Harper Poll: PA Doesn’t Want Refugees

syria292way_custom-ade1b7712443d957fcdace3a8bc4e16e97b493fe-s6-c30Pennsylvanians are reluctant to open up their arms to Syrian refugees.

Just 29% showed support for accepting refugees from the war-torn country, while three-fifths are against bringing them into the Keystone State, including 52% who strongly oppose the resettling, according to a recent Harper Poll.

The issue is becoming a touchstone for many GOP presidential candidates, with the rhetoric making its way through both parties at all levels of government. 50% of self-identified Democrats in the poll also oppose the move.

All five PA regions in the poll – Scranton/Lehigh Valley, South Central, Northern Tier, Pittsburgh/Southwest, Philadelphia/Southwest – are strongly against Syrian refugees moving to PA, the poll found.

PoliticsPA readers are narrowly against welcoming refugees, though Gov. Tom Wolf has opened his arms to them. States do not have control over immigration and resettlement policies, making much of the debate a moot point.

Harper Polling surveyed 546 likely Pennsylvania voters from November 18th to 24th. The poll has a +/- 4.19% margin of error.

December 1st, 2015 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Governor, Top Stories | 22 Comments

22 thoughts on “Harper Poll: PA Doesn’t Want Refugees”

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  12. Allahu Akbar, Right Dems? says:

    In that case Tommyd, I agree that the Islamic terrorists’ fear campaign drove this poll.

  13. tommyd says:

    Yes, it could be, “Truther.” What do you think terrorism is about?

  14. 9/11 Truther says:

    San Bernardino terrorists is a fear campaign too, right tommyd?

  15. tommyd says:

    The fear campaign worked.

  16. Colors Dont Lie says:


  17. Numbers don't lie says:

    The racist Democrats and Republicans who elected Obama must’ve been in this poll.

  18. The Lost Dutchman says:

    Harper is a bit skewed toward the Republicans (or at least they were in 2012), but I don’t think that alone explains a gap this big.

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