Gleason Won’t Seek Another Term as GOP Chair

rob-gleasonRob Gleason’s tenure as Chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party will soon come to an end.

Gleason officially announced today that he won’t be seeking another term as head of the PA GOP. His statement highlighted the recent gains of the party.  

“Today, we swear in a Republican majority in the United States Senate including U.S. Senator Pat Toomey; a Republican majority in the United States House of Representatives including 13 Republicans from Pennsylvania; a Republican majority of 34 in the State Senate; a Republican majority of 121 in the State House of Representatives; and 53 county courthouses under Republican control,” he stated. “We are 17 days away from swearing in a Republican President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. I cannot think of a better time to celebrate more than a decade of working for the best grassroots organization in the country.”

“After my last reelection in 2013, I confided in my family, friends and closest advisors that this would be final term as Chairman,” Gleason continued. “I am very proud of the time and effort that I have invested to see our party be recognized as a model for the nation. We have fought against tough odds from voter registration, powerful special interests and an ever changing political climate to win key races year after year.”

Hopeful successors were already lining up to replace Gleason last summer. Chester County Chair Val DiGiorgio has so far made the biggest push to take over, even scoring the endorsement of Sen. Toomey, although General Counsel Lawrence Tabas is also running. There are indications that Gleason may actually prefer Tabas.

The election for the position will take place at the party’s annual winter meeting in Hershey on Feb. 4th.

10 Responses

  1. This substance is composed extremely well. Your utilization of organizing when mentioning your focuses makes your objective facts clear and straightforward. Much obliged to you. His Secret Obsession

  2. There it goes again- hahaha
    is loose. Ignorance, corruption, lousy performance, add racism and anti sfmtism- we
    have filth of Obama and so called progressive
    Dems. Gleason is Mither Teresa when contrasted with delusional Obama

  3. Speaking of surprised, if anyone wants to know what Hahaha looks like, look up “surprised” in the dictionary and you will find pictures of his face when Kathleen Kane was convicted and after midnight Election Day when MSNBC finally told him that Trump won.

  4. Ha. I guess willful ignorance would be the broad sweeping generalization to apply to the anti Republicans? You moron. You just posted a character assessment of the modern democratic party – especially in PA.

  5. Why are these people surprised? They are Republicans after all. So graft, ignorance, abysmal performance, lack of ethics, etc come naturally.

  6. Anyone who chooses the “John Galt” handle who isn’t a confused 15-year-old boy is making a pretty clear statement of his intellectual depth and moral character.

  7. Val would be horrible for the Party in my opinion. His shady dealings are very well known, including his wife or girlfriend, or both working for Shapiro. The only way he wins is because so many committee people are easily swayed and don’t do their homework. If anyone does their due diligence, they would see all of Val’s corrupt connections. I agree – Gleason was a train wreck.

  8. If Gleason prefers Tabas then I prefer Val. Gleason’s record on statewide races is abysmal. The only disappointing aspect about Trump winning PA is that this hack can take credit for that.

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