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Wagner Calls Mango a ‘Disgrace’ in Latest Ad

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s campaign called Republican primary opponent Paul Mango a “disgrace” in its newest ad in response to Mango’s ad attacking Wagner.

The ad features Wagner’s daughter Katharine talking to camera addressing the claims Mango presented in his recent ad.  

“Katharine’s passionate defense of her father exposes Paul Mango’s lies and highlights just how desperate of a campaign he is running. As someone who boasts about having five daughters of his own and having ‘flawless character,’ Paul Mango sure isn’t running his campaign like it,” Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High said.  

In the 30-second ad Katharine says “Paul Mango is a disgrace. His ads attacking my dad Scott Wagner are flat out lies. Dragging me into his dirty campaign is beyond the bounds of decency.”  

The ad is the latest installment of the back and forth between Wagner and Mango ahead of the May 15.

The Mango campaign responded to the ad saying they have never brought Wagner’s daughter into the campaign.  

“We have made it clear from day one of this campaign that we would not bring up Scott Wagner’s daughter, Katharine, in any way.  We have not done so nor will we in the future. We believe the history of their personal problems is between Wagner, his daughter and the law. It is disappointing to see that Wagner is the one who chose to bring his daughter into this campaign to defend his actions when no one else has. What we have done is shine a spotlight on Senator Wagner misleading the court and being ordered to pay $800,000 in back alimony and child support to a different daughter and one of his other ex-wives because that speaks to Senator Wagner’s character and we believe there is no more important issue in this race than someone’s character,” Mango spokesperson Laura Lebaudy said.

You can view the ad below.


20 Responses

  1. Bad good choice Katharine you should support Paul Mango for governor and not Scott wagner. I will not support you in a future state senate or a state representative race in 2020 as a example.

  2. Mango can have “Mojo”, as to the $800,000 owed (by Wagner) in back child-support issue, in Philadelphia (where Mango needs momentum)…if an “Average Joe” owes money (arrears in child-support), he’s going to be thrown into jail, in Philly, as he’s extorted to pay the money (to get freedom)…it’s a very good issue for Mango to use (against “Dead-Beat Dad” Scott Wagner)…as the Philly Ward Leaders are breaking for Scott Wagner…it’s Mango’s only chance as his party isn’t for him!

  3. not sure what the winner wins. .nomination will not be worth much. r’s have no ability to unify, none. wagner & mango have handed the governor all the oppo he needs.
    final thought, what are the state wide issues they are running on? what are the gonna fix? what are pennsylvania republicans running on this cycle? have no idea and it seems they don’t either.

    1. Philly GOP is weak. They could not even field a candidate to run against Kevin Boyle in NE Philly, which is suppose to be the strongest area of Philadelphia for Republicans?

  4. Big problem is that this mudslinging knows no end and will engulf both campaigns. The Republican Gov Candidates are an unholy mess with dirt being tossed, debates being backed out off, really really serious personal matters bandied about (Wagner’s family issues noted above in this post)–I see this as a fiasco primary. These two–Abbott and Costello–Mango & Wagner–are headed to a sure defeat this Fall at the hands of Wolf. However, the Fall will have one of these two–Mango or Wagner–continuing the mud slinging.

    1. meh, competition is good. survival of the fittest and all. Its important for the voters to have all info available to make the most informed decision.

      They become inoculated from unsuccessful attacks, and they weaken the lefts ability to recycle them later in the general.

      I for one am pleased to see Wagner being outed for the not so great person he is. He is not even close to an ideal candidate. He is everything we should avoid. Fake conservatives, no plan, no ideas, everything is complex and politics is not ideals or ethos to him it,s who donated what to who. Ellsworth is a never trumper, obama, clinton acolyte. Mango is our only chance.

      1. Mango is the only choice? The guy makes Mitt Romney seem inspiring.

        He will be nothing more than a footnote in PA political history after May 15th.

        1. A footnote is all Mango is worth being since he parachutes into politics to gratify his own ambition after being MIA for 30 years and not bothering to even vote. I am tired of egomaniacs who don’t so shit and then they just wake up one day and be like “yeah I wanna be the governor

          1. You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Remember Wagner voted for Randell and gave money to corrupt Kathleen Kane.

          2. I have known Paul Mango for over 30 years. He has excelled in his volunteer military service, at Harvard Business School and in growing his business unit at McKinsey Consultant to over $500M revenues. He’ll bring his skill sets of growing companies to Pennsylvania as we compete with other states and worldwide.

          3. Mango is going to get steam, if he goes into Philly to hammer the child support issue (as in Philly) people are locked up for owing back support!

  5. Funny, why would this daughter comment about the dead beat dad claim, when the 800k settlement was for another daughter of his from a different marriage? So he got a PFA from this daughter after trying to “save” her, and he paid out 800K to the other daughter who is MIA. Very interesting.

  6. holy cow. wagner must really be sweating Mango. To role out his daughter is significant. Is it true he just backed out of another debate?

  7. I wouldn’t vote for either. pot calling the kettle black. just a mud slinging campaign.

  8. Wagner’s daughter is being forced to tow the line on this in order to get Daddy’s money. Do not forget SHE filed a PFA against him when he physically attacked her. Was she lying then or is she lying now?

    1. No such thing as a Blue Dog Dem anymore. Your Governor certainly isn’t one…

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