Romney Ad Hits Back on Priorities Accusations (Watch Video)

In a volley that’s lasted all week, Romney for President struck back today with a new TV ad that tears down the President for an ad released by a pro-Obama super PAC earlier this week in which a former GST Steel worker tries to blame Romney for his wife’s death.

The ad, “America Deserves Better,” was released in response to an ad put out Tuesday by Priorities Action USA and starring former GST Steel worker Joe Soptic. Soptic has appeared in anti-Obama ads before, but this time he went further, indirectly blaming the Governor for his wife’s death from cancer after Soptic lost his health insurance when GST Steel laid him off.

The ad opens with a shot of the President as the narrator asks, “What does it say about a president’s character when his campaign tries to use the tragedy of a woman’s death for political gain?”

The Romney ad uses a screen grab from Priorities' ad starring Soptic, who told the story of his wife's death from cancer, saying after GST Steel laid him off he could not afford health insurance.

The ad shows a screenshot of Soptic discussing his wife’s death in the Priorities ad, and clips from news outlets that called the Priorities ad “disgusting” and “scraping bottom.”

“What does it say about a president’s character when he had his campaign raise money for the ad then stood by as his top aides were caught lying about it?”

The ad cuts to a shot of an Obama aide on CNN. Several of Obama’s staff denied knowledge or connection with the super PAC ad’s story, but Soptic had previously appeared in Obama campaign ads.

“Doesn’t America deserve better than a president who will say or do anything to stay in power?”

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  1. @John P Having spent part of my career in long term care contract facility management, we have known since the mid 90’s that Medicare was on a path to bankruptcy. Massive fraud was discovered as well, yet in the 17 years since, has it been corrected? No. Why? Because it is under government oversight. The tens of billions a year lost in fraud, coupled with severe mismanagement by CMS have kept it on the same path it was on-off the cliff with seniors.

    This administration was offered a sweetheart deal by IBM to help eliminate the fraud through computer programming technology that if it did not work would not cost the government a dime. The offer was rejected-thanks but no thanks.

    Now, with the years of inaction to stave off the path to bankruptcy/insolvency, coupled with the baby boomers retiring, the system is in dire straits.

    With more people coming into a system they funded all of their lives (as opposed to paid into like a health savings account or retirement program) and less working people to fund it, the administration through the healthcare acts takes money away from Medicare.

    The problem lies in the “insurance problem” vs. the “healthcare problem”. The government is not capable of acting as an insurer any more than they are capable of acting as a annuity/retirement fund. The safeguards for people are simply not in place, nor is the proper oversight. It is instead, trust us.

    You can have healthcare and not have a regular insurance policy . You can have insurance and not have healthcare.

    The government has been able to do what it has done because of the population dynamic. But now, with the dynamic changing, they have been caught , as was inevitable with their pants down. If they had been a regular insurer or a regular pension fund, they would be in federal prison. Instead, they are re-elected and anyone who tries to fix the broken system is bastardized either by party hacks or people who simply do not understand the problem therefore can not offer a working solution.

  2. The moderates are leaving in droves. Especially the seniors after Mitts pick of Ryan. The seniors are protecting their own Medicare which they have worked their whole live for. Even the people under 55 which will be cut also. Seniors can’t pay the $6,400 more for Medicare just to give more Tax breaks to the rich. The trickle down economics hasn;t worked in the past and has been proven that it doesn’t work. Just look at the Bush years. The millionaires has had tax breaks since 2001 where are the JOBS.

  3. @JohnP . ..very astute response demonstrating your acute analytical skills in argument dissection.

    Of course, despite such skills the underlying argument remains: his teflon coating from having no record to speak of when he ran and grandiose promises of what he would do has worn thin (not completely gone) now that he has a record.

    He has also been in an elected position since 2006, as well as the Democratic majority in the Senate and the four years in the house, two of which while he was POTUS. He did not even garner a single vote for his budget this year from the Democrats!

    Internationally he is seen as weak.

    With his record it is no wonder he has to resort to any diversionary tactic he can from said record.

    Again, thanks for your astute observation!

  4. The Priorities ad was factual, while none of the Romney ads seem to be truthful at all. Soptic was laid off in a takeover that made Romney even richer, but cost Soptic his pension and his healthcare coverage, the same losses Soptic’s co-workers suffered. To Bain, these were not human beings, just dollar figures.

  5. @John I have noticed a lot of Right Wing garbage coming out of your mouth is that the only thing you Know? The moderates have left your party because of you Conservitives are so far RIGHT that you can never find your way back.

  6. Obama’s teflon is wearing thin and his credibility is gone , here and abroad. Wait till the loops from Obama 2008 start running and then compare to what he has done when he had a full two years of a super majority.

    Of course his administration has been such a disaster that he can not defend his record. He owns the economy.

  7. Per the Washington Examiner regarding the President’s ads: “there is so much deceit here (in these ads), it is hard to know where to start” per Used to be campaigns were about unflattering facts and out of context comments. This President has descended to flat out lying to distract from an outstandingly bad record.

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