10/13 Ups & Downs

Barletta gets a shoutout on national television, Pittsburgh gets an investment from Google, Mango sees western Pa. split, Wolf’s merger plans are sidelined, and soccer makes the headlines for the wrong reasons.  See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!




Lou Barletta. Congressman Lou Barletta got a shout out from President Trump during his event in Harrisburg this week.   The call out on national television will likely boost his name recognition and support from Trump voters.  



Down Arrow


Paul Mango.  Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango received bad news this week with the entrance of fellow Pittsburgher Laura Ellsworth into the Governor’s race.  Her entrance adds another western Pa. name to the ballot, possibly splitting the vote from that region between the two, making it that much harder for either him to win.  



Up-Arrow4-2 Pittsburgh.  Google executives chose Pittsburgh as the backdrop to launch their “Grow with Google” initiative and announced that it would be launching a “Google.org Impact Challenge Pittsburgh” to give $250,000 to organizations to improve Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.  The announcement brings positive coverage to the city as is continues to try to brand itself as the “Silicon Valley of the east coast.”



Down Arrow Tom Wolf. Governor Tom Wolf’s nominating secretaries of health, human services and drug and alcohol is a sad acknowledgement that his plan to merge those agencies has stalled for the foreseeable future.  Wolf also had to announce this week that Secretary of Pedro Cortes was resigning. The abrupt departure leaves a lot of people asking questions.   





Experimental Treatments.  Governor Wolf announced this week he would sign a right to try bill that would allow patients facing terminal illnesses easier access to experimental treatments that could help them.  



Down Arrow


Brendan Boyle.  Congressman Brendan Boyle went on a Twitter rant after the USMNT lost in World Cup qualifying saying he “couldn’t care less about soccer.”  Boyle continued to defend his comments after being called out for it.  Twitter and the media did not respond well to the comments.



Down Arrow USMNT.  The U.S. Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986, marking one of the lowest points for soccer in the program’s history.  Missing the World Cup prevents Pennsylvania native, and one of the best U.S. players possibly ever, Christian Pulisic from being seen at the highest level for at least five years.



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The tweet of the week goes to Johnstown Tribune-Democrat reporter Dave Sutor for his response to the USMNT’s performance.

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6 thoughts on “10/13 Ups & Downs”

  1. tommyd says:

    Why would you say a shout out to Barletta from Trump is a good thing?

  2. ConceredCitizen says:

    I must disagree with the Mango/Ellsworth “down arrow.” Considering that Ellsworth’ is a Democrat in Republican clothing it only strengthens his support among voters. If anyone thinks her entrance to the race will influence the female population you are sadly mistaken. Gender politics is offensive to modern women. Wagner is offensive to women voters, so turn that arrow UP for Mango.

    1. Power to the Sheeple! says:

      What are you talking about?

    2. The Mango says:

      I voted for Jeb Bush, a Hillary Clinton supporter has no chance.

  3. Adam says:

    No Down Arrow for Scott Perry making a fool of himself on TV, showing the world what an uninformed bigot he is?

  4. MontcoWatch says:

    Love Brendan Boyle’s soccer comments! He’s my new favorite Democrat.

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