Labor Mobilizes for Critz GOTV

The messaging war is largely over and campaigns across the state are moving into GOTV operations: reaching out to supporters multiple times to remind them to get to the polls on Tuesday.

It’s here, on the ground, with pre-made lists of union members and other voters, that organized labor boasts its edge. And they’re going all out for Mark Critz.

Critz has enjoyed most of the momentum in recent days in his battle with fellow Rep. Jason Altmire. It started with an endorsement from Bill Clinton, followed by national Democrats’ unkind words about Altmire’s TV ads, and the campaign conversation turning on Altmire’s support for a Balanced Budget Amendment. A poll this week showed the race closing: Altmire 43, Critz 39.

Altmire isn’t sitting on his hands. His campaign is spending the next 96 hours calling the people who’ve supported him in the past – 6 years of data and feedback that includes most of the Democrats in the district. They’re hosting events at campaign offices from Beaver County to Westmoreland.

And he doesn’t need to gain ground, he just needs to avoid losing too much of it. Altmire started out with about 66 percent of the newly drawn 12th district. He can hypothetically give up 22 percent of his home turf, and gain zero votes in the new areas (Critz has 28 percent of the new district), and Altmire still wins.

That’s where labor comes in. They’re trying to cut the deficit. Critz has the support of every major union in the district. All those that have endorsed in the primary at all have backed him, except two locals.

What does it mean from a logistical standpoint? It means bodies on the ground. If the unions live up to their promises, tens of thousands of phone calls and thousands of door knocks from now until 8pm Tuesday when polls close. Not to mention, they’ll be handing out Critz literature

United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard met with Critz volunteers at the organization’s Pittsburgh headquarters to jazz them up for door-knocking and phone calls.

On top of the unions, Critz also has the continued support of Bowzer, who will remain in PA-12 through primary day. The Republican candidate is Allegheny County attorney Keith Rothfus.–ETrA

5 Responses

  1. This is who Critz is, he’s about helping big money in the Labor unions and celebraties, not his constituents. He should be able to stand on what he’s done not on who is supporting him. Notice actual everyday constituents aren’t coming out and that Washington and Greene Counties are glad to see him gone! People need to see who Critz really is

  2. Rdog hit the nail on the head. Altmire is always such a worm in everything he does. He has completely alienated the democratic leadership. He will never get a good committee assignment that could help the district. But I don’t get the PETA stuff, what are you talking about?

  3. Dear Dom: One Final thought. Since it is Saturday Night, if we put all the diverse people Altmire has betrayed in a bar, we would have a bar brawl that would take the Pittsburgh Police Riot Squad to break up. Imagine getting Colin McNickle, Jack Shea, Mother Angelica, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama to agree on anything!!! Only Jason Altmire could accomplish such a poltical feat by his continual Poltical Cowardice.

  4. Dear Donny: I understand some Labor PAC put a mailer out calling Lobbyist Altmire untrustworthy. WOW! What an understatement: Altmire has betrayed Labor, Seniors, Obama, the Clintons, and Pro-lifers. This is an incredible record that may soon reach Guiness Book of World Records proportions. By the way Donny, have you seen the PETA mailer?? I think you will love this one.

  5. Labor’s last stand; after this race they’ll go of the way of the Model T. Altmire 54% – Critz 46%.

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