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Wagner Announces Endorsements from 64 State Party Members

The race to win the endorsement of the Republican State Committee for the Gubernatorial race next year is under way, with State Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) announcing the endorsements of 64 state party members.

“We are very pleased to receive this support, because it reinforces how critical it is that Pennsylvania have leadership that actually knows how to build business, manage assets, compete, and win,” Wagner said in a release announcing the endorsements.

The endorsements came in the form of a letter addressed to Wagner and former Senate candidate Jeff Bartos.  Last week, Bartos announced he was exiting the Senate race to run for Lieutenant Governor with Wagner.

The letter reads that the state party members see Wagner and Bartos as “conservative outsiders with over 60 years of combined business expertise.”

Among the party members who endorsed the ticket are Southwest Caucus Chair Mike Baker, Allegheny County Councilman Sam DeMarco, former Congressman Phil English, and former State Party Vice Chair Joyce Haas.

As Republican party caucus meetings get closer ahead of the state party’s winter meeting candidates will begin to push for the support of individual state party members to try to secure the party’s endorsement.  Traditionally the caucus meetings conduct straw polls to gauge the support of each candidate.

Pittsburgh business people Laura Ellsworth and Paul Mango, and state House speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) are also running for Governor next year.

You can view the letter from the state party members and the complete list of those who signed on below.

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30 Responses

  1. This is a lackluster campaign from the get go and remains that way now. Wagner got into a tussle with some guy filming him speak at a country club awhile back that was widely reported in the media and now 64 state party members think he is the greatest. How hum. More of the same. I’m not seeing any energy here that really sets this campaign apart and Wagner seems to be a dream opponent for Wolf.

  2. The most important role of a State Committee member is to vet the candidates and choose the one that has the best chance of winning an election . It’s not a perfect system but it works most of the time. Most voters in my experience do not know who to vote for and they depend on an endorsement as their guide.

    1. Ignorance and apathy have led to a culture of dissonance and dismay. Gatekeepers have guarded the realms of knowledge from the common man as too retain their authority and need. It is the digital age, that method as proven by last years election, is outdated and unwanted. The party can claim it’s dominance of the process all it wants, time stops for no man.

      “The people are making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out whos been naughty or nice.”

      We have seen behind the curtain and we do NOT like what we have seen. This trend will continue and eventually reach its critical mass. Expect 70% of current elected officials to be voted out in the next 6 years.

    2. Sadly, Wagneris only a conservative by name and that’s as far as it goes! To claim tha their outsiders is about as ridiculous as claiming ISIS isn’t a terrorists organization! Both have been involved in politics for quite sometime. Bart is bailed out of the Senate race because he can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth,and the same with Wagner. Wagner is a sitting state Senator, and he has only writing one bill, and didn’t even vote on that bill! His motto, “Fix PA,”Seriously? He’s been a deadbeat for 3 years to date, and to believe, even remotely, that he has the fortitude to fix PA.,is utterly delusional! PA.,is ranked worst in nearly every catagory, and yet, the establishment continues to back the very thing they say, they want to clean up, unbelievable! Wagner pushed for neutral gender bathrooms;if that’s his idea of fixing PA.,then good luck!Paul Mango is in fact anti- establishment that can and will change the way PA.,
      does business. He genuinely cares about people, and he will definitely clean house, and not just in theory, but in practice! Paul Mango is the outsider,and he surely don’t need the endorsements of the committee’s to win!

      1. It’s really funny to watch you try to muddy Wagner’s rock solid conservative voting record. Oh well, I’d be getting desperate too if I was on team Mango. Why don’t you go ask dominic pileggi how Pro-establishment Wagner is?

          1. I can’t wait for the debates! Hopefully Mango’s consultants won’t have sucked up all of his money by then, though I’m not holding out much hope.

      2. The JEB Bush supporter Paul Mango is a real outsider, isn’t he?!?! hahahahaha!!! I like you Kurt, you’re funny.

  3. Actually as a D I can’t wait for Wagner. I’m going to get sadistic pleasure watching all the MAGA’s from NEPA, SWPA and CPA have their EBT/WIC/Medicaid burned, local taxes increased, unions broken, unemployment denied. I’m going to laugh watching their kids overdose and die in the burned out areas that are never coming back. At some point we need to let social Darwinism take over and realize the MAGA’s don’t want our help. They are perfectly content clinging to their guns, bibles and trucks. The Democratic Party needs to stop pandering to the lowest common denominator and leave them behind. At some point you just got to do like the eskimos- watch them float down the river into irrelevance.

      1. No that wasn’t satire, I’m serious. Tired of giving benefits to the “economically anxious” who gladly take them because they “deserve it” but believe the “real takers” are inner city folks. Maybe you fiscal conservatives have a point. Hunger would be a good incentive for the trailer park welfare kings / queens of Adams county off their collective butts and out looking for work.

  4. These conservative assh*les are insiders, not outsiders. Experience doesn’t combine that way.
    Do 60 interns with one year each have 60 years of combined experience?
    These guys don’t even have one year of good experience.

  5. The point you’re missing here is that you just called people who volunteer their time to do all of the important work that Republicans need to win elections like: work polling places, organize the local parties, and various other things I’m sure you have never once done, the swamp. I would expect nothing less from you, considering you, like your preferred candidate, don’t understand how local politics work. Calling State Committee people “the swamp” is such a gross misunderstanding of what the swamp really is. These are not lobbyists. These are not consultants. These are dedicated party leaders who are doing everything they can to drain the swamp. Mr. Ferrance, thank you for your hard work. I’m glad you support the candidate who appreciates the work that you do.

      1. That was easy enough to do. What I found was Malloy realized that Connecticut had a budget deficit of $3.3 billion, so he did the responsible thing and raised $2.3 billion in revenue along with $1 billion in spending cuts to balance the Connecticut budget. Meanwhile, Brownback is guilty of bankrupting the state of Kansas but cutting revenues while expenses continued to grow, all under the false expectations that trickle down policies will work. HINT – IT DOESN’T. Garbage Man Wags is cut from the same cloth. Roads, Bridges, schools, services must be funded and maintained – that is what government officials are responsible for. We have too many imbeciles running for public office that think they can defund the necessary services government is required to provide.

  6. Anyone But Wolf (ABW) in 2018!! Jon Fetterman would be a better Governor than Wolf

    Wolf (Democrat) is to Pennsylvania as Jim Florio, Jim McGreavy, and, Jon Corzine (All DEMOCRATS) were to NJ…..ALL IN ONE!!

  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, Wagner says he is going to drain the swamp in Harrisburg, the he goes and get’s endorsements from the swamp. This is beautiful, he is a living contradiction at all times. The mental backflips his supporters need to do in order to justify supporting him is AMAZING. Even Turzai sees these endorsements for how ridiculous they are. Wonder how much money each endorsement had ‘donated’ to their campaign coffers. Drain the swamp!! (wink wink) Says Wagner.

    1. Hello, I’m a newly elected County Chairman (2016), definitely not from the swamp. I have not receive one red cent from Senator Wagner. My support is based on what I believe he will do for our Commonwealth. Be careful when you paint with that broad brush you are holding my friend.

      1. Tired of people from within the government and the Republican party telling other conservatives with opinions to be careful what they say. You have NO PROOF to bake your claims of being swamp free. I don’t know enough about you to gauge your statements and make a solid assertion. I need not be careful, sir. Too often the state and the party as well as the federal institutions we are have taken the voter for a ride. It is important to think freely and with conviction. My free, convicted thoughts, have taken me to a place where I see someone who is very intertwined with the very corrupted establishment, and they are trying to gain authority off of the claim of stopping that very corruption. I don’t care what you think, I know enough about this man and his dealings to know I don’t want him in charge our state. Leadership demands integrity. No amount of coercion from “the party” is going to ever change that.

          1. …and most reasonable judges would conclude that this exchange justifies a DEFENSE verdict [due to the absence of “evidence” beyond diatribe and bias]!

    2. I’m sure if the candidate of your choice received these endorsements you’d be saying how your candidate has “broad ranging support” and that this “proves they’re the best candidate.” But of course your candidate doesn’t have those endorsements so they’re no good swamp creatures. I can smell your hypocrisy from over here.

      1. No, I think the whole toilet needs flushed. Corruption in our state is a longstanding tradition on both sides of the aisle. I want out of pocket, non politicians, w integrity to sweep the state. Wagner is trying to run on that mantle, but he keeps stepping in it because he is only rich due to his relationship w the swamp.

    3. Absolutely, correct! Drain The Swamp, Term Limits. The same words that Republicans utter, and yet, they continue to elect the same dead-beats over and over again! Know wonder we’re ranked among the worst ran states in the country! Please, don’t place all the blame on Wolf; admittedly, he’s a joke, but what did the Republicans do when Corbett was Governor? Nothing!

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