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Three Former GOP PA Congressman Included In ‘Republicans for Biden’ Rollout

Three former GOP congressmen from Pennsylvania are a part of a new campaign effort supporting the Democratic presidential candidate. 

On Monday morning, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign officially rolled out its “Republicans for Biden” campaign that included endorsements from 27 former GOP lawmakers including Reps. Bill Clinger, Charlie Dent, and Jim Greenwood. 

Dent, the former Lehigh County lawmaker, formally announced his support for Biden during an interview on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper last Wednesday.

“At the end of the day, this really isn’t about right or left, it’s not about ideology,” Dent said during the interview. “For me, it’s about right or wrong, stability versus instability, security versus insecurity, normal versus abnormal.”

Shortly after the interview was aired, Dent also shared an op-ed that he wrote that further explains his decision to support Biden’s candidacy over a fellow Republican. 

Dent, who is currently a CNN commentator, served in Congress from 2005-2019 and is the lone PA member of this trio to serve as a member of Congress during Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office. Dent was a leader of the moderate GOP Tuesday Group and emerged as a vocal critic of Trump within the party when the president was elected, who did not support Trump in 2016, but instead voted for independent candidate Evan McMullin

Greenwood, who served from 1993-2005 in the Bucks County based district, was also known for his moderate voting record. His old district is home to Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks), who is the lone GOP member of Congress in the state to not yet declare his support for Trump in the upcoming election. Greenwood is currently the president and CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). 

Clinger served the state’s 23rd District from 1979-1993, then the 5th District from 1993-1997. The Warren County Republican chaired the Government and Oversight Committee during the Clinton administration. In 2016, Clinger was one of 30 former GOP elected officials to sign a public letter condemning then-GOP presidential nominee Trump saying that they couldn’t vote for Trump and that he “makes a mockery” of their principles.

Pennsylvania and New York are the only states to include more than two former members of Congress in the newly launched effort from the Biden campaign.

23 Responses

  1. Jim Greenwood defeated me in 1992. I served with Bill Clinger, but don’t know Rep Dent. Both Clinger and Greenwood deserve our thanks for refusing to lend their good names to Trump. Let’s hope others in their party follow.

    1. Go back to being irrelevant Kostmyer. You were a loser then and even worse now. You have the audacity to criticize the duly elected President of our great nation. Guess your opposed to a great economy, lowest unemployment in all categories especially the black race. Less regulations that were strangling our economy under Obama. Guess you liked the Iran deal and are sympathetic to the death of radical islam generals who are responsible for killing thousands of our soldiers. Yeah Pete, take a back seat and fade away again.

    1. Greenwood, Dent and Clinger are once-proud Republicans, and still relevant to those of us more interested in good goverfnment than watching Trump destroy a once-great political party. You are known by the company you keep!

      1. Still relevant, hardly McGinity, hardly. You were a bad politician then and nothing has changed. Please explain how you can dist a President that keeps his promises. Loves our country and ran to save it from punks like you sir. Ignore how achievements so you’ll can continue to get rich on taxpayers dime. Just look at Joe Biden and tell me how this man is capable of day to day riggors of the office of President. How do you ignore or justify that sir. You are a disgrace.

  2. Didn’t Jim Greenwood remain in D.C after his Congressional Career as a President of a firm that lobbies for the biotech industry which does most of its manufacturing off shore. His endorsement of Joe Biden along with CNN’s Charlie Dent has no impact on me. Bill Clinger, while a nice old guy, is a name out of the distant past. Last time I heard from him was when he came out against Don Trump in 2016. Did ex US Senator Hugh D. Scott also come out against Trump.

  3. Clinger, for those with l-o-n-g memories, was an effective and moderate Republican when those people existed.

  4. Seriously, who cares what they think? Dent was always a RINO, and this should surprise no one. I’m sure their large following will have a real impact on the election here in PA — or not.

    1. These dinks won’t move the needle, especially the K-Street lobbyists among them. Charlie Dent is the worst among them, plus he has his paymasters at CNN to keep happy. It’s all about the Benjamins for Charlie.

  5. “Sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman are not permissible at Liberty University,”

  6. Jerry Falwell and these right-wing biggots need to gp

    Falwell Resigns from Liberty University

    August 24, 2020 at 5:14 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 174 Comments

    Jerry Falwell Jr. the embattled president of Liberty University and one of the biggest champions of President Trump, has resigned, Religion News Service reports.

    Washington Post: “Opposition to his presidency had been growing, but came to a dramatic head after two new reports about a young man Falwell and his wife befriended at a Florida pool, went into business with and who allegedly was sexually connected to the couple.”

  7. Rep. Dent is a good man with conscience. All of us in the voting public just want to return to normal political times and not an era where our country is aligned with Russia and against Canada.

    1. The the first thing you do is get rid of Trump, and ALL his minions and cronies.

      1. First thing to do is get rid of dead beat trolls that keep posing under my name idiot

        1. Join the club. If the website won’t shut them down, they’re going to lose a lot of traffic.

    2. No, Dent is a terrible person. He is all about himself and keeping the attention on him. He is also now cashing-in on his “public service” and drives a shiny new Mercedes, has a new beach house and wants to keep his gig at CNN and friendships with the DC swamp. Enough said.

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