Obama To Campaign for Wolf and Casey in Philadelphia

A rally in Philly.

Next Friday afternoon, September 21, former President Barack Obama will join Sen. Bob Casey and Gov. Tom Wolf for a rally in Philadelphia.  

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party promoted the upcoming visit from the 44th President this morning in a press release.

Less than two weeks ago, the Casey campaign confirmed that Obama was going to make a trip to Philadelphia for a campaign fundraiser this same day.

Wolf’s GOP challenger, Scott Wagner’s campaign isn’t worried about the upcoming rally.   

“We welcome President Obama into Philadelphia to campaign with Governor Wolf as his multiple surrogate stops there in 2016 did wonders for the turnout gap between parties and ensured the election of President Clinton,” said Andrew Romeo, campaign spokesman.

Obama launched his midterm campaigning last weekend and plans to make the rounds this fall before November’s election.

Earlier this month, former Vice President Joe Biden joined Casey in Pittsburgh to fundraise as well as take part in the Labor Day Parade. This was the third year out of the last four that Biden participated in the Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade.  

During July and August, Barletta welcomed in Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump to Pennsylvania for rallies and fundraising events. During Trump’s August rally with Barletta in Wilkes-Barre, the President dubbed Casey “Sleeping Bob.”

“Barack Obama coming in to campaign for Bob Casey shows just how vulnerable Casey is,” said David Jackson, campaign spokesman. “Just like Bob Casey, Barack Obama hiked taxes, made the world more dangerous with his irresponsible Iran nuclear deal, created double-digit unemployment, and made health care exponentially more expensive.”

The Real Clear Politics average has Casey and Wolf leading by double digits each.

The time and specific location for the Philadelphia rally is still unknown.

The story was updated with comment from the Barletta campaign. 

14 Responses

  1. Corrupt-?an embarrassment to Nation and Presidency. A polarizing person who would divide us?
    It’s a thrill to have Obsma here-?more corrupt than Nixon-
    More incompetent than Carter,
    Still Obama really did help make a Trump possibly blue- with so many Americans repulsed at his arrogance and ineptness

  2. illustrative of your subtle bias is the claim that Barletta isn’t conducting himself decently; typical closet-lib

      1. Sklaroff-

        Look at a chart of the economy. Trump is trying to claim credit for Obama repairing the economy. Trump riding the momentum of Obama’s economy.

        The Trump tax cut to the top 1% is costing trillions in deficit, but in the short term acts like a temporary stimulus plan. Unfortunately, it’s a false bubble that will burst as the debt increases and international trade-wars stagnate the economy.

        1. Convenient that anything bad that happened in the Obama presidency was Bush’s fault. And everything good that happens under the Trump presidency is a result of Obama. That must be nice.

          1. John Fatterman-

            The economy in first year or so of a presidency is pretty much the momentum of the prior administration. Unemployment was exploding at 500,000 to 750,000 per month when Obama took office from Bush. It took the stimulus, time and good economic policy to turn it around.

            Trump has been riding Obama’s momentum, but the bill for Trump’s bad economic decisions are starting to reverse progress. The tax cuts targeted the top 1%, and are blowing a bigger whole in the deficit. This is going to screw up loans, interest rates, bonds, etc. It’s going to force budget shortfalls in needed areas and prevent needed repairs to infrastructure.

            Trump is trying to start a global trade war that is going to hurt US consumers and wipe out any economic gains.

  3. Good to see Obama back to his element. Never voted for him and don’t like his economics and some social liberalism … but he has/had a basic level of decent conduct …. hard to come by with the likes of Trump and Lou.

    1. illustrative of your subtle bias is the claim that Barletta isn’t conducting himself decently; typical closet-lib

      1. There’s nothing decent about white nationalism. The Southern Gentility, for all their genteel ways, were still a bunch of white supremacists.

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