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Western Pa. Construction Organization Backs Feinberg

By: Geoffrey Middleberg, Assistant Editor

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Pennsylvania voted to endorse Evan Feinberg in the Republican primary versus incumbent Congressman Tim Murphy.

This comes on the heels of Feinberg’s speculated high-profile endorsement by the FreedomWorks political action committee.

These endorsements are an important development for Feinberg, who will need to generate national conservative interest if he hopes to present a serious challenge to Murphy. Murphy has $1,040,000 cash on hand to Feinberg’s $40,000.

Feinberg commented on the endorsement in a release in which he said, “I’m proud to have the support of some of the finest job creators in Western PA. We agree the best way to create jobs is for the government to get out of the way and let hard working Americans produce. Unfortunately, politicians all too often trust the heavy hand of government rather than the ingenuity of the American people. I stand with ABC and free enterprise.”

Congressman Murphy’s campaign released the following statement: “Tim Murphy has a proven record fighting for Southwestern Pennsylvanian jobs which is why his constituents send him back to Washington by double digit margins.”

The press release from the association highlights Rep. Tim Murphy’s “enthusiastic support of ‘card check’ legislation. Supporters of the incumbent congressman insist, however, that despite the Congressman’s vote on the House floor in favor of the legislation, he has changed his position on the legislation, otherwise known as the Employee Free Choice Act. Rep. Tim Murphy no longer supports the measure and has worked to make sure that the federal government does not institute regulations that would create a back-door ‘card check’ law.

5 Responses

  1. I’m not suprised anymore to see personal disagreements make their way into the political arena. Such is the case with Congressman Murphy and one of his constituents. The constituent is now determined to see the Congressman replaced at all cost. But not with someone wiser, not with some more educated, and not with someone more experienced. Just with someone. Votes taken 6 and 8 years ago, long before conservatives were willing to stand up and fight, are mentioned as if they happened this morning. The Congressman now has more than labor unions, PAC’s and Lobbyists vying for his vote – and he has responded very favorably to that voice. We don’t need to replace Congressman Murphy, we need to let him know what we want and he will respond continue to respond to the Conservative voice.

  2. Tim Murphy has earned awards from the Chamber of Commerce, ATR, National Association of Manufacturers, National Federation ofIndependent Business. business Lets not forget the Chemistry Council just dropped a cool half mil to support one of its best pro-business members in Congress… Tim Murphy! If this “construction organization” was legit, wouldn’t have anonymous postings attacking Murphy.

  3. Merit shop contractors represent 85% of the construction industry. ABC members do not hire illegals!! That is a false statement! Safety, education and training are a top priority for ABC members. They pay a competitive wage and treat their employees well. This is another attempt of a Murphy supporter trying to cover up Tim Murphy’s record by attacking small business. Tim Murphy sides with the special interest!

  4. ABC is a front group for illegal labor and the open borders crowd. Has worked against every attempt by real conservatives to crack down on illegals. These contractors just want to eviscerate existing wage standards so they can hire an unlimited number of illegal immigrants. Next time you see a group of Latinos in Pittsburgh, chances are they’re here working for an ABC member.

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