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DePasquale Mulls Next Step, Possibly Congress

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s main focus remains on his current position, but that isn’t stopping him from considering another run for public office.

DePasquale’s second term ends in January 2021, but the York County Democrat believes his record in Harrisburg can set him up for another possible elected office.

It was first reported by Alex Clearfield of the National Journal, whose sources told him DePasquale is “strongly considering challenging” Rep. Scott Perry (R-York) in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.

Today, DePasquale told PoliticsPA that he won’t rule it out – or a run for other office, like Governor or U.S. Senate in 2022. He said he believes the work his office has done has improved the lives of Pennsylvanians and said he wants to continue public service beyond this term.

“I want to continue my public service, over the next couple of months and talk to people what will be the best fit,” he said.

But he was open with his thoughts about Congress.

“Reform is needed in Washington D.C.,” DePasquale said. He cited his record of reform in Harrisburg and specifically stated that the economy has not been fair to the middle class and the opioid crisis needs to be better addressed by Congress as well.

“I believe at the federal level, the economy has not been fair to the middle class in Pennsylvania,” DePasquale said.

The National Journal report had all the hallmarks of a trial balloon, either from recruiters at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), DePasquale himself, zealous supporters, or potential opponents in 2022.

Perry bested Democrat George Scott in 2018 by a 2.5 point margin in the newly-drawn district, which is not as conservative as the previous 4th District he represented.

DePasquale said he plans to talk to his family, party leaders across the state and country, and activists about what would be best.   

“It would be fair to say regardless, we can get into which ones are meaningful, I value public service, I believe I still will have something to offer the public,” he said.

The DCCC has listed the 10th District as one of three seats the party is hoping to flip in 2020.

A number of statewide Democrats appear to be on a collision course for either Governor and Senate in 2022, which reports have included DePasquale, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, and Treasurer Joe Torsella.

On the same day the report leaked about DePasquale’s possible interest in PA10, the Pennsylvania GOP, which seldom has taken a swipe ad DePasquale in recent years, issued a press release criticizing the AG on his handling of the turnpike.

16 Responses

  1. Gene is in a tough spot. I get his ambition to keep “serving” a.k.a collecting a paycheck beyond 2020. There is no way Gene has a chance statewide against the more high-profile candidates who can actually raise the money to compete for Governor and Senator. I believe floating this trial balloon for Congress is being unfair to George Scott who came so close to defeating Perry in 2018. George should be allowed the opportunity to run again (if he chooses to) in a clear primary this time. Gene should not have passed on the Congressional run in 2018. George stepped up and almost won. I would venture to guess that George Scott actually has higher name ID in the congressional district and begins in a stronger position than Gene would in a congressional race. You could walk down the street in any town in PA except Harrisburg and York and ask 100 people who the Auditor General is and about 3 of them would actually be able to identify Gene DePasquale. Gene should pass on running for anything in 2020 and run for Congress or Lieutenant Governor in 2022.

  2. This made me laugh: “…DePasquale’s main focus remains on his current position…” Since he won the office, his main focus has been on getting in front of as many cmaeras and microphones as possible to advance his chances at higher political office.

  3. Shapiro will most likely have the primary to himself for Gov in 22. Depasquale can’t beat him there. Toomey won’t run for re-election in 22, but instead run for Gov. Open Senate seat will draw Fetterman, Arkoosh, Houlahan, Boyle, Lamb, Torsella, etc. Depasquale can win the 10th and is a better profile than Scott. As former legislator Depasquale can hit the ground running day one and with him there we have a better chance to hold a new seat after the 2021 redistricting.

  4. This is a bunch of bull. George Scott came damn close to beating Scott Perry in 2018. He should be allowed to have a clean shot at Perry in 2020 without Eugene (who finally figured out he can’t beat Shapiro for Governor) coming in “to save the day”. Let him run in 2022 if George doesn’t win in 2020.

    1. The AG’s got his henchman, Mike the Mall Cop out spreading rumors of false investigations against his opponents in 2022. Can you use state resources to effect the outcome of elections? I don’t think so

      1. I don’t think he is qualified to be King of England. But President is an office you don’t need to be qualified to hold, as Trump proves daily.

      2. Bob-

        First of all, the King of England is a figurehead, with no actual power. Second, it’s not an elected position.

        Third, President isn’t an office that is up for election in 2022.

        For, 2022, DePasquale could protect us from Josh Shapiro running for Governor. DePasquale could finally be the Dem candidate that beats Toomey. And, yes, he’d good candidate to flip that congressional seat.

        I’d MUCH rather lose (well, “fail to gain/flip”) that one congressional seat if we could flip Toomey’s Senate seat.

        Will there be redistricting by 2022?

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