4/25 Ups & Downs

Alleged FEC violations and plagiarism, a big newspaper endorsement and a new ad entertained us this week. See who all made the list.

Up ArrowAllyson Schwartz. The Congresswoman scored extensive earned media this week after she unveiled her new ad on MSNBC, touting her unequivocal support of the Affordable Care Act. She doubled down on this support in a press call, questioning where her opponent Tom Wolf stood on the landmark health care legislation. The move will likely help her in the primary where Democratic voters still support the law.

Down ArrowMarjorie Margolies. When the FEC investigates your campaign finances, it is a bad week. PA-13 opponent Daylin Leach filed a complaint with the FEC regarding Margolies’ spending, specifically that she knowingly and repeatedly spent general election funds during the first quarter of the year. While this won’t throw her off of the ballot, she likely won’t fare well in the court of public opinion and the FEC could fine her after an investigation.

Up ArrowKevin Strouse. This Democratic hopeful in PA-8 started his television ad campaign this week with a cute spot featuring his family, his military history, humor and even a little bit of substance jam packed into 30 seconds. His opponent, Shaughnessy Naughton, has yet to give any indication of when she will join him on the airwaves, so this may give Strouse a bit of a bump less than four weeks until the primary.

Down ArrowTom Wolf. His opponents on both sides of the aisle have been after him for weeks now, and this week, one may have found something that stuck. Schwartz’s campaign sent a press release detailing the passage from Wolf’s Fresh Start plan that was plagiarized from the policy of an engineering firm, Johnson Controls, Inc.. Wolf issued a statement of apology, assured people that it wouldn’t happen again and terminated the person responsible.

Up ArrowErin Molchany. The freshman State Rep. is locked in a primary battle with fellow Democratic incumbent Rep. Harry Readshaw and she got a few serious boosts this week. Keystone Progress is running an ad to promote her bid, Readshaw got scolded for running a misleading ad and then the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorsed her.

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. Every time we think that the scandal out of the failed Philadelphia sting operation has ended, we learn more details. You may remember several weeks ago when Kane nearly dared Philadelphia DA Seth Williams to take and prosecute the case if it was as solid as he thought it was. Williams accepted her offer, but now Kane refused to turn over the documents. Looks like Williams called her bluff.

Tweet of the week goes to Keystone Politics for this sassy gem.

9 Responses

  1. Anyone who is connected to MSNBC and the BO admin has no business holding ANY political office.

  2. @Lizzard
    It doesn’t play that way, even in the liberal press. Hence the down arrow. Rep Moderate is right about the narrative her actions support most.

  3. @Militant Republican Moderate, we had the “crooked” of Tom Corbett as Attorney General who took care of his friends like Waste Management, protected Jerry Sandusky, and prosecuted legislators for using state resources while he did pretty much of the same thing. Kane is still cleaning up his mess of which this sting was one.

  4. Kane is proving that the people that said she was not qualified to be AG were right. An assistant DA is a crooked backwater county is not qualified to be AG. We do not want the standards of Lackawana County spread to the rest of the State.

  5. Strouse ad is brilliant! it is incredibly smart because it grabs your attention and creates conversation. Kudos to his campaign!!

  6. It was much better than the adds that Naughton is running…oh wait she doesn’t have any money

  7. I’m a Dem who was excited to vote for Kane, to get a Democrat in the AG office and a woman statewide. I thought she was right to stop defending mini DOMA.

    However, she’s really stepped in it over this sting. I don’t claim to know what the truth is here, because I’m not a lawyer. But she’s really mucking it up.

  8. Some of your readers think the arrow on Kane is upside down this week. But, you nailed it: she bluffed, foolishly.

    They’ll probably just call you stupid or something else pejorative.

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