Sestak Already Has An Endorsement for 2016

Joe Sestak headshotIf you thought 2016 presidential speculation was premature, you’re gonna love this. Former Rep. Joe Sestak will earn the first endorsement of his prospective re-match with Sen. Pat Toomey.

The Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP) will back Sestak today at a press conference at the Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.

“Pennsylvania needs a Senator with the courage to work on behalf of the people he represents, not a spokesperson for billionaires and their corporations,” said Patricia Eakin, ER nurse at Temple University Hospital and PASNAP President. “Joe Sestak will protect Medicare and Social Security, fight to regulate Wall Street, and promote an economy that works for everyone, not just the super rich.”

According to the union, they represent 5,000 nurses and health professionals in the state and support candidates who focus on staff ratios, patient and worker protection, fair labor laws, and increased healthcare for all.

PASNAP has endorsed Allyson Schwartz for Governor and Daylin Leach for Congress in PA-13.

While it is not surprising that PASNAP is endorsing Joe Sestak for Senate, it is surprising that they are doing so in 2013. They are still 1,141 days until another Toomey-Sestak race (and that’s only if both candidates win their primaries).

Sestak’s decision to accept the endorsement is an interesting one. Earlier this year the FEC sent him a letter for acting too much like a candidate; Sestak has insisted he’s only exploring the race.

In 2010, Pat Toomey defeated Joe Sestak 51% to 49% and a rematch would be one of the most closely watched races in the country.

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4 thoughts on “Sestak Already Has An Endorsement for 2016”

  1. Bruce From Lancaster says:

    Somehow I thought my buddy David would be weighing in on this……….

  2. David Diano says:

    Wait…. on second thought, I think PoliticsPA got the story wrong.

    It’s not “PA Snap”.
    It’s “PA’s Nap” when they hear about Sestak running. 🙂

  3. David Diano says:

    Maybe they are only endorsing that he explores running.

  4. Aaron Hartman says:

    that a endorsement sound like he ready for 2016

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