Wagner Poll: Wagner 50, Mango 24, Ellsworth 9

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner released a new internal poll ahead of the May 15th primary election.

According to the poll, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, Wagner leads both Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth.  50.2% of Republicans said they would vote for Wagner in the primary, while 23.6% chose Mango and 9.4% said they would vote for Ellsworth.  16.8% of respondents were undecided.

Both Wagner and Mango’s numbers improved from the previous internal poll from the Wagner campaign.  Since the last internal poll, Wagner improved 5 points, while Mango improved 8 points.

Internal polls should always be taken with a grain of salt.  Campaigns usually commission a complete poll and only release the most favorable results.  They are often used to ward off potential challengers, win over donors, and consolidate support within the party early in the election cycle.  In a recent poll from Susquehanna Research & Polling reported on by ABC27 showed Wagner leading Mango 19% to 16%. PoliticsPA reached out to Susquehanna for a copy of the poll. 

PoliticsPA requested a full copy of the poll results.

McLaughlin & Associates, who conducted the poll, are a survey research and strategic services company based in Alexandria, Virginia.  The poll surveyed 500 likely Republican voters, between April 2nd and 3rd. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.5 percent.

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    1. Fake poll from a shamed former pollster of eric cantor. The national party told conservative not to use this pollster due to his egregious inaccuracy.

  1. This poll and the way it was announced is just more evidence that politics is as much about show and showboating as it is about policy, personality etc. Probably conducted among the Wagner campaign stuff at lunchtime when everyone was feeling flush and happy. Otherwise this thing ain’t worth the pixels and photons it is viewed on. Two recent polls had Wagner ahead of Mango by a few points, with literally double the negatives of Mango, and Mango closing in fast. About 55% undecided. When Wagner had to announce it with the GOPe chairman and associate deputy vice chair flanking him, it said everything you’d ever need to know about this “poll”: We are the Republican establishment and we command you to vote for our selected insider stooge here.

    1. Dude you’re showing your ignorance. 55% undecided? Yoy. You’re exactly the kind of stoop Mango is targeting. Happy joy to you.

  2. Mango’s poll came in today and he is up by 75 points! The next poll will feature non relatives. Mango and Wagner are out of sinc with the electorate in this particular election cycle and so much so that they have no cross over appeal to dems in the suburban philly counties nor other marginal area where dem votes can be picked off. Bottom line: fasten your seatbelts with Trump’s decline in popularity and top of ticket 2 statewide races candidates with little crossover appeal–Rep downballot races are in trouble!

    1. Amen ! These Repuke extremists are running like it’s 2010 . It’s 2018 ,and their vicious Tea Party insanity is sooooo over . Trump ,Ryan and the GOP Conservative Cult now fully exposed is going down big in November . No more Congressional Gerrymandered Districts to save them in PA ,and the top heavy cruel Tea Party Legislative majority going to get shaved big time . I recall a classy moderate PA GOP . So fitting the new crowd , will be represented by a vicious ,abusive , greedy ,uneducated trash man .

  3. I just did an internal audit and turns out I am the richest man in Pennsylvania. Wagner is a joke

  4. Mango’s internal poll has him up by 60 pts, as well it should since it cost $100,000

  5. All the polls that have come out have Wagner in the lead. That being said, where is Mango’s internal poll? I’d be interested to see what his campaign is picking up considering the “hail mary” we saw last week.

    In all honesty, can we just admit this thing is over. Scott Wagner is going to win the Primary… if he loses to Wolf we can blame Paul Mango who will float into nonexistence after this thing is over.

    1. Can’t wait for Wagner to ride off in the sunset hanging from the back of his trash truck.

  6. The poll was conducted among employees of his waste management business. LOL 🙂

  7. Wasn’t there a poll last month that showed this race Wagner 20, Mango 18?

  8. I love internal polls. They tell you what you want to hear.

    My internal poll has Ellsworth leading 98% Wagner 1% Mango 1%

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