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Trafalgar Poll: Mastriano Surging

The Trafalgar Group released its final Pennsylvania primary poll overnight and Doug Mastriano is pulling away in the chase for the GOP nomination for governor.

The state senator from Franklin County pulled in 37.2 percent of the nearly 1,200 likely Republican voters to hold a 12.3 point advantage over former Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta. Former U.S. attorney Bill McSwain is third at 17.4 percent while Delaware County businessman Dave White is at 9.7 percent.

Mastriano picked up nearly 10 points from the last Trafalgar poll conducted from May 6-8, while Barletta gained 7.3 points, as the number of undecideds dropped from 11.4 to 4.7 percent.

In the PoliticsPA moving average of 13 polls conducted since February, Mastriano has a five-point advantage over Barletta and has doubled up on McSwain.

7 Responses

  1. Trafalgar is the most professional of Republican polls and night day better than media star Terry Madonna. If they say Mastriano is pulling away then Mastriano is pulling away. Dems better not get too confident. Doug is smarter than Wagner and more competent. Josh is the best state politician of his generation for Dems. He was the only Dem who won a state row office last cycle. Should tell you something.

    1. Both Pennsylvania and the United States need calm, competent leaders who will make the right decisions on a daily basis. That is not Mastriano. The 20-30% of Republican voters who will likely anoint Mastriano today are making a huge mistake. And any Democrats that think “oh there’s no way Mastriano can win in November” are making an even bigger mistake. We would be so much better off if Barletta or McSwain win today.

      Shame on those voters who think chaos in Harrisburg and Washington is a good thing. The chickens from Trump’s presidency are coming home to roost now in a failing economy, out of control gas prices, the computer chip crisis and now lack of baby formula in the marketplace. Economies are fragile and chaotic lack of leadership is what breaks a good economy. Harding’s scandals and weak leaders like Coolidge and Hoover brought about the Great Depression, Nixon and the Watergate scandal brought down the economy in the 70’s and Trumps 4 years of scandals and chaos have us where we are today – PROVE ME WRONG.

    2. Wagner is worth we’ll over $30M. Has multiple homes, helicopters. Not inherited, self made. What’s Doogie worth? Don’t get that rich by being stupid, idiot. Doogie ain’t one tenth the business mind of wagner.

  2. A vote for Doug is a vote for Josh. Let’s go Wagner!

    I mean, Doug Mastriano!

    I forgot what republican wave year that Pennsylvanians blow it was.

    1. I was thinking, maybe I should have registered as a Republican and voted for Mastriano to increase Shapiro’s chances of winning. I’m glad to see Mastriano leading in the primary polls.

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