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Scaringi Considers Run for Lt. Governor

A one time U.S. Senate GOP candidate and lawyer for the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania following the 2020 presidential election is considering a run for Lt. Governor in 2022. 

Marc Scaringi told PoliticsPA that he is considering a run for the statewide office in 2022. 

“I can confirm a potential interest in the office,” Scaringi said. “Several Republican grassroots organizers and leaders and state committeemen and women, some county chairmen have talked to me about running for Lt. Governor.”

“So, I am considering it,” Scaringi continued. 

He added that he’s assessing the level of grassroots support and how much money he’d need to raise for the statewide bid as determining factors of whether to enter the race or not. 

Scaringi believes the two most important issues on the minds of voters in 2022 will be the power of the state government and election integrity. He touted being outspoken over both matters over the past year. 

“I think the two biggest issues on the minds of voters are the power of the state government to shut down businesses, to shut people into their homes, to shut down the schools due to COVID-19 or any viral illness or communicable disease,” Scaringi said. “Another big issue on the minds of voters of Pennsylvania is of course, election integrity.”

“Of course, I was at the forefront of the fight against Gov. Wolf and Sec. of Health Rachel Levine and their executive orders and their actions to shut down the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” he continued. “So, I led the fight in courts against that effort, so I think that will be a very important part, that’s very much on the tops of the minds of the voters of Pennsylvania and would be a big part of my candidacy.”

“I was also involved in the courts in representing the Trump campaign in bringing legal challenges, essentially equal protection claims, and other claims designed to try to secure and protect election integrity,” Scaringi added. 

Scaringi has also been outspoken in his opposition to the teaching of critical race theory on social media and participated in a rally at the Capitol steps in Harrisburg on Wednesday. 

If Scaringi joins the race, it’d be his second attempt at a statewide office. In 2012, Scaringi ran in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, but only garnered about 7% of the vote in the five candidate field, won by Tom Smith.

Scaringi told PoliticsPA in December 2019 that he was considering a run for Attorney General, but ended up not joining the race. 

In addition to being a lawyer, Scaringi also hosts a conservative radio talk show.  

While the GOP fields of Governor and U.S. Senate are already crowded, there hasn’t been as much chatter in the race for Lt. Governor. 

In addition to Scaringi’s potential candidacy, former state Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) confirmed to PoliticsPA earlier this week that he’s considering a run for the statewide office as well. 

Former Attorney General candidate and Allegheny County Councilwoman Heather Heidelbaugh has reportedly expressed interest in the GOP race. Sources also mention former Lt. Governor candidate Kathy Coder and Allegheny County GOP Chairman and Councilman Sam DeMarco as potential candidates in the 2022 race. 

However, there is a possibility that the way Pennsylvanians select the lt. Governor is changed prior to the 2022 election. PennLive reports that there is a proposed constitutional amendment that would ask voters to let each party’s candidate for governor pick their running mate, as opposed to a separate primary election. 

This proposed constitutional amendment “awaits a final vote in the House” and if approved, would appear as a question on the ballot by the 2022 primary election.

17 Responses

  1. Back in December 2019, I was asking Marc Scaringi to run for Attorney General. However, that never came to fruition. If he had joined the Attorney General’s race, Scaringi would have toppled Josh Shapiro, fraud or not. You would have had a different Attorney General today than the one you would have had. The election audits in Philadelphia and Allegheny counties would not be embattled by threats of a stoppage from an Attorney General that wants to run for Governor next year. I would be pleased to have Marc Scaringi as a Lieutenant Governor rather than not. He is someone that could be tough on the RINOS that are a bunch of do-nothings.

    1. Totally agree pagodad. I’m a dem in philly, and dont make a practice of voting gop. But take note josh Shapiro, if sims ends up on the ticket, I will be voting republican for governor next year.

      Sims is immature, unbalanced, polarizing, and only interested in his own publicity. He can’t/doesn’t work with anybody, even his own party.

      1. So you’re going to vote Republican because you might not like Lt. candidate? You probably DO make a practice of voting for the GOP.

    1. No he isn’t a Nazi. That doesn’t even make sense. Give ONE concrete example to support your remark….

    1. Preach. If you only knew what I have seen . . .

    2. David,
      In my heart of hearts- to the core of my being- I believe you are a true turd. A horribly useless floating combobulation of disgusting waste with zero self awareness of how no one wants you around or needs you.

      But your comment was a good one.

  2. “…lawyer for Trump in PA…” LOL. That serves as a qualification? SMH

  3. I’m a turd that just popped out of Trump’s ass, therefore I am qualified to be a Republican candidate for statewide office….. Is that how it works now?

    1. Getting out of a politician’s ass like that would be such a blessing. Please help me!

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