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Smith Blasts Obama, Casey “War on Coal” in Ohio

Senate candidate Tom Smith was campaigning with a fellow candidate in Ohio today talking coal.

Republican Tom Smith has championed himself as a vocal opponent of President Obama’s energy strategy during his Senatorial campaign against incumbent Rep. Bob Casey.

And earlier today, he brought his message to neighboring Ohio to campaign with fellow GOP Senate candidate and Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is looking to oust Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.

Smith, a former Armstrong County coal company owner, joined Mandel at a press conference earlier Friday afternoon in Hubbard, OH, where the two men blasted Obama for his “war on coal.”

“From my first job as a union employee in the mines until I sold them, I saw firsthand how overreaching government regulation can cripple our economy and destroy jobs,” Smith said.

But the stop left some scratching their heads as to why Smith isn’t campaigning in the Commonwealth.

Casey’s Spokesperson Larry Smar said the fact Smith chose to campaign in Ohio shows his Tea Party agenda is “too extreme” for Pennsylvanians.

“Bob Casey has sought to grow the economy and to ease regulatory burdens while also protecting public health.”

But Smith stuck to his message on a campaign topic that is important to many voters in both states – and he didn’t hesitate to mention Sen. Brown.

“President Obama, and his allies Senators [Sherrod] Brown and Casey, have declared a war on coal and therefore a war on good jobs and affordable domestic energy in the Midwest and across America,” said Smith.

15 Responses

  1. Hey Armstrong County Resident,

    I have spoken to several of his former employees who sing an entirely different tune than you do.

    The man placed everything at risk to build his company . He could have lost everything but he did not. And many people made a very good living working for him.

    Then he sold his business. Why didn’y you buy it from him if you did not like the buyer? What business have you run?

    Speaking of not talking about the issues……..

  2. Smith is for Smith period. If you knew the real Tom Smith, you would know he doesn’t do anything unless he benefits in some way. His “humble beginnings” routine is really getting old. He started a business to get rich once he did, he forgot about the little people. The way he treated his employees after selling his business to Rosebud shows exactly how unimportant they were to him. His whole campaign is based on pointing out the “evil” in his competitor and avoiding the real topics.

  3. “But the stop left some scratching their heads as to why Smith isn’t campaigning in the Commonwealth ?” Really?

    For the geographically challenged Ellwood Engineered Castings(EEC) is in Hubbard, OH. Hubbard borders Sharon PA. EEC is part of the Ellwood Group, based in Ellwood City, PA.

    This was a press conference not a campaign event. I went after seeing a media alert on this issue that impacts both Pennsylvania and Ohio and is a serious issue. You should have sent a reporter.

  4. Okay, Live, you just proved my point. I didn’t see, “Provide jobs for others” or “Provide health care for others” as a motivator. That’s what Limbaugh was saying, and the line that Smith started his own business so he could provide jobs for others is schtick. A gimmick. And I hope people are wise enough to see through it. And my use of the term “goof” had more to do with the initial comment than anything else.

  5. Tom Smith should be for gay marriage. He has the gay, jazz hands going all the time. Fabulouuuuuuus!!!!!!

  6. Lycos

    Your initial comments were insulting… many goofs will fall for that shtick … And limbaugh is mistaken if he believes most people start a business solely motivated by profit. While profit plays a role in determining whether a business makes sense it is not the motivating factor. As someone who has launched several companies I can tell you it has been the excitement and passion of improving something that has driven me. I have had this same sentiment expressed from nearly every entrepreneur I know. Sure we want to make money but the profits are a consequence of process and it is innovating a better process or product that is exciting. My business experience has taught me this simple philosophy…..find out what the customer wants, provide what they want, figure out how to maximize profits and in that order .

  7. Obama is a notorious liar. He has insisted that we are drilling more in the US than ever before when he has refused to open the Keystone Pipeline and stopped drilling on the east and west coast. This is adding to our unemployment and stopping US from becoming self sufficient. And now this coal issue. Obama must go and take all his cronies with him.

  8. Live Free, you didn’t present an argument. You presented an insult. BTW, Rush Limbaugh is the source of my “argument.” People start businesses to make a profit, not to provide others with jobs and health care.

  9. Lycos

    How would you know the source? Your comment is as empty as your previous thoughts.

    Businesses are formed when people see an opportunity to create value. Profit is a measure of how well they create that value and is a direct result of consumer demand.

    Higher profits lead to business expansion which leads to job creation and or capital investment which turns into economic growth.

    That’s the source of my argument.

  10. Well, LiveFree, considering the source, I’m not going to lose any sleep over your opinion of me. I’ll give you some advice, though. Change the record and change the channel.

  11. “From my first job as a union employee in the mines until I sold them, I saw firsthand how overreaching government regulation can cripple our economy and destroy jobs,” Smith said.

    Unlike Bob Casey who has never had to meet a payroll and has zero real world business experience in producing goods or providing services that people want and are willing to pay for. Bob Casey has always been a net tax taker, not a tax maker like Tom Smith.

    and the ObamaCasey Administration is destroying coal business and coal jobs through regulation.

  12. Hey, Sid, Didn’t you hear? Mr. Smith started a business so he could create jobs for others! Hahaha. How many other goofs will fall for that schtick?

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