely online. 

Joyce said in an interview last week that in this cycle alone in Pennsylvania that they’ve already held thousands of “MAGA meets ups and Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Trainings (TLVI).” 

On March 21, which was their most recent National Day of Action, they held over 300 virtual MAGA meet ups and Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Trainings (TLVI) in the country, with over 60 taking place in Pennsylvania alone. Joyce said that as of last week, they made nearly 1 million phone calls in the state as well. 

During the phone calls to voters, Joyce said that they ask the individual how they and their families are currently doing given the current circumstances of the coronavirus, followed by directing them to federal and state resources for additional information if need be, then explaining the steps that Trump has taken during the pandemic and tout his leadership. 

Trump Victory has 64 staffers on the ground participating in these virtual events with Brittney Robinson serving as the state director of the operation

In a statement to PoliticsPA about the Trump campaign and RNC online effort, the Democratic National Committee boasted about their digital organizing in recent times as proof they remain focused on victory in the upcoming elections. 

“The DNC is partnering with our state parties and implementing innovative tactics that allow us to continue communicating with voters during this time,” said David Bergstein, DNC Battleground State Communications Director. “Some of our methods have changed, but our work to defeat Trump, organize for the general election and help Democrats win at every level is advancing strongly.”

It remains unclear when in-person campaigning will resume, but Joyce assured that they are prepared to handle the operation online.

8 Responses

  1. Sorry to burst everyone bubble but when the Federal Government announced they won’t provide any help to the people they collect taxes from that should’ve been enough evil words right there to start a Civil War. How stupid can people be to keep complying to a government that doesn’t care about the citizens living in the country they supposedly was sworn to govern and protect. If people don’t realize the GOP is a very evil party that needs to be removed. Everyone in the GOP is clearly racist and sexist. In fact, why else is this incompetent President Trump still being able to continue criminal acts when the people wanted him impeached and removed. Millions of Americans will die by November if no one acts and get this man powers restricted. He’s rejecting testing, the man way to overcome a horrific pandemic is testing. He’s rejecting testing and financial help. He’s also practicing Racketeering, he’s bailed out businesses to benefit himself. Isn’t it stranger from there very moment he stepped in the office he didn’t want a salary.

  2. “Russia – if you are listening…”. Pro-Trump Russian bots will now start flooding Facebook with pro-Trump anti Biden comments. Photoshopped pictures of Biden, Pelosi, Shummer etc will start popping up. False stories that Biden is in a befuddled mind fog in his basement will be spread. DON’T FALL FOR IT AGAIN – PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT DON THE CON MAN DOES ANS SAYS EVERY STINKING DAY.

    1. Exactly, Trump fans know the only way to win online is to lie, lie and lie some more since Trump’s actions are indefensible.

  3. So the daily shit show from the WH at taxpayer expense is not enough to convince people that this Orange Carnival barker is not fit to run a nation.

  4. A new study shows that if Trump had acted 2 weeks earlier, tens of thousands of lives would’ve been saved.

    Instead he was busy holding ego rallies and golfing. The man is unfit to lead a company, let alone the entire country. His incompetence is getting thousands of Americans killed.

    Do not allow the GOP to try to whitewash history. This is a failure of epic proportions.

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