Last Poll Before Election Day: Which Race Will Be The Closest?

In our last poll before the only poll that really matters, we are asking PoliticsPA readers which race they think will be the closest?

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Which race will be the closest?

  • Mark Critz vs. Jason Altmire (PA-12) (29%)
  • Kathleen Kane vs. Patrick Murphy (Dem. Attorney General) (25%)
  • David Christian vs. Marc Scaringi vs. Steve Welch vs. Tom Smith vs. Sam Rohrer (Rep. U.S. Senate) (21%)
  • Matt Cartwright vs. Tim Holden (PA-17) (16%)
  • Sue Means vs. Mark Mustio vs. D. Raja (SD-37) (5%)
  • Evan Feinberg vs. Tim Murphy (PA-18) (4%)

Total Voters: 861

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Thank you for voting in our last poll. Our readers believe that Mark Critz will win the Democratic primary against Jason Altmire on Tuesday.

Who Will Win the Democratic Primary in the 12th Congressional District?

  • Mark Critz (53%)
  • Jason Altmire (47%)

Total Voters: 555

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14 Responses

  1. Regarding the concern about voting for Tom Smith. Bottom line is that most people are on to him. And as to his polls, remember they were all his own paid for internal polls and he had to do the at least 4 times to get his numbers over 25%. If his polls were real and well documented,he would have published the questions, specifically where the calls were placed, no by saying block 1 or 2 etc and finally and most importantly, he would have published what are called the cross tabs. No only is he a life long democrat but he continues to be a lifetime phoney.

  2. If you want leadership in DC, and not just talking about it…vote for David Christian. There’s a reason that the other candidates aren’t going after him, but they’re going at each other. Lose all of that nonsense out there and make the right choice.

  3. Unfortunately most of the people who respond to this, remember I said most, are shills for their particular candidate so it is virtually.
    I’m not making a prediction except to say that it will be an enormous upset and an embarrassment to Mr. Corbett and his political henchmen.

    PS: as one writer stated, how in God’s name can anyone vote for a life long Democrat, Tom Smith or a guy who changes parties in 2005,voted for Barack Obama in the presidential primary in 2008 and in 2010 changed back to Republican? Sounds like shades of Arlen Specter.

  4. Here’s to the Tea Party phonies of 2012 Republican Primary: Sam Rohrer, Evan Feinberg, Steve Welch
    All get a big Bronx cheer. May we never hear from any of these fools again.

  5. Christian and Rohrer would be a breath of fresh air. I would be pleased with either one. Sam gets my vote because I have known and followed him for years (often lamenting the fact that I could’t have him for my Rep!) and appreciate his honest, blunt take on the issues. He has the knowledge and guts to stand up to the establishment in DC. But truthfully, the quality I appreciate about Sam the most is his humility. Never have I seen a candidate refuse to sling mud after being unjustly drug through the dirt himself. That’s a real gentleman. Wish all candidates would follow that example.

  6. How could this state possibly vote Smith after being a dem for over 40 years?! It’s absolutely mind boggling, beyond comprehension. Take a real hard look at David Christian. Getting this country back on track starts with the Keystone state, and it so badly needs the guidance of a Reagan Republican. My vote undoubtedly goes to Captain David Christian, and so should yours.

  7. Regarding Sam Rohrer…I give you Katy Abram’s deleted tweet from Friday morning:

    @katyabram: @MaxofthApostles I worked 4him that’s why I am not voting 4 him. Sometimes u learn about what people r really like after working w them 🙁

  8. Coupled with bad weather and lack of main stream media coverage, voter turnout will be less than 800k for the GOP. Which will make the US Senate primary a bit close. Smith 29% Rohrer 27% Welch 22% Christian 14% Scaringi 9%

  9. Christian in by a slight majority. People are fed up with the two Rino’s smacking each other around, a do nothing, career politician [Rohrer] and Scaringi, who is just there. The ONLY candidate that has a chance at sending Casey packing is Christian. A vote for anyone else will simply give Casey a free pass and we will have 6 more years of rubber stamping the Democratic agenda and God help us, four more years of Comrade Obama.

  10. Rohrer, Altmire, Holden, Kane, Mustio, and it should be if we lived in an ideal world Even Feinberg over Tim Murphy.

  11. I am seeing the grassroots effort in full-gear for Sam Rohrer for US Senate. This is the time where his organization kicks in. Money or GOP Establishment can’t buy it.

  12. The Altmire-Critz race is only close in the media’s and labor’s minds. On the ground there is zero buzz for Critz. Altmire by double digets.

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