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DCCC: Fitzpatrick, Kelly and Perry Make List Of Initial 2020 Targets

The Democrats are now in the majority in the House, but have their sights set on flipping 33 more seats in 2020.

Yesterday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a list of 33 Republican controlled districts that they are hoping to gain control over.

Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks), Mike Kelly (R-Butler), and Scott Perry (R-York) were the three Pennsylvania representatives included in their initial 2020 list.

All three were reelected in November by 5 points or less to serve another term in Congress.

Kelly had the widest margin of the three, winning by close to 4.5 points over Democrat Ron DiNicola, but is also in the most Trump friendly district with the President carrying the new 16th District by 20 plus points in 2016.

Perry was reelected by defeating Democrat George Scott by just over 2.5 points in a district Trump won in 2016 by just shy of 10 points. Perry is the only of the three that is also being targeted by the DCCC in Facebook ads over the recent government shutdown

Fitzpatrick is the only three of the bunch to represent a district that Sec. Hillary Clinton won in 2016, albeit by a very slim margin. The Republican incumbent defeated Democrat Scott Wallace by just over 2.5 points.

Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation at the beginning of this session was locked even at 9 Democrats and Republicans each, but Rep. Tom Marino (R-Lycoming) resigned last week leaving one seat open until the May 21 special election date. The 12th Congressional District that Marino represented is a GOP stronghold that voted for President Trump by over 35 points.

This article was updated to correct the margin of victory in the DiNicola vs Kelly race.

7 Responses

  1. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and I went to High School together at Bishop Egan in Fairless Hills, PA. He has, is, and always will be a man of great integrity. He will represent his constituents fairly and will not force his views when they are in the minority.

    I’ve always known Brian to be a man who values the institution of law with the highest regard. I feel in a time of corruption in DC, regardless of his party affiliation (R), Brian will always be above reproach. I’m a Democrat and a disabled Combat Veteran (Army Captain), so I wanted to make my opinion known.

    A good man, even if he is a Republican, is better any day than an easily swayed Democrat. I can confidently say that Brian doesn’t look in the mirror and ever see a Republican, he sees a man who grew up in Bucks County PA and is true to what the people of Bucks County and PA need done in DC.

    Brian is an AMAZING representative and we’d be foolish to replace him.

    Fitzpatrick for 2020!!

  2. I don’t think any of the Dems running to replace Fitzpatrick in 2018 could have beaten him. Hoping they can find someone to run in 2020 with countywide name recognition. Possibly someone could come out of the 2019 Bucks County Commissioner race.

  3. Fitzpatrick’s seat was a Dem “lay up” last fall. A tidal wave was coming and the Dems picked the only candidate available Fitpatrick could defeat. This is political malpractice. How did the Dems lose this seat that Hillary won in a Dem 40 seat tidal wave??? God only knows. Hope springs eternal as a new cycle approaches and another chance arises.

    1. Simple answer is written in my comment above. I’m a Bucks Democrat. The Dems didn’t lose to a Republican (Fitzpatrick). They lost to the best man for Bucks, that’s it, Period!

  4. Yep, stupid western PA bigots still voting for Mike Kelly. When do they wise up? It cannot be because the economy is good, or the weather, or the schools.

    1. Kelly gets elected because Democrats aren’t responsible for the good economy, but they are responsible for our crappy public schools.

    2. Erie County voted 60-40 against Kelly but the rest of the district was too conservative to overcome. DiNicola would have been a fantastic congressman. Its a shame.

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