The Hill: PA-8 Among Top 5 Congressional Primaries

Naughton Strouse
Naughton, left, and Strouse

The primary contest between Kevin Strouse and Shaughnessy Naughton is already drawing the attention of election watchers nationwide. The battle among the Democratic candidates to take on Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) has the potential to be one of the most contentious primaries in the country according to The Hill.

H/t Keystone Politics.

Kevin Strouse was the first candidate to announce for the race back in April and he was soon named one of the DCCC’s Jumpstart candidates. Given his background as an ex-Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as his work with the CIA Counterterrorism Center, Strouse seemed a good fight for the swing district that once made Patrick Murphy the first congressional Iraq War vet.

Shaughnessy Naughton, who has worked for Wyeth Industries and her family’s publishing company, announced her entry into the race in May. Naughton emphasized her roots in the district in an attempt to portray Strouse as an outsider. She also has an advantage in that she may be aided by powerful female interest groups like Emily’s List which can provide much needed money and support. Naughton attended a training session for candidates conducted by Emily’s List in Philadelphia last month.

Here’s what The Hill had to say about PA-8:

Pa.-08. Incumbent: Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick (R).

Fitzpatrick is a top target for Democrats, and they have their recruit in Army veteran and businessman Kevin Strouse. But he’ll face a credible challenge from Shaughnessy Naughton, a scientist and small business owner who jumped into the race in May.

Strouse has already been named to the DCCC’s “Jumpstart” program, which offers promising recruits fundraising and communications support by the Washington campaign apparatus. He posted a strong fundraising haul since announcing his candidacy in April, bringing in more than $250,000 — with the help of DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), who headlined a fundraiser for him.

But he only recently moved to Pennsylvania from D.C., opening him up to carpetbagging charges — and Naughton wasted no time in attacking him.

“He is the handpicked candidate of Washington, D.C. Washington is the problem. We’re not going to fix that by bringing more Washington to represent Bucks County,” she said when she announced her candidacy in May, according to the Intelligencer.

And there’s already indications that local Democrats are irked at the national party’s engagement in the race, a trend that, if it grows, could spark backlash against Strouse at the polls. A progressive Pennsylvania politics blog urged a “hands-off approach” in the primary.

A competitive primary could drain much-needed resources early in the race, when Democrats will need every cent available for the general, if the DCCC decides to intervene on Strouse’s behalf. Naughton’s first fundraising report will be an early indication of whether this primary is one Democrats will need to worry about.

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  1. egarding the supposedly ‘strong fundraising quarter’ by Strouse … he put a large chunk of that money from his own personal funds. His family also kicked in another big chunk. Nancy Pelosi also kicked in a bunch as did other lib Dems who have no competition.

    Most Dems in Bucks County consider Strouse a cruel joke forced on them by people who don’t even know where PA’s 8th district is.

  2. Shaughenessy is not only a 1%-er, rich white millionaire living in a plush family-owned estate in super upscale Point Pleasant, Pa — she is a strident feminist who thrives on the delusion that America hates women.

    Strouse is a flakey outsider who is so desperate for attention he allowed himself to be manipulated by liberal WashDC handlers who gladly arranged his last-minute move into Lower Bucks county (three months ago) solely for the purpose of running for office. He can be seen desperately consulting his GPS for roadmap directions since, by all accounts, he doesn’t know the difference between Bristol and Bedminster.

    Democrats are ticked off at the goofy mess their leaders have forced down their throats.

  3. @ “Really”:

    In response to your [edited] argument, I would advise that you consider both reflex-observations and the issue of comparative-ethics.

    “…two responses come to mind (1.) lawyers are not job creators and (2.) a Congress of mostly la[w]yers has done what for the economy?”

    First, a private-practice attorney employs and, second, lawyers draw upon their professions [as do others] when participating in Congressional activities.

    If you are, instead, to support Strouse, you may wish to consider the morality [promoting a personal experience with casual sex, foul-lingo and all] that is being conveyed in his essay of a dozen years ago [and one need not be a prude to be revulsed by his message].

  4. @ Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.

    Shall we look at his private practice history? After 25 plus years of mostly a paid politician (-4 years when Patrick Murphy beat him for Congress), he was what self employed? I lost track of how many years of being a paid politician Mike has had. Aside from that little detail: two responses come to mind (1.) lawyers are not job creators and (2.) a Congress of mostly layers has done what for the economy? Frankly, I am feed up with a Congress of Lawyers incapable of working with facts and another candidate well connected in Washington who who has never (it appears) worked outside of the government in the real world. So these are our winners we hope will fix this broken institution, really?

  5. @ Reallyareyoukiddingme:

    Mike has been a private-practice attorney and, presumably, would resume this pursuit in 2017.

  6. I’m surprised PA-13 failed to make The Hill’s list while PA-08 did make the list. I thought after Kevin Strouse’s strong fund-raising cycle a gap would begin to emerge. But as long as questions surrounding Strouse’s residency and DCCC money stay in the media cycle and relevant among Democratic voters in these early stages, Shaughnessy Naughton’s campaign will gain strength. And that’s the challenge for Strouse. Get back on message, put up strong fund-raising numbers in the next cycle and don’t give your opponent life. Or the media will.

  7. And just how many of these candidates including Mike have ever employed people, run a business, paid healthcare for employees, do you get my point? How many of these candidates have a clue how to get this county moving forward again and helping average American or the middle class? Which one knows what businesses are in the 8th CD which ones are on the sidelines to grow?

  8. Kevin Strouse moved to Bucks County and announced his campaign before he even made his first mortgage payment.

    No one wants a person who spied on American Citizens and possibly assassinated Americans. The CIA has been doing both thru the Drone program and now the Domestic wiretapping program.

    No one is ever ex-CIA.

  9. morons:
    Before ripping others you might want to post understandable comments. While I don’t care about who is a carpetbagger, I do care about issues. And Strouse certainly doesn’t.

  10. Hey Bucks, you brain dead idiot, Strouse grew up and spent the majority of his life in Delaware County. We get it, he’s not from Bucks, but he didn’t come here from outer space.

    And have a little respect for those who served, unlike your deadbeat arse.


  12. As noted earlier, on multiple occasions, neither matches-up to the incumbent.

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