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Hacked Documents Reveal DCCC Plans in SEPA Races

democratic-donkeyAn international story has suddenly turned local.

According to Joe Uchill of The Hill, among the emails stolen by hacker Gufficer 2.0 (largely believed to be the Russian Government) were DCCC memos that concerned SEPA’s three competitive congressional districts.

They revealed that the DCCC desperately wanted Marian Moskowitz to be the Democratic nominee in PA-6 instead of Mike Parrish.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer even met with Moskowitz but to no avail.

“Please tell Moskowitz that the DCCC will be all-in on her candidacy,” stated Hoyer’s talking points to the former State Rep. candidate. “We will be there from day one to support her and help her build a strong campaign. DCCC is targeting this district but the current Democratic candidate (Mike Parrish) is not getting the job done.”

This report confirms that the Dems were in fact seeking another candidate in PA-6 around the start of 2016 which resulted in the short-lived Lindy Li experiment.

The DCCC also had difficulty in PA-7 keeping their chosen candidate Bill Golderer in the race.

“[He] has tried to exit the race several times. Please ask him to stop telling supporters or members about his plans to exit the race without a plan in place.”

Despite all of this, the hacks revealed no evidence that the DCCC favored either Democratic candidate in the PA-8 contest. This is surprising since it was both the party’s best chance at victory and a primary we were told they were interested in.

The 6th Congressional District consists of parts of Berks, Chester, Lebanon and Montgomery Counties.

The 7th Congressional District includes most of Delaware County as well as parts of Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster Counties.

The 8th Congressional District represents all of Bucks County as well as parts of upper Montgomery County.

13 Responses

  1. PhillyPolitico

    The math doesn’t favor the Dems in the most gerrymandered district in the history of PA. The GOP has a 65,000 voter registration advantage.

    But, Golderer wanting out and Mary Ellen wanting to stay in and fight the good fight just shows that she was more deserving of the nomination. Also, with her political involvement, background, knowledge and positions, she would be a better representative than Golderer (who, let’s face it, only had the DCCC’s interest so they could spend his money).

  2. When is the Philly Democratic machine and the DCCC going to stop trashing its own party? Relatedly, is Rendell ever going to shut up?

  3. Diano: On the other hand, Mary Ellen lost to Meehan by 24 points in 2014. So she can’t win either. I’m not saying Golderer was a great candidate; clearly he wasn’t since he was trying to drop out. But Mary Ellen can’t win either.

  4. PhillyPolitico-

    “The DCCC wants to get candidates who can win”

    The problem is that the DCCC doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Golderer had 5 or 10 time the money as Mary Ellen and got his ass handed to him 75% to 25%.

    1) They don’t know how to pick winners.
    2) They don’t listen to locals
    3) They don’t understand the local dynamics (only past election result thresholds that are not representative of any other year than the year they occurred, driven by other forces or unusual candidates)
    4) They want candidate with money that they can suck into the pockets of their friends.
    5) They pump up candidates, then abandon them the month before the election.

  5. Interesting items in the leaks:

    1) Costello is a RINO who worked for Moskowitz in 2014.
    2) DCCC admits to coordinating with the Emily’s List and, ironically, End Citizens United.
    3) DCCC still thinks that liquor privatization is unpopular.

  6. Democrats: the in-fighting stops when they’re all in prison. And we’re well on our way.

  7. Trump will make America great again, build a wall, and get rid of ALL illegals. And that is “The Tuth” …… wait ….. what’s that?

  8. Parrish is a Big Oil Republican, who only entered the race to make sure the incumbent was re-elected. DCCC and PA Dems too stupid to see the obvious. Why I left the Democratic Party…

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