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Rohrer Receives Herman Cain’s Endorsement

Left to Right: Sam Rohrer, Herman Cain and Congressional Candidate Ted Waga

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain announced his endorsement of Sam Rohrer for US Senate at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference on Saturday morning.

“Folks, it’s real simple,” he said to an excited crowd.  “We need new blood in Washintgon, DC that won’t be afraid to challenge the establishment, and the only way we’re going to change is from the bottom up…and outside in.”

Cain has also endorsed Ted Waga’s candidacy in Pennsylvania’s 4th District.

“I’m proud to provide my support to Sam and Ted…they’re my kind of candidates,” he added.

“I call them unconventional candidates, remember, I was an unconventional candidate,” Cain joked.  “…And all that means is you don’t do it according to the polls but according to what the people want.”

Rohrer himself later echoed Cain’s sentiments in a Q & A session, stating that “ultimately the people are the ones we are to serve” and that “Washington needs to change its attitude.”

On Cain’s signature 9-9-9 tax reform plan, Rohrer said he supports the concepts and precepts behind comprehensive tax reform. But, “I am not specifically endorsing the 9-9-9 plan and there is no expectation that I endorse it right now.”

Rohrer praised the plan earlier this week, something one Republican operative said had been a prerequisite of Cain’s endorsement.

The plan contains a 9 percent national sales tax, which Rohrer neither endorsed nor dismissed.

“I support a flatter tax and when I was in Pennsylvania we had the property taxes and the sales tax which we used to reduce the property tax which research showed was good for the economy,” he said.

“I want to read the bills. I am not going to comment on anything I have not read.”

Finally, Rohrer said he wouldn’t throw punches during Saturday afternoon’s debate – but when asked about plans to go on television, he did take a quick jab at opponent Tom Smith.

“I didn’t have a coal mine to sell,” Rohrer quipped.

11 Responses

  1. A word FROM the wise: Do not take every negative statement — printed or verbal — verbatim, as there are always people out there, who are trying to pull the wool over your eyes; mostly to portray the good candidates as bad. Waga and Rohrer are both good candidates. Those who fall for the defeatist rhetoric about both of these tea party candidates, are most likely the SAME people who fell for the lies and deceit that were played against Mr. Cain, who is in reality one of the most honest, respectable and good people I have ever met. It’s really too bad that there are people who exist solely on a diet of misery, like some of the very people on this forum.

    Mr. Diano and John: If you are looking for the perfect political candidate, they are human, just like you and me. They bleed red, too. The only difference, is that Mr. Rohrer and Mr. Waga are putting their best efforts out there, to prevent the “transformation of America”, as our “friend”, Obama, so blatantly put it. Stop putting all of your eggs in one cart. Simply vote for the person you agree with the most and stop believing everything you hear. Even if part of it is true, ask yourselves this: Are you voting to get a conservative Senate majority so that they can work against Obama, or are you only voting for some unrealistic superhero figure?

  2. Rohrer won the PLC straw poll by a huge and unanimous landslide on Saturday. Makes sense because most won’t focus on the pay raise. They look at Rohrer’s record and they note that there is none other whose mistakes are so few. Sam’s are so few in fact that he was consistently voted one of PA’s top ten friends of freedom by the Liberty Index. It’ll be tough to find a legislator anywhere with his stellar record. The pay raise is old news and falls way away when placed beside his 120,000 steady, conservative, Constitutional votes. It’s crazy to think about sending anyone else to that rat hole in Washington. Rohrer’s the only one with a solid record of standing up against special interests, career politicians and all the rest of the grime in politics. He’s done the right thing with such great consistency that there can be no other choice. For those of you who cannot get over a mistake for which he has apologized, said he learned from and would never repeat, perhaps it’s yourselves you need to get over. Rohrer has earned your trust. If that one mistake rules Rohrer out, then I don’t know who stands in. There simply is no one better prepared to stand for what’s right and good in a place where those things do not rise to the top of the priority list. This is stupid to keep going on about the pay raise. Get a grip.

  3. Nancy,

    Arguments that hold one parties feet to the fire in an unforgiving manner and excuse those we do like is very typical in politics, but it carries very little credibili8ty

  4. I believe in giving some people another chance. Sam deserves one and I think he learned his lesson. We can watch and hold them to accountability. Can we compare this to the lies and filth in our administration and in Clintions administration? That is and was a disgrace! When I weigh it all out, the pay raise is a small drop in the bucket compared to the disgusting immoral and shameful behavior of our presidents. I personally confronted Ted Waga on the same issue. He was an independent, check his record. Those who recently changed from Dem to Rep., do not have my trust just because they are apt to change their colors again. How then cam we trust them? We need men and women with stability. tks

  5. John, I have never been a Democrat. This is a complete LIE that is being spread because someone must be afraid of me. I was an Independent who always voted Republican. Does this mean that I am any less a Republican? Absolutely Not! It means that I am an Independent thinker, not a robot who blindly follows orders. I would think that this is what we want in Washington. Someone who will not simply follow orders but do what is right for the American people.

  6. Good publicity and Congrats on the endorsement, but in the long roun I am not sure that the endorsement will bring anyone new into the Rohrer Camp. It will help make the decision for the Ron Paul supporters who were on the fence.

  7. Maybe if Cain would have done his research he would have seen that Rohrer voted in favor of the midnight pay raise as well as increasing his pension benefits when he was in the state house. As for Waga, he is the same as Smith and Welch; a newly turned democrat as recently as August of last year. He turned republican a week or two prior to announcing that he was running for Congress. These two simply do not deserve to be elected. And neither of them deserve any type of endorsement.

  8. All I have to say is ” People and Principles before party” , GO SAM GO, The praises go up and the blessings come down.Thxs Mr. Cain for your support
    of a man with a moral compass for such a time as this.

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