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Where the PA Delegation Stands on the Trump/Putin Summit

President Trump thinks yesterday’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin went great.

But many people – even some in his own party – don’t really see it that way.


On a day when the typical left-right divide was shaken up, here’s a look at what Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation had to say. The comments are ranked subjectively from the most critical of the President to the most supportive.


Most Critical: Sen. Bob Casey, (D)

He was quick to issue a detailed press release stating his grievances and also took to Twitter to state that yesterday’s press conference was “a new low and profound embarrassment to America.”  

Casey later asked in a tweet, “Why is the President so deferential to Putin while he trashes our law enforcement who protect our country and our communities every day? Is he afraid of Putin?”


Rep. Brendan Boyle, (D-Philadelphia)

Boyle put out a press release and also took to social media to explain his dissatisfaction with yesterday’s summit.

“These egregious comments can be considered nothing other than a thank-you note from President Trump to Vladimir Putin,” Boyle stated in a press release.


Rep. Dwight Evans, (D-Philadelphia)

Evans sent out a tweet and a lengthy Facebook post expressing his concerns with the way Trump and Putin were hand in hand at the conference.

“Despite their obvious attack on our sacred election process, Trump called our country’s previous relationship w/ Russia ‘foolishness and stupidity.’ The only ‘foolishness and stupidity,’ I see is that our President has more loyalty to Russia than the United States of America!” Evans stated this in a Facebook post.


Rep. Mike Doyle, (D-Allegheny)

Doyle stated that Trump made the decision to “support Putin’s agenda–not our country’s.” in a tweet.


Sen. Pat Toomey, (R)

Toomey has been one of the lone Republicans in PA willing to criticize Trump from time to time and he didn’t hold back here. Toomey was one of the only Republicans in PA to call out Trump’s @POTUS twitter handle. “@POTUS’ blindness to Putin’s hostile acts against the US and our allies—election meddling included—is very troubling,” he wrote.


Rep. Matt Cartwright, (D-Lackawanna)

Cartwright took to Facebook to question the President’s behavior and stated that the U.S., “must be forceful in confronting Russia, and in defending our American national sovereignty.”

“It is difficult to understand the President’s behavior today at the Helsinki press conference, let alone defend it. We must be forceful in confronting Russia, and in defending our American national sovereignty.”


Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, (R-Bucks)

Fitzpatrick has occasionally spoken out about Trump’s policies and he reiterated his support for the FBI, he was once an FBI special agent, and his issues with the summit.

“President Trump missed the mark today in failing to confront Vladimir Putin on these emails,” Fitzpatrick stated in the press release.


Rep. Lloyd Smucker, (R-Lancaster)

Smucker’s district only voted for Trump by nearly 7%, but with the new mapping, Trump defeated Clinton by more than 25 points. Yesterday, he called out Trump by name via tweet and told him to “stand up to President Putin, & act.”


Rep. Ryan Costello, (R-Chester)

Costello is not running for re-election so his word may not be viewed as controversial to this conversation, but he did chime in by tweeting a link of an interview he did on MSNBC’s “KasieDC” program, in which he discussed his thoughts on the Mueller probe. “I want to be clear: the Special Counsel is operating a legitimate investigation– this is not a witch hunt, & Russia needs to be held accountable,” he wrote.


Rep. Keith Rothfus, (R-Allegheny)

Rothfus did not call out the President by name, but he did release a statement via press release and social media post criticizing the summit.

Rep. Tom Marino, (R-Lycoming)

Marino also did not use Trump’s name in his press release or social media posts, but did state that, “Russia is not our ally.”

Rep. Glenn Thompson, (R-Centre)

Thompson did not take to social media to share his thoughts, but he did issue a press release in which he said he “appreciated the President’s diplomatic efforts”, but that “Russia continues to pose a threat to our national security and should be viewed as an adversary.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-York)

Perry issued a tweet Tuesday, July 17th afternoon, after President Trump made comments to say he misspoke at the Helsinki summit with Putin and says he “full faith and support” in American intelligence.

Most Supportive: Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne):

The Congressman, U.S. Senate candidate and longtime Trump supporter came to the President’s defense.

“While I don’t know what was discussed behind closed doors, I do know that the President understands that protecting the United States from all foreign threats is his highest obligation. I agree with the U.S. intelligence assessment that Russia attempted to interfere in our election, and I will continue to do everything I can to prevent them from doing so ever again. I also believe it’s important to continue the dialogue between our two nations to address critical issues like stabilization in Syria and denuclearization, both of which were addressed at today’s summit.”


No Say


The following members of the delegation have not issued a comment via press release or social media: Reps. Bob Brady (D-Philadelphia), Mike Kelly (R-Butler), Conor Lamb (D-Allegheny), and Bill Shuster (R-Bedford).

Updated with tweet from Rep. Scott Perry (R-York).

10 Responses

  1. Totally agree. The man can’t even read let alone be allowed to represent our country

  2. Scott Perry is a military guy who should know better. Why is he so afraid to stand up for America on the record?

  3. Perry has issued the following kinda, sorta approval of TheRump:

    Rep. Scott Perry’s Facebook page
    18 hrs ago

    “Russian agents unquestionably attempted to meddle in our electoral process and I am encouraged the president has clarified his statement and supports our findings. Putin’s hostile actions against the United States and our allies cannot stand and I encourage the president to continue to hold him and Russia accountable.”

  4. If you love Trump, you don’t love America. You don’t really believe in freedom and you are supporting an egomaniac that is ruining our country.

  5. Toomey will go back to sucking Trump’s tiny d*ck for the Supreme Court or any more irresponsible tax cuts or decimating civil rights.

    Lou is clamped on to Trump’s d*ck like a lamprey or barnacle.

  6. It’s clear that PolitcsPA is now a left leaning news source. What a shame

    1. “Politicspa is now a left leaning news source. What a shame” tranlates to “politicspa quoted people who are appalled at Trump for not defending the United States when a Russian tyrant who interfered with our elections stood right by him. How dare they!…”

    2. DiGiorgio for Gov-

      I guess in “Trump World” reporting facts is “liberal”.

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