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Shapiro Says No to PA National Guard Troops for Southern Border

Operation Lone Star

The eyes of Texas won’t be seeing Pennsylvania National Guard troops at the state’s southern border.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Senate passed a resolution along party lines, 27-22, that called for Gov. Josh Shapiro to send Pennsylvania National Guard troops to guard the border between Texas and Mexico.

Hours later, Shapiro said that was not going to happen.

“Governor Shapiro has been clear that our country needs a secure border and Congress needs to pass comprehensive reform to fix our broken immigration system,” said Manuel Bonder, the governor’s spokesman. “This issue requires leaders in both parties to step up and deliver real, comprehensive solutions — not more of the failed talking points and political grandstanding that have brought us decades without immigration reform.”

The governor’s response came shortly after Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) made a statement calling on Shapiro to support efforts to secure our nation’s border with Operation Lone Star.

“Every day, our nation’s border remains open, our country is being undermined by our global adversaries and our national security is put at risk,” said Ward. “The safety of our families, homes, bank accounts and way of living is weakened by the financial uncertainty and national security risk caused by the havoc of having the open border.

“The more than 7.3 million illegal migrants that have crossed the southwest border under President Joe Biden’s watch has brought stress to communities throughout Pennsylvania with fentanyl overdoses and synthetic opioids. More importantly, we are seeing our taxpayer dollars redirected away from hard working taxpayers who need and use government programs to illegal lawbreakers entering our country, adding to the continuing federal debt and inevitably affecting our state budget.

“To protect our nation and state from further deterioration, Gov. Shapiro must support Texas to secure our nation’s border by deploying the Pennsylvania National Guard to Texas in support of Operation Lone Star.”

In a story last month in the Texas Tribune, members of the Texas Air National Guard had few good things to say about the Operation.

“I hate it here,” one respondent said in an anonymous survey about the involuntary mission with no set end date that has taken as many as 10,000 troops away from their civilian lives and families.

Another, asked for general feedback, simply posted four middle- finger emojis.

Just hours after the Supreme Court allowed a Texas law to take effect that gave state law enforcement the authority to arrest people they suspect of entering the country illegally, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order that put it on hold ahead of today’s oral arguments.

Earlier in the day, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court rejected an emergency application from the Biden administration, which argued the law is a violation of federal authority.

The three liberal justices publicly dissented from the court’s order that allowed the statute, S.B. 4, to take effect. Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson argued the statute will invite “further chaos and crisis” in immigration enforcement.

The law, signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), makes crossing the border illegally a crime in the Lone Star State and enables local law enforcement to arrest those suspected of crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, before facing deportation to Mexico or jail time.

10 Responses

  1. Blah, blah, blah. Shapiro didn’t send our national guard to help at the border because he is a democrat. The number one responsibility of government is to keep us safe. By the time they’re here, it’s too late. He has lost my vote.

    1. We would have tighter border security TODAY if Republicans would spend less time having problems and more time solving problems. The bipartisan border bill did not pass because Republicans won’t allow a vote, not because Democrats don’t want it. Grow up.

  2. Pretty amazing that he, once the AG of PA, top law enforcement official, will not support the attempt to gain control of the mess that’s happening. And he blames it on Abbott! Disgusting how this is all political and the left doesn’t have the interest of our own citizens. Giving illegals (yes, illegals) pre-paid cards while our homeless, including Vets, get no help. If they wanted to provide food, they’d give them a food stamp card, not a Visa card. All at the expense of tax payers. Chaos!

    As an independent, I cannot believe how infatuated people are with their political party. [Most]Politicians don’t actually care about us! Wake up, People, we need to vote smart. Do your research and look what these people are doing and what they stand for before you vote. Sometimes that means crossing party lines. They use manipulative tactics to divide us, eventually they will divide and conquer…if we let them!

  3. WITAF (What in the actual ****?) are the imbeciles behind this genius piece of legislation thinking? Of course then knew Shapiro would never sign off. They’re grandstanding for their base. At the expense of getting real work done. Which in case anyone is in the dark about how real work gets done in a GOP majority senate and a Demma krat Executive, … it takes compromise and negotiation. The people in the districts these senators represent ought to be ashamed. And the local newspapers in those districts ought to absolutely, totally and completely skewer the actions of anyone who voted for this. Get the highways, bridges, sewer systems and infrastructure fixed, address the school property tax mess, get broadband into the rural schools, fund the state universities, right-size the legislature. But no, we get party-line votes to send the national guard off to participate in a political stunt at the southern border!

    1. You are absolutely correct. Shameful MAGA GOP stunt to support a TX guv with a mental disability.


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