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SD-26: McGarrigle Endorsed by Operating Engineers Local 542

McGarrigleThe former DelCo council chairman used his last ad “Thanks for Believing” to highlight his staunch advocacy for Pennsylvania’s workers. Now, he is pointing to labor support to prove that same point.

“Our endorsement of Tom McGarrigle is based on performance – thousands of people are employed today because of Tom McGarrigle and County Council’s commitment to fight for these jobs,” said Charles Priscopo, assistant business manager of Operating Engineers Local 542.

“While some unions are supporting Tom’s opponent because of one business manager making a promise to another business manager, our endorsement is based on performance, results and job creation,” Priscopo asserted. “That is why we are pleased to announce our endorsement of Tom McGarrigle today.”

Local 542 represents the interests of working men and women in the building and construction industry in Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

“I want to express my sincere thanks for today’s endorsement,” McGarrigle declared in response. “During my time on County Council, there has been no issue that mattered more than protecting jobs in our community.”

“We have been able to work together with business and labor groups to find common ground and ensure that our region continues to be a leader in job growth and economic opportunity,” he continued. “I will bring those same priorities to Harrisburg if I have the opportunity to serve as the State Senator for the 26th District.”

Support from labor is particularly important for McGarrigle because his Democratic opponent is John Kane, the President of the Plumbers Local 690.

20 Responses

  1. Duh
    Shows how little you know. Unions fight to raise the minimum wage. The food workers unions support employees of McDonald’s and other large chains (as well as waitresses at small diners) to get better wages.

    Unions have gotten us workplace safety rules and fought for benefits that have helped union and non-union workers alike.

    The GOP has fought these improvements. This is why we need Kane and a Dem majority, rather than a GOP flunky from Delco.

  2. Finally, a union endorsement that’s not being controlled by Union bullies. McGarrigle has done more for union workers in PA than most – if not all- government officials in recent history. Regardless of the nonsense that Kane spouts, he hasn’t done squat for laborers in this country. McGarrigle’s ingenuity and leadership saved hundreds of oil workers’ jobs… you go, Tom!

  3. The Diano Household

    David: Mom, the meat loaf
    Mom: Dave come up from the basement your dinner is ready
    David: give me a second I’m just looking at old photos of Joe Sestak and I
    Mom: Dont make me cancel your play date with Rocco
    David: Fine one more post on Politics Pa about trying to make up things about Tom McGarrigle.
    Mom: When are you moving out?
    David: Mom the Meatloaf

  4. Kane’s not a bully?? Seriously. Now you are being a fool. David, Kane’s first reaction to this commercial was to intimidate the participant of the commercial. He’s a flat out thug!

  5. David Diano — what union member do you know makes minimum wage. Kane makes over $270K per year (that’s only what’s written on the books). What about his ghost salary?

  6. Duh-
    Well, Kane is not a bully. However, the Delco GOP is by strong-arming this union endorsement.

    Why else would the union support a guy who is going to vote against increasing the minimum wage and for GOP union-busting policies?

  7. Porter Randolph- not necessarily. But if the democrat receiving the endorsement is a hardcore bully who intimidates and strong arms people, then he’s just living to the stereotype, isn’t he?

  8. First off I think all the Kane supporters on here need to learn the English language a little better when commenting. Second at least one Union gets the idea of putting the welfare of their members by supporting someone like Tom McGarrigle who fought for their jobs and not just a business manager to business manager I got your back. I don’t recall john Kane helping in any aspect with saving the refineries well maybe getting the blow up rat ready.

  9. This endorsement is the perfect example of how making decisions based on merit and skill can lead people to look across the aisle for candidates to support. Tom McGarrigle worked hard for this endorsement, and all these people who’ve commented and said otherwise are just bitter to see workers supporting the right candidate for once.

  10. Coincidence that the BA for Local 542 is on the Septa Board as the appointee of Delaware County GOP controlled government and the union supports Tommy McG! I also here he don’t live in DELCO, and some say he don’t even live in PA? Shouldn’t that be a requirement to be on Septa Board? Somebody oughta look into that…just sayin’.

  11. “Lauren”-

    What jobs? What dedication? Refreshing? He votes in lockstep with the other 4 puppets on the council. I wonder if he’s allowed to order a different lunch.

    The unions are supporting him under fear of retaliation from the council which awards the contracts for Delco. The unions frequently cave to the GOP in Delco. It’s sad.

  12. McGarrigle is already making big changes. He has shown his dedication and ability to save and create jobs. A union supporting him because of his work and not his party affiliation shows McGarrigle to be effective and sincere, not to mention refreshing. I look forward to seeing what else McGarrigle achieves.

  13. jim wallace-

    Work ethic? Tom McGarrigle? You must be joking.

    McGarrigle is one of the 5 overpaid Delco GOP council members. They vote 5-0 on nearly every vote for years and years on end. He and the other members are puppets on a string dutifully following the commands of the Delco GOP machine. Tom McGarrigle’s votes show that doesn’t have an independent thought in his tiny head.

    He would be a straight party-line Republican vote in the Senate, not bothering to read a single bill, and just doing as he’s told, while collecting a $78,315 salary for pushing whatever button he is told. This is on top of his Delco Council salary (assuming he keeps both jobs) for voting how he’s told there.

    Over 30 years ago the Delco GOP changed the rule to deny a guarantee of minority party representation on the 5 member council. This is why Delco lags behind the surrounding counties in jobs and infrastructure. There are no new ideas, just what the party bosses want.

    McGarrigle is part of the problem we’ve had in Delco, not the solution. He doesn’t need a promotion to Harrisburg for his failures here.

  14. I personally think it’s refreshing to see a union putting support in someone on merit instead of simple party lines. Clearly McGarrigle’s work ethic and plan of action is catching on. Definitely encouraging. Shame on those who claim this is “selling out” by either side involved. This is a step forward.

  15. First it slanders their fellow union workers for supporting a Democrat, then the OE 542 disingenuously supports a political party that has consistently undermined workers’ rights, including doing all in its power to break unions. They should be ashamed, but then, if they could, they wouldn’t be supporting a party that is hostile to workers and wage earners.

  16. So when a Republican gets a union endorsement, the union is benevolent and peaceful, and the Republican is lauded for his progressive stand on development and labor. But when a Democrat gets a union endorsement, it’s the worst kind of cartoon cigar chomping sleazy boss machine party politics with union thugs, intimidation, and vote buying like a casting call from On the Waterfront. Gosh, I wish life was really that simple without a trace of nuance to be found anywhere, much like most of the postings on this site.

  17. This is an example of the unions screwing themselves by selling out from fear of Delco Council retaliating against them.

    If the unions want to keep the minimum wage low, then they should be supporting Republicans. But, if they believe in worker rights, they should be supporting Democrats.

    How does a Republican controlled PA state senate help the unions and workers around the state?

    If the unions want Wolf over Corbett, then they need to help get Wolf a Democratic controlled State Senate he can work with.

  18. The OE’s have obviously taken a page from the carpenter playbook. And nobody likes the carpenters.

  19. Couldn’t have said it better myself. While Kane’s endorsement comes from fear of going against a union thug, Tom actually EARNED this support. Go Tom!

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