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State House Dems Settled Sexual Harassment Claim Against Caltagirone

The Pennsylvania House Democrats reportedly settled almost a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim against state Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (D-Berks).

According to the Inquirer/Post-Gazette, the Democrats paid $248,000 to to end the complaint quietly, and included a non-disclosure agreement as part of the settlement in 2015.  

The Inquirer/Post-Gazette report cites documents it obtained from the state’s Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management that show the House Democratic Caucus has paid out over $600,000 to settle four complaints against members, two claiming sexual harassment and two claiming they were improperly filed.  

The documents do not show any payouts from the Republican caucus, and spokesman Steve Miskin told the Inquirer “as far as we know, we have not made any type of payout or payment” for sexual harassment claims.  

Caltagirone and the woman who received the payout refused to comment to the Inquirer/Post-Gazette for the story.

This is not the first time Caltagirone has been accused of sexual harassment.

From the Inquirer/Post-Gazette:

In 1994, Marci Lynn Santoro, the sister-in-law of Caltagirone’s ex-wife, told The Inquirer that she had a six-month contract with Caltagirone but quit before it expired. She told the paper she would get a new contract only “if I did what he wanted sexually.”

Santoro, then in her mid-20s, spoke of an out-of-town trip with Caltagirone, during which he stopped at the home of a brother. When he didn’t return after 15 minutes, Santoro said she went inside and found him “lying upstairs on a bed stark naked.”

She said she ran from the house, but Caltagirone caught up with her, told her to get in the car and, when she repeatedly refused, pulled a gun and told her once more to get in.

Santoro contacted the Berks County district attorney, whose office turned the case over to then-state Attorney General Ernie Preate.

Caltagirone denied any wrongdoing and accused Preate of waging “a vicious attack” on his character. Preate later went to prison on an unrelated federal charge of mail fraud.

Caltagirone is the second lawmaker to be outed for sexual harassment this week.  Accusations against state Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) were detailed on Sunday.

42 Responses

    1. The editor here must be on Regan’s payroll. I’ve been commenting for weeks hoping someone would help expose the creep. They all get deleted- FAKE NEWS!!

      Regan turned his taxpayer funded office into his own personal playground….guy thinks he’s Christian Gray or something.

      1. Don

        You can’t level an accusation about Regan without proof.

        What I’ve said is that they’re about a half dozen legislators about to be exposed. His name comes up on everyone’s list, so there appears to be a consensus. I don’t know what he’s expected to be accused of.

        I’ve qualified my statement to indicate people expect him to be named soon. So, I’ve only confirmed that the “rumor” exists, and most don’t think it’s just a rumor.

  1. Wait a minute. Didn’t a bunch of people go to jail for giving bonus’s with Taxpayer money??? But payoff hush taxpayer money is ok to handout??? Hushgate.

  2. So the Rep was lying on a bed “stark naked” but ran out of the house to force her in car? Why was she on out of town trip with him? I wonder about these allegations.

      1. I guess they all forgot about Bob Packwood.Before there was a Bill Clinton, there was Bob Packwood, the modern Republican poster boy for sexual harassment.

  3. Until further notice
    Governor Wolf, Aubrey Montgomery, Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-Delaware), Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), Democrat Young Democrats, and Allegheny County Chair Nancy Mills

    Will be unable to fill their duties due to Resignation demand duties.

    1. Turd’s eye guy-

      Cleaning out filth and corruption are important duties.

      The GOP collects filth and corruption.

      1. David. Look at your own party. They are filthy and corrupt to the point they fill the news feed with their stench. But you party team fans don’t care. You look the other way. Grow up and stop acting like such an ignorant child defending there local sports team. Complain about legitimate issues, but stop blindly defending and deflecting from these guys who can’t keep from taking bribes and sexually assaulting/ harassing.

      2. Who knows?-

        My party isn’t the one cutting out CHIP healthcare for children, to give a trillion dollars to millionaires, and pass the bill to taxpayers as more debt.

  4. I have waited years to expose Aubrey Montgomery for the two face backstabbing person she is. “The enemy of my enemy is My Friend”
    Poor pure innocent Aubrey, isn’t. Pa will soon learn the truth. Pictures worth a thousand words.

    1. Ex Co-worker-

      That may well be. However, others have backed up her statements. And, I notice that you aren’t calling her a liar (at least about this case).

      So, if everything she said is true, whom did she backstab? A sexual harasser?

      Sorry, harassers don’t get to keep “loyalty points” as a shield against exposure to wrong-doing.

    2. So, when women say they’re afraid to come forward because of blackmail threats, they’re talking about people like you?

  5. 2016 election total for Pa. Remember those numbers Pennsylvania overwhelming vote for our guy crushing your cry baby girl.
    State Rep Jake Wheatley and Congressman Dwight Evans right to know requests on the way. Criminal records as well..
    Difference between you guys and us. We stand tall and loyal. You guys No balls. No pun intended.
    Thanks again Governor Wolf and his Girls. Divide and conquer your own party. A million thanks. History of Gov Wolf destroyed the Democrat Party. One term Tom Thanks
    Pennsylvania Voters won’t buy your 2018 McCarthyism.

    1. Turd’s eye guy-

      “We stand tall and loyal” Translation: criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

      1. He might also be saying “we move victims of sexual harassment in our caucus to a different office and tell them to keep their mouths shut or else the baby murderers will win.”

    1. Obviously you’re the same person who is throwing these names out on other threads, but changing your username. You haven’t disclosed any details to make anyone believe you. My guess is you’re some pathetic staffer in the capitol that hear’s bits and pieces of rumors while walking the halls. But you’re not actually informed on the accusations because no one sits with you at lunch. Probably because you’re pathetic. Get a life.

    2. Rumors are Rumors-

      I’ve heard from multiple sources that Mike Regan is going to be in some kind of related trouble in this category. I don’t know the details, but he, Daylin, and Caltagirone were all on the informal “list” being circulated speculating who is in trouble soon. So, while I cannot confirm any wrong-doing by Mike Regan, I can confirm that his name is on the “rumor list”.

      So, it’s just a waiting game to see what the papers publish next.

      1. Thru coughs be changing their names. But Maybe those “honorable” gentlemen are just scumbags whose names are circulated for that reason.

  6. Governor Wolf, Kim, and Leanne bring Democrat Party to their knees. It’s a Good day in Pennsylvania –to be a Republican. Ya baby Keep them coming.

        1. I wish Patty Kim were on her knees. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, but she is smokin’ hot.

    1. No one should celebrate this! People were sexually harassed! WTF is wrong with Republicans? These are people’s lives and what matters is the health and safety of the victims. Donald Trump raped a 13-year old girl and sexually harassed 17 other women and you voted for him! If you cared about victims you would stand with them unilaterally, not just if they were harassed by a Democrat.

      1. VictimsSpeakingOut-

        The only “celebration” is these pr*cks finally being shown the door. Action instead of words

      2. Your word means nothing to us. We still support the United States Constitution. Innocent until at least Charged with something. We don’t fall under the “because she said” nor does Pa Voters. We are real Christians we forgive. We are loyal Not a Ratocrat

        1. Turd’s eye guy-

          I realize that you are a fake Christian. A REAL Christian would know that forgiveness is only for those who are remorseful and repent their sins.

          Daylin doubled-down on his. Zero remorse. Zero forgiveness.

  7. Hey Girl’s Hey Governor.
    We know you have some new Congressman that Love Love love to play grab ass, hug touchie men. Love standing over women and getting a few rubs
    We know you have state Reps and State Senators that love to snack and beat their wives and girlfriends.
    Go get them. No public servant shall touch or look again at a female. You started this witch hunt. Now finish it baby.
    Pandora’s box is wide open. Free for all on the Democrats of Pennsylvania.
    Thank you Governor. Thank you Girls.

  8. Can someone please do some editing on this site? Every post has errors, just look at the first sentence. If you people want to be professionals you’ll need to proofread before posting.

  9. Thanks Governor Wolf Thanks Girls keep them coming. We know of 15 more Democrats on the list.

    1. Are you demanding Donald Trump resign for harassing 17 women and raping a 13 year-old girl?

  10. Three more to add to your MUST RESIGN list Gov. Wolf and girls.
    Rep. Jewell Williams, now Philadelphia’s sheriff, Taxpayers paid for your sexual harassment lawsuit.
    Rep. Thomas Caltagirone Taxpayers paid for your sexual harassment lawsuit.
    House Minority Leader Frank Dermody (D., Allegheny) for refusing to protect women under his watch.

    1. By keeping it secret. House Democrats mislead the voters of Philadelphia by not releasing this information on Jewell. Wolf and Kenney should call for him to resign.

      1. No Wolf and Kenney should resign for hiding truth from Voters. Wolf approves all these payoffs.

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