12/15 Ups & Downs

Wolf decides not to release the Inspector General’s report on Stack to the public, public sector unions defeat a ‘paycheck protection’ bill in the house, Lisa Deeley takes over as the chair of the Philly City Commissioners, and Pennsylvania is ranked in the bottom five of worst run states.  See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!

Down Arrow Tom Wolf.  Governor Tom Wolf announced that he would not be releasing the Inspector General’s report on Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s treatment of staff and his police detail. For the first time, after maintaining such a distance from the mess, Wolf is now responsible for an objectionable aspect of it.


Public Sector Unions.  Public sector unions showed their strength in the state House this week, when a vote on a “paycheck protection” bill failed, with 102 votes against the bill, including 26 Republicans.  

Down ArrowScott Wagner.  State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner, who runs as one of the most conservative candidates, was targeted by the conservative group American Principles Project over his support of Senate Bill 974, which contains a provision for people to use the bathroom that best corresponds with their gender identity.  

Down Arrow

Bob Brady.  After most people assumed the investigation into Congressman Bob Brady was over, one of Brady’s top political aides plead guilty to related charges this week, reopening questions into whether be charged or not.  


Lisa Deeley.  Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley was voted the new Chair of the City Commissioners after her and fellow Commissioner Al Schmidt voted to oust Commissioner Anthony Clark from the role.  

Down Arrow

Pennsylvania.  A report from 24/7 Wall Street ranked Pennsylvania as the fifth worst run state in the country, ranking ahead of only Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  

Down Arrow

Philadelphia Parking Authority.  In two reports from the Auditor General’s office, it was learned that the Philadelphia Parking Authority cost Philadelphia’s public schools $78 million, and the reports contained a new record 117 recommendations.  

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The tweet of the week goes to The Liddell Group for getting the importance of coffee, not matter what.  

10 Responses

  1. Great Job Governor Wolf. #5 of the worst run states in the nation… Congratulations ranking ahead of only Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

  2. So when is this Inquirer story finally coming out? Why isn’t the press talking publicly about the worst kept secret in the state??
    Second worst kept secret in the state: Stack and his “parties” that he held at the Lt Guv’s Mansion. By coincidence all of the attendees were guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!!

    1. Angie L-

      My understanding is that the main legislator (there are about a half dozen) is fighting this tooth and nail with cease-and-desist or similar legal actions to try and stop the story.

      Hint #1: they aren’t going to work
      Hint #2: the harder he fights, the worse it’s going to be for him (particularly they way he’s fighting: Harvey Weinstein style)

  3. PoliticsPA is going to need a triple down arrow when the sexual harassment scandal out of Harrisburg breaks.

    Democrats and Republicans will be shocked at the names
    and especially the attacks on the accusers by one very
    yellow legislator and his hatchet man. It’s a disgrace
    letting these guys collect a paycheck, but at these
    incidents will become public knowledge soon enough and we’ll
    never have to tolerate this pr*cks again.

    Let me say quite clearly that their political careers have
    ended once the story breaks in the Inquirer and elsewhere
    around the state. While I would LOVE to publicly name the
    characters who are the worst of the lot, insiders have
    heard the names and know what’s going on.

    1. A lot of us have some idea of who you mean.
      Right now, there isn’t any public evidence.
      Enough will come out in the news later, I’m sure.
      Now is not the time to be coming to premature conclusions.

      Please consider the implications of your actions.
      Leave investigations to the journalists and experts
      Allegations like this can destroy careers.
      Too many people can be hurt if we’re not careful.
      The voting public will be able to judge for themselves soon.

      1. This needs to come to a head soon so we can all move past this embarrassment. It will be like taking a thorn out of a lions paw….Grrrrrrrr……

      2. Splatter-

        When a “lion” jumps into a thorn bush, he gets thorns in more sensitive areas than his “paw”. Probably better to put him out of his (and our) misery.

  4. Why aren’t all Inspector General reports made public? If you have to hide something about a useless position like Lieutenant Governor what would be released. It’s not like the Lt Gov had the Nuclear Codes……

    1. perhaps it has to do more with how the information in the report was obtained vs. the content of the report itself. Did the WolfPac crew cross a few lines of their own in their persecution of Mr. Stack? Someone needs to file an open records request ASAP.

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