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Morning Call/Muhlenberg College Poll: Wolf, Casey Lead All Republicans

Democrats hold the lead in the Gubernatorial, Senate, and Congressional elections, pointing towards possible gains in the midterm elections according to the latest Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll.  

In the poll Governor Tom Wolf leads all three Republican challengers Laura Ellsworth, Paul Mango, and Scott Wagner.  Wagner comes closest to Wolf trailing 47-31, while Mango trails 47-27, and Ellsworth trails 46-26. The poll did not do a heads up for the Republican primary.  

Senator Bob Casey also leads matchups against both Lou Barletta, 48-32, and Jim Christiana, 48-29.

Democrats also lead in a generic ballot for Congress 47-38.  Part of that may be in part from voters perception of the tax reform bill passed by Congress, which 39% approve of and 46% disapprove.  Voters are pretty evenly split on if they think the bill will increase or decrease their taxes, 25% say is will increase and 28% think it decrease taxes.  36% think it will have no impact on their taxes.

A majority of voters, 55%, disapprove of President Trump while 39% approve.  Wolf and Casey’s job approval ratings are both above water, but below a majority approving.  46% approve of Wolf while 35% disapprove, and 41% approve of Casey while 28% disapprove.

The poll surveyed 414 voters between April 4th and 12th using both telephones and cell phones.  Te margin of error is 5.5%.

16 Responses

  1. The numbers are baked for both races with equal spreads between Dem and Rep in both races. This is heading into a fiasco for the R’s this Fall. Muhlenberg polls are pretty solid. Good numbers. R’s have serious problems in their two top races with VERY WEAK candidates at the top two–Gov and Senate.

  2. With current political climate, if Ellsworth had more money she would be the bigger threat to the Gov, but Rs are supporting Wagner.

    1. You are right except for the fact that there is no evidence to support your claim. Oh, so wait I guess you are wrong.

  3. Madonna wants Barletta people to think its lost cause. These polls have no credibility. Madonna pushes own agenda.

  4. Gov. Casey died may 30, 2000 and you really think after 18 years people don’t know the difference. Or his son in elective office 22 years has left no impression of his own?

      1. what do trump supporters have to do with it? you said people confuse sr with jr. . .i’m sayin not so sure.

        1. John-

          A lot of the pro-life Trump supporter like Casey because they know Casey Sr was all-in for pro-life and feel Jr is like his dad.

          Also, Casey Jr made that sh*tty vote for the 20-week fetal abortion ban, based on the false claims of “fetal pain” at 20 weeks pushed by the anti-abortion crowd.

    1. The more interesting question is how many of those people are, for all intents and purposes, correct? At the end of the day, what exactly is the major policy difference between the two?

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