Wagner Confronts Tracker in Pittston

Gubernatorial candidate and state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) got into another exchange with a tracker, this time from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, during the Pittston Tomato Festival.  

According to Philly Clout, during the exchange Wagner began talking about George Soros, and called him a “Hungarian Jew” who has a “hatred for America” after he “made a fortune.”

Earlier that day, Wagner published an Op-Ed on Pennlive hitting Democrats for suggesting he does not stand up to bigotry.  

This can be really vicious and brutal. I’m trying to bring a little humor into it,” Wagner told Clout when they asked why he engaged with the tracker.  

Earlier this year, Wagner confronted a tracker and took his camera.  

The 1:25 long clip does not show the entire exchange between the tracker and Wagner.  

You can view the clip below.

23 Responses

  1. Wagner reminds me of that Harrisburg insider candidate that just is a train wreck of a candidate for Governor. He just seems prone to mistakes galore and detached from common sense.

  2. Soros is EVIL. It is not his
    Past Nationality or his faith that is issue. He is
    a deplorable person and should be condemned by all decent people .
    If you are concerned with anti Semitism- spend time criticizing that filth- Obama — he undercut Israel and emboldened anti semites.,Wagener doesn’t need a lecture- left wing Liberals and Democrats do.

    1. And the Obama Adm. continued to fund Israel with aid at an even higher rate than previous administrations.

  3. If Trump hadn’t lowered the bar so much, this would be his own Macaca Moment. You have to wonder if Wagner could handle the DC press corps if he gets this rattled by some kid fresh out of college, making peanuts to go to his events and try to get him on the record. It’s embarrassing.

  4. saw Wagner on Friday, and it seems [chatting with those who were present] that the absence of a formal challenger is increasingly indicative of his ability to win the GOP nod without appreciable opposition

    this seems to be justified because of both his Trumpist message and his Trumpist approach

    i suspect he isn’t apologetic with regard to how he has handled the Dem-trackers and, thus, he is staking-out an assertive posture portending the capacity to displace the leftie-incumbent

    1. Obat poker penis envy call the doctor get some b.v. (that’s black velvet, for you boots). Thank Allah we don’t need a script from a voodoo doctor to get booze.

  5. Soros is originally from Hungary. And he is a Jew. I don’t get why this is an issue.

    You guys on the left say far worse things about the Koch brothers and nobody cares.

    1. I’ll give you this. Soros, Koch brothers, Wagner and Trump are all part of the 1%ers who are having a great deal of success brainwashing the working class by spending a pittance of their outrageous fortunes to impact policy in the United States. Until We The People start getting a crack at some of the 1%ers wealth, the numbers of working poor will continue to grow. A select few our gobbling up all the wealth and not reinvesting AKA trickling it down, to the rest of us. GO BACK TO A 70% TAX RATE ON THE 1%ers and AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!!!!!

    2. He has been accused of being a Nazi informer against fellow Jews during the roundups in Hungary in 1944, and to have benefited by being given their property. There is quite a bit of evidence from his early life supports these accusations.

      Soros is a major funder and godfather to hundred of leftist organizations in the US and worldwide. And he he uses front organizations and cut-outs to circumvent controls on campaign contributions and other restrictions on abuses.

        1. Well considering he was 15 when the war ended you believe anything you want to won’t you?

          1. Seneca is a total conspiracy nutjob. It’s quite sad, really. I wouldn’t look to him for sober analysis, even from a right-wing perspective. Charlie Gerow, Chris Nicholas, et al are good for an intellectually honest conservative perspective.

          2. I could see honest criticism but to go as far as to call him a Nazi sympathizer…

            I also love the line “there is quite a bit of evidence” from where

          3. Trying to stay alive one more day during the Hungarian occupation was a powerful motivation, even for the workers who performed the most despicable work in the death camps and obviously not appreciated by those who were not there and are ignorant about those desperate times.

  6. This guy is just a disgusting thug. This country is going down the drain because voters are getting some satisfaction out of wasting their votes on spoiled millionaires thinking these obnoxious creatures will somehow restore past greatness.

  7. Is he serious? The battery of the first tracker was bad enough, but I thought at least he would learn his lesson and put the mistake behind him. This is just bad. He makes ethnically sensitive comments and then pulls the “I have friends that are jews” line out? At this point he is just dumb. And for him to have two staffers right next to him not saying a word!?!!? That proves that not only is he not fit, his campaign staff isn’t fit. The only thing keeping him from sinking is the money they keep pulling in. But remember, even the Titanic sank.

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