Berringer Jumps in Race to Challenge Stack

Aryanna BerringerAryanna Berringer is making it official, she will challenge Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack in the 2018 Democratic primary.  

Berringer tweeted out that she had filed her paperwork with the Department of State yesterday afternoon.  

In May, Berringer announced she was considering a run against the Stack.  Stack is currently under investigation by the Office of Inspector General after Governor Tom Wolf ordered the Office to look into Stack’s treatment of his security detail and staff in the Lieutenant Governor’s Mansion.

Berringer ran for Congress in 2012, challenging then Congressman Joe Pitts.  She is an Army veteran and currently an information technology project manager for Giant Eagle.

31 Responses

  1. Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway is running in the Democratic Primary for Governor against The Wolf Man !

  2. A primary challenge to the incumbent ticket..yet another sign that Tom Wolf is circling the drain? I think he would have a tough time beating Scott Wagner without all the drama, let alone with it

    1. I highly doubt that this will impact Gov. Wolf given that he has taken the high road on Stack’s self-inflicted wounds. As for circling the drain, Sen. Wagner has proven himself quite capable of that, himself.

  3. Wolf put her up to running. Bye bye Stack. But this doesn’t help Wolf. Stack will get his vengeance on Election Day in Philly. Scott Wagner is grinning right now.

      1. Ok – you’re right – that’s a terrible thing to say – she’s not sexy anyway – but sorry – Crazy Erin McClelland is super hot.

  4. Good Choice Aryanna and my polls are 1. Aryanna Berringer 75% Mike Stack 25% 2. Aryanna Berringer 70% Mike Stack 20% 3. Aryanna Berringer 80% Mike Stack 30%.

    1. I asked 5 Italians at the Polish Club in Scranton who the were voting for. They all said “huh?”. Looks like a landslide to me.

        1. Ever been there? The place is full of rats, all kinds. We don’t need no stinkin permission to invade a barroom. We bring in the bar flies, too.

  5. Interesting. I read that she lives in Murrysville. I’ve been involved in Westmoreland politics for some time now and I’ve never once met her, seen her at a democratic function, or even ever heard her name. If the politically active people in her own county don’t know her, she’s got a tough road ahead, but good luck.

    1. Typical sexist comment. Disappointed. Your comment doesn’t match your name “stand up democrat”.

  6. Berringer (note name change after marrying political operative Daren Berringer (his idea for her to run for sure)) is so out of her league and that is saying something when your competition is Mike Stack.

  7. My understanding is that another Democratic woman is planning to run for Lt Gov. I thought it a rumor, but was confirmed by a source I trust.

    I don’t think there has been official announcement or paperwork filed yet, so I don’t want to step on the rollout.

    I’ll just say that the number 12 is relevant as advanced proof.

    1. You mean twice loser Erin McClelland Diano? Lord I hope she doesn’t run. She’s awful. Now, this one….

      1. Yep. Last night, an unreliable source suggested she was running.

        I then checked with a reliable source:

        Q: “I heard a rumor tonight that Erin was running for Lt Gov.”
        A: “Not a rumor.’

        So, a three-way race, with Stack against TWO women who are both from the same 12th congressional district, favors Stack from a regional perspective. The women would likely tend to split both the female and western regional votes.

        Stack is also the incumbent. The more candidates there are, the better Stack’s position.

        1. If your “reliable” source is Pascal the rascal, then it’s either self important b.s. To make a little man look big or It’s an ordinary sales pitch because Erin has nowhere to go.

        1. She sounds like a video game character. Hopefully she crawls back under her parents huge, expensive rock.

    1. She’s an Army veteran! She literally took on the “big boys game” and you’ve never been invited to play. Sill boy.

      1. Actually, unless we are Asian or African rooted, we are all about 4 percent Neanderthal…and so what if she’s a veteran. They all came back from the Bush wars with that whiney disease…P.T.A. They got it from staring at goats.

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