Inside Elections Updates PA-6 Ranking

Inside Elections updated its ranking for Congressman Ryan Costello’s (R-Chester) seat in southeast Pennsylvania.  

Inside Elections moved the district from ‘likely Republican’ to ‘leans Republican’ citing Costello’s challengers and the Presidential results from 2016.  

“The congressman cruised to re-election in 2016 even though Trump lost his district at the top of the ballot. But Democrats are enthusiastic about retired Air Force veteran Chrissy Houlahan, an executive of the And1 athletic wear company,” Inside Elections wrote.  

Costello currently holds a large cash advantage over Houlahan, having $897,000 cash on hand compared to Houlahan’s $383,000.

Costello’s seat was ranked as the most vulnerable in Pennsylvania in PoliticsPA’s Congressional Vulnerability Rankings, and was shifted to ‘leans Republican’ by Sabato’s Crystal Ball and the Cook Political Report.  

The race has been called a bellwether by the NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers earlier this year, and will likely see lots of national attention as 2018 gets closer.

10 Responses

  1. Costello: From Chester County, Houlahan: From California. Costello: Bipartisan, independent voice, Houlahan: Borderline Socialist.

    I mean, really. No brainer here.

  2. Chrissy Houlahan is a typical resume candidate that the Dems get excited about. She looks great on paper, but when it comes down to it, she doesn’t have what it takes to be a member of Congress. As this site has reported, she is yet to pick A SINGLE POLICY POSITION WHEN ASKED. Not even on healthcare. She will crumble as time goes on with the weight of the process.

  3. This is a joke. Costello is as balanced of a Congressman as you can get. He sides with Trump when 45 is making sense and makes good decisions about what policies he gets himself involved in. He is a young hometown guy with a nice committee appointment. He won by like 20% more than Trump in his district. I don’t know much about the woman here running against him, but unless shes Jesus Shuttlesworth, I don’t think she stands a chance.

  4. See the whole in the middle that appears to be surrounded, that is the whole city of Reading attached to the 16th. Previously, half of Reading was in the 6th and half was in the 16th.Before that virtually all of Berks County was in the 6th.

  5. What a beautiful gerrymandered shape of a congressional district that is. I know this site is run by a GOPer so he probably likes it. Anyway, Dems are never going to win or come to winning a majority of PA’s congressional districts until the PA GOP’s rigged congressional districts are thrown out and re-drawn in a way that is actually fair.

    I’m in PA-07, which along with PA-06, is one of the most gerrymandered districts in the nation. There really is no point in me voting for that seat every two years because the PA GOP has made it so that they are guaranteed to win. Yes, I do vote, but I know the GOPer & Meehan will win. If the maps were actually fair, Dems would have 2 seats in the Philly suburbs that they don’t have now because of gerrymandering.

    1. Maybe Democrats should come out and vote for State positions, who after all, are the ones that decide the shape of the congressional districts. The Congressmen who represent their districts have no say in it, all they can do is try to win.

      1. That doesn’t make much sense at all considering PA Dems have swept the statewide row offices two times in a row where there are no lines to worry about as well as winning the last governor race.

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