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Wolf Calls for Leach to Resign in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Governor Tom Wolf called on state Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) to resign from the state Senate after allegations surfaced Sunday.

“This disturbing behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Senator Leach should resign,” Wolf told the Inquirer.  

The Inquirer reported earlier Sunday that ex-staffers accused Leach of touching them inappropriately and crossing the line with sexual remarks.  

“While he has been a leader on important policy issues, this conduct cannot be excused. As I have said previously, this is not a partisan issue. The lack of adequate structure for victims to report this type of behavior and feel protected is inexcusable, and underscores that Harrisburg’s culture must change,” Wolf added.  

Leach’s lawyer did not return a request from the Inquirer for response.  

Delaware County Democratic Committee Chair David Landau also called for Leach to suspend his Congressional campaign.  

“I am profoundly disturbed and disappointed in Senator Leach’s conduct.  Senator Leach has been an outstanding legislator, a tireless fighter for progressive causes and staunch supporter of the Delaware County Democratic Party.  But none of that can excuse his inappropriate conduct and the toxic environment he created.  He should immediately suspend his congressional campaign,” Landau said in a statement.

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  1. Daylin is a stupid Lawyer every Lawyer knows you keep your Mouth shut instead Daylin admitted that he did some Diabolical things to Women . Daylin you big dummy you should have kept your Mouth shut and wait for the Storm to blow over . The more you open your mouth the deeper you dig into your destiny . You thought you were above it all living like a King instead you were like a Vulture moving into districts where people were sick and in the express checkout line . You should have hired a crisis management team . Instead you thought your Mouth could bail you out ! How many more women victims are out there that don’t want to ruin their lives by speaking out against you ? Shame Shame Shame on you Daylin It’s time for you to Bail . You are damaged goods and nobody wants to stand by you anymore When a bleeding Heart like Wolf comes out against you surely you know the party is over . Stop embarrass your family and go retire to Costa Rica where non one knows you . Bye Bye Daylin the FatLady has sung !

    1. Liberal Liabilities-

      A political consultant friend of mine, who is technically a lawyer, but rarely practices it made the follow quip about Daylin to me a few years ago.

      He said: Daylin knows less about the law than I do.

      Daylin’s narcissism and ego and arrogance overruled any political common sense or basic decency. Much like Trump, he’s know the noose has been tightening around him for months as the Inquirer questioned former staffers.

      Denial. Bunker mentality. An enabling staff of stooges and sycophants. Years of threatening and intimidating young women, and getting away with it to create a false sense of invincibility. Counting on your followers to put misplaced loyalty over principle.

      1. Is there a primary or does the committee pick someone? Have to think one of the state reps in the district gets it.

        1. Burt-

          Special election. Some Dem Committee picks Dem candidate. Third-party independent candidates could also run in the special election, but I don’t know their ballot requirements.

  2. Why should Daylin Leach resign? Since when does he takes orders from Governor Wolf. He has only got a year left on his senate term. If he stays and retires at the end of his term he saves the taxpayers’ the cost of a special election.

      1. You are correct. I forgot he was in an odd numbered district. I still think he should not resign on Tom Wolf’s orders. I believe that there are going to be other Senators and Representatives from both parties in the same boat in the near future. Leach should not let them Franken him out of office. Let him be Moored if he tries to run for reelection.

        1. Charles- Daylin wrote the following to Colleen Kennedy:

          “Nobody is blocking you Colleen. But you are a truly horrific monster. You fabricate insane attacks and laughable lies agains [sic] someone who was never anything but nice to you. To hell with what you do to my family, kids, the progressive movement, etc. I hope whatever it is that makes you such an unhappy person gets resolved. in a world where making progress is so freakin [sic] hard, you are just a human wrecking ball of hate.”

          1. Mr.Diano:
            It is a shame if these accusations are untruthful and they ruin Senator Leach. The Inquirer always has a hidden agenda everything it publishes. They have for years been focusing on the paucity of women state senators and state representatives in PA General Assembly. Possibly getting Leach out is part of their agenda. The seat was held by Senator Connie Williams before she retired and Leach was elected.

          2. Charles Pont-

            These accusations are the tip of the iceberg with Daylin. The women (and some of the men) have known about for years, but probably in somewhat isolation, so the scope wasn’t fully known. Many support him legislatively, and didn’t want to come forward or make an issue of it.

            However, the tolerance for this behavior has changed, and enough people were willing to look into it and come forward about it.

            If women at the DNC convention have to be warned to stay in pairs around you, the problem is serious (and Daylin should have been booted from the party then).

            If I had known about any of this from the women involved, I would have made sure it got out. However, I only learned about it recently, once the Inky article was written and merely awaiting some legal hurdles before going to print.

            Regular readers know that for YEARS I called out Sestak for the sexist (not sexual) harassment of a young female lawyer at his district office. Joe’s district manager, Bill Walsh, told this girl to “Shut the f*ck up. You were hired for your looks, not your opinions. Your job is to look good for Joe.”

            In this case, the “payoff” for her silence was to write the girl a good recommendation letter, and keep Walsh running “a tight ship” the way Joe liked it. Sestak was no defender of women, despite his campaign rhetoric.

            Walsh should have been fired on the spot, but, Bill was running the office the way Joe wanted. Bill didn’t take a dump without checking with Joe about how many sheets to use.

    1. Daylin will soon be “the Al Franken” of Pennsylvania as he’s already “walking-dead” given the Governor’s request for resignation! It’s rather absurd to suggest that Matt Finegold is part of a conspiracy with the Left-Leaning Philadelphia Inquirer!

      The “fake outrage” over the words of the President in his “locker-room” talk on the Access Hollywood tape was a big “nothing burger” as Trump clobbered “Crooked Hillary” to become our 45th President over flawed Hillary!

      Is Governor Wolf in on the “plot” to bring down Daylin? He’s a rather liberal Governor (not a GOP guy). I can’t buy into the conspiracy aspects of this as Daylin Leach admitted his conduct is out of line—albeit as he tried to shame the accusers and blame it all on politics?

      He (like Franken) was 55 years of age when he did the sexual assaults; so can “the spin” now be he was too young to understand his behavior?


  3. This is not some new story concocted by a political rival. As MANY on this board are aware, this has been an open secret for years among a younger generation of political staffers terrified of losing their jobs or having their careers destroyed. It’s laughable to think that somebody would invent a story to bring down a politician that ends with “his hand brushed against my butt.” It seems more likely that, if someone was inventing a story, it would be a far more lurid one. This story is not just about the eight women who were willing to share their stories with the paper. This story is also about the current bill to ban sexual misconduct non-disclosure agreements. Many people in Harrisburg believe that the Inquirer would have had a far more damning story to tell about Daylin if not for one such agreement.


  5. I called it. Aubrey Montgomery IS the establishment. When she went public, it was over. Governor Wolf’s call is the second part of the one-two punch.

    Tough to see such a progressive guy go.

  6. Would this story have made the light of day in most credible news organizations? Did leach cross the stack line as defined by gov?

    1. The Inquirer is as über Liberal äs it gets in re politics! It’s not a “Republican Hit piece” done by some GOP newspaper! Hello?

    2. Deplorable Voter

      In 2014, the Inquirer’s super-conservative GOP owner, and Corbett contributor, prevented the Inquirer from making an endorsement for governor (because it would have been Wolf, like most other papers). However, the Inquirer serves mostly Philly and suburbs readers, so it’s not going to be a print-version of FoxNews

      1. George Norcross is a Democrat! He’s a part owner. Who is it you allude to as the GOP owner?

        1. Deplorable, I was referring to Lenfest’s ownership in 2014. I didn’t realize it had changed hands.

          My larger point was that the news division serves the Greater Philadelphia Region. It’s not putting out politically biased coverage, like FoxNews which is nearly all propaganda posing as news. This piece on Daylin, like most of the paper, follows the news.

          In 2014, Lenfest interfered with the editorial division by killing the endorsement, not the news division.

          I reject the notion that the news division of the paper is uber-Liberal as you suggested.

      2. Mr.Diano, I have you ever actually read the Philadelphia Inquirer. I am unfortunately constrained to read it everyday. I do not think they employ any Republicans in any type of writing capacity. Even their sports reporters bash Trump regularly. Try reading Marcus Hayes’ sports column. I think you would enjoy it. He regularly lectures us on the evils of Trump. It is straight out of MSNBC. The Inquirer has not endorsed a Republican for President since Richard Nixon in 1968. Only the New York Times has a better record. The last time it endorsed a Republican for President was Eisenhower in 1956.

  7. Democratic Political advisor/fundraiser turns on ex-clients. Who will she dime out next?? We have all heard the words coming out of her mouth. She will sell out to anyone.

    1. Whether or not Aubrey is a “sell out” has nothing to do with this story. Multiple people have confirmed her account. Matt Goldfine, Daylin’s field director in 2008, has publicly confirmed her account.

  8. Senator Leach is really tasting his fair-share of Karma as he’s a rapid “Trump-Hater” who simply was all-over the “words” of the President (as “politically incorrect”) as he decided to do “Al Franken” sex talk to his female staffers? Isn’t that all the more ironic?

    The President is rather not “Politically-Correct”, but it’s not a place to “throw stones”, at the President (as you grope staff?).

    I suppose it’s all Donald Trump’s fault that the Philadelphia Inquirer (as Liberal as you get as a news organization goes) ran this story?

    Yeah, blame Donald Trump for this?


    1. This has nothing to do with Trump, other than the irony of Daylin being in a similar boat (though Daylin did a lot less). No one is blaming Trump for this.

      We blame Trump for endorsing a child molester, for trying to take away healthcare for the poor and middle class, for giving the polluters a pass, for fomenting racial bigotry, for colluding with Russia, and for promoting this terrible tax plan to enrich himself and the other 1% crowd.

      1. To the contrary, The Donald continues to MAGA by revising both policy and attitude; he’s accomplishing his campaign promises despite the Resistance and, in the process, has become deeply involved in the Culture Wars [per Andrew Breitbart’s mandate, mediated via Bannon].

        Specifically, he has endorsed an ALLEGED child-molester [with accusers having been refuted on Breitbart by Aaron Klein, in multiple pieces that were ignored by the DbM]; he has tried to reset ObamaDon’tCare by returning to non-expanded Medicaid and (pending) and by rescinding the Individual Mandate (by week’s end) to enhance the private-marketplace; he has removed onerous regs to stimulate the economy; he has fought divisive/revolutionary BLM-types while trying to enlighten regarding racism/reverse-racism; he has consistently confronted the Rooskies; and he is on the verge of creating a baseline GNP of 3% via the tax-bill.

        Get with the program, and recognize how close America came to having been destroyed by the Clinton Crime Foundation.

          1. “Soaring Economic Enthusiasm Boosts Trump’s Approval Rating”

            htt p://w ww.brei m/big-government/2017/12/18/soaring-economic-enthusiasm-boosts-trumps-approval-rating/

  9. Get those rich white men. Who’s next? Which pig will be hung next?? Keep looking Governors, Senator, State Reps, County Executive’s. Big City Mayors, County Commissioners mistreatment staff daily. We will not stop until we have them all. Your power is over. Step up women let’s get them. It’s our turn now.

  10. Governor Wolf turns on his own … Not news. Montgomery works for Wolf & State party. Montgomery says nothing until she leaves employment. How many more white men will she allege hug to long, tell sex jokes? Who is willing to be in a room alone with her now? What will she say- you said? Remember white men pay her bills or did pay her bills.

    1. Aubrey is backing the story of the other women. No allegation that Daylin came on to her, or she was harassed in room alone. She’s confirming stories that were witnessed by her and others in the open. Daylin created what is now called “a hostile workplace environment” for women who were offended by his sexual jokes and innuendos and powerless to stop Daylin.

      Daylin’s field director in 2008, Matt Goldfine, has posted a detailed account on his Facebook page to back-up what Aubrey said. He regrets that at age 25, he didn’t have the experience/depth to stand up to Daylin at time.

  11. The Gov doesnt believe in the rule of law.
    Innocent until proven guilty for Sen Leach not in the Gov playbook.
    Wolf wont enforce the death penalty.
    Wol ignores federal law on immigration.
    And he is the chief executive for PA!
    Too bad Mike Stack or Josh doesnt take him on in primary.

    1. annie61-

      Take off your MAGA hat and shut off FoxNews for 2 minutes:

      1) Daylin is not accused of a criminal offense, so innocent-until-proven-guilty doesn’t apply. (Also, Daylin has throw his own supporter under the bus for an accusation before, and it blew up in his face when the accusation was retracted).

      2) No one has enforced the death penalty in PA in decades. The many cases of false convictions of death row inmates has shown that the penalty is extreme. No evidence back up the death penalty as a deterrent.

      3) States aren’t required to perform the work of federal agencies and round up immigrants who haven’t committed additional crimes. Stats show that the immigrants have lower crime rates than US born citizens.

      4) Wolf positioned Josh for AG (so Wolf wouldn’t have to worry about an independent AG). The plan was for Josh to wait his turn, so no primary there. Stack would be better than Wolf. But, Stack’s best shot is to be Lt Gov, then drop-a-dime on Wolf to the feds, and just replace Wolf.

  12. For Wolf to come out this early, the article must be only the tip of the iceberg, and Wolf doesn’t need/want more of the story coming out.

    I haven’t seen Marcel or the current Montco chair call for Daylin to resign.

    What did the current PA Dem State Party Chairman (and failure-in-chief), Marcel know, and when did he know it? Marcel was the Montco Dems chairman throughout Daylin’s political rise. Are we to believe that he heard no rumblings about this? Just as we were to believe that Marcel had no knowledge of the $3,000 Uber ride and other abuses of party money (which has yet to be adequately explained)?

    Has Daylin been “protected” by party hire-ups because they liked his public positions, and were willing to over-look his private failings?

    Also, why hasn’t Wolf called for Marcel to resign, after losing PA’s electoral votes for the first time in 24 years?

    Let’s get rid of Daylin and Marcel in a package deal.

    I think the state committee should consider choosing a woman to oversee the party to replace Marcel, and leave Wolf out of the selection process.

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