Cook Charts PA Congressmen’s Support of Trump

Donald-TrumpThe Republican Party is still divided over their presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report broke down the various factions among the GOP congressional caucus when it comes to Trump. Wasserman was able to group the 247 Congressmen down into seven categories:

True Believers (14) – endorsed Trump by name before the Indiana primary

Eager Unifiers (66) – endorsed Trump by name after the Indiana primary

Reluctant Endorsers (59) – has endorsed Trump by name, with reservations

Non-Namers (48) – has stated support for the “nominee”, but not by name

Quiet Observers (27) – hasn’t made a definitive public statement regarding Trump

Hesitant Holdouts (20) – publicly undecided on whether to support Trump

True Skeptics (13) – has stated he/she will not vote for or endorse Trump

Reps. Bill Shuster, Tom Marino and Lou Barletta all qualified as “true believers”. Congressmen Mike Kelly, Scott Perry and Mike Fitzpatrick, are “eager unifiers”.

Rep. Joe Pitts, who is retiring, was a “reluctant endorser”.

Meanwhile, Congressman Ryan Costello is a “non-namer” whereas Reps. Glenn Thompson, Pat Meehan and Tim Murphy were put in the “quiet observers” column.

Congressman Charlie Dent is the sole “hesitant holdout” while there are no “true skeptics”.

10 Responses

  1. Hey mental patient – I have noticed that Ted Cruz got beat by a two-bit grifter with no experience, no policy positions and no intellect. LOL. What’s that say about your boy? And what’s that say about your party?

  2. DelcoDemwoman was the one who was all excited and supportive of Golderer, You know the guy who lost the Mary Ellen 74% to 265 in a primary he had 10 times the money and the DCCC backing.
    Mary Ellen has plenty of Chops and will take it to Meehan in the Fall.
    its funny how these fraud people hide behind made up names

  3. Pat Meehan is a quiet runner – running away from Trump as fast as he can. Wish Mary Ellen had the chops to nail him on it.

  4. Costello cried all the way home and vacated his convention delegate spot when it was clear Trump was the candidate.

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

    “Tim Murphy – Quiet Observer”

    Spoken just like a Liberal Republican! Lol. Too bad you don’t have a challenger. Maybe someone could of had a chance this time.

  6. if any one of the other 16 potus candidates had become the presumptive nominee two months ago, there would be no holdouts @ this late date

  7. Meehan and Costello are wimps…afraid to speak their mind… spineless and historically ineffective.

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