PA-2: Brian Sims Appears to Be Running for Congress

There are several indications that State Representative Brian Sims will be running for Congress next year.

First, there is a photo of the State Rep. on Facebook suggesting that he is telling others he is making the jump.

Sims Facebook 

Even more significant, however, is a flier for a fundraising event scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 6th that PoliticsPA has obtained.

Sims Flier 

The event asked contributors to make their checks payable to the “Brian Sims for Congress Exploratory Committee”.

Sims is the first openly gay candidate elected to the Pennsylvania State Legislature and is a star among progressive Democrats. He has served the 182nd district since 2013.

He would almost certainly be running against Congressman Chaka Fattah, who was indicted on 29 criminal counts last July.

Several other Democrats have already announced that they’re running against Fattah in the April 22nd primary, including Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon and Philly Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff.

The 2nd district is a D+38 seat, so the winner of the Democratic nomination would essentially win the seat.

30 Responses

  1. I would urge Brian NOT to run. This City only has 2 1/2 congressional districts, and the 2nd is heavily African-American in population. We have been served by a string of pro-gay African American congressmen in the 2nd, from Bill Gray (one could even say Robert Nix before him) to Lucien Blackwell to Chaka Fattah. Indeed, the City would not have gotten the first gay rights bill passed in Council in 1982 without uniform and passionate support from African American members of Council. The City already has a white Congressman in a black district (Bob Brady) and it seems politically farfetched for a white state rep who doesn’t even live in the 2nd to run for this seat. Get a grip, Brian. Read up on some Philly history and try to value and enhance the LGBT-AA political alliance that has been so critical.

  2. The post on October 2, 2015 at 4:31 p.m. was not me either, but I am, in fact, a bottom. How much of a bottom? Let’s just say that you should buy stock in AstroGlide.

  3. Sims is a good at increasing public awareness of issues, however, he is neither a good lawyer nor a good legislator. Some attribute the failure of SB/HB 300 entirely to his inability to understand the legislative process. He is better suited to running a non-profit that creates public awareness about issues he cares about.

  4. Look, now I need to set the record straight. First, you all know that I am a flaming queen and, therefore, worship the ground that Sims farts on. But, second, I also get a little confused about “imposter posters.” Two, joe hoefels, two Larrys, etc. It just seems like some people need to muddy the water that way. Speaking of muddy water, I’m posting from the shitter after having Mexican for lunch and the air is getting pretty rancid. So, I gotta go!

  5. For the idiots (that means you Larry)-

    Joe Hoeffel is a former congressman and Montco commissioner, and lives in Abington. Since he is a well know political figure, he certainly has the right to set the record straight when a poster appears to be using his name, especially in a way contrary to his views.

  6. Ok, Joe, you can call me by my middle name that I have tried to hide for years, “Osmund.” Your post is indicative of the same strain of narcissism many of us sense in Brian Sims. All hail to you both. Enjoy your forced retirement.

  7. I guess there are 2 Joe Hoeffel’s making comments of here … Popcorn anyone? I agree with the first Joe Hoeffel’s comments and the second Joe Hoeffel from Abington’s comment is hilarious. Joe Hoeffel from Abington, can there not be another Joe Hoeffel anywhere in the world? I know a Joe Hoeffel but he’s not from Abington … too funny!

  8. waaaaa, you think I care about gay marriage? I think the appropriate question is, now that we have “marriage equality” (a silly pc term), what does Brian Sims do? He’s a one-trick pony.

  9. lol @ MTG’s comment. Seriously, now that we have marriage equality, what does he do after Kim Davis disappears?

  10. Brian Sims has made a mockery of elected office. There is no one more impressed with Brian Sims than Brian Sims. We desperately need ethical statesmen in Congress, not egomaniacs who use political office to draw attention to themselves vs paying attention to the duties of the office.

  11. This is Joe Hoeffel of Abington, PA. I did not send the comment to this story about Brian Sims. This posting is a fraud, like other postings from “joe hoeffel.” I like and respect Brian Sims and I wish him well.

  12. not sure what his credentials are beyond being gay? i am pro-lgbt but i dont think this guy is a good legislator

  13. The event is scheduled for Tuesday Oct 6th.

    As of tonight, there is no committee for Sims on file with the FEC posted on their website.

  14. David Diano- I totally disagree. I live and work in center city. The event was a success, and even though the merchants may whine, the pope hasn’t been to philly in 36 years. Deal with it, and you’ll make it up next summer when the democrats are here to party. From a practical point of view, sims has no experience running anything, let alone overseeing a city hosting the pope. I’m not a huge nutter fan, but he did ok, and a do nothing spotlight hog like sims is a joke if he thinks he’s the answer to the fattah question. Again, sims is more noted for fighting with his own party members than for challenging republicans in Harrisburg to change anything. And racial politics in the 2nd would make nutter a better fit, and I think most folks in the second don’t care that business was off during he popes visit . IMHO, I thought seth Williams would be a great fit for fattahs seat, until he recently imploded.

  15. Wow. Mr. Sims is a widely respected Pennsylvania legislator whose expertise candor and insights will bring a refreshing bulk of justices to the United States Congress and to Pennsylvania. I read about him in Portland Oregon where I live. He’s engaged in putting standards and regulatory processes where they belong because it’s the right thing to do. And that includes funding Pennsylvania responsibly. Bravo Mr. Sims!

  16. Really? Sims thinks he is qualified? I am pro LGBT but these are the only issues that Mr. Simms has been pushing. I would really like to see what his knowledge base is in other issues.

  17. Pavoter-

    After the Pope police state, complaints from businesses, and lies about how great the turnout was, Nutter would be lucky to get elected dog catcher.

    Dan Murdoff, leader of the 9th ward is already one of the candidates, and resides in the district.

    If Sims is looking to advance his position, he’d have a better shot knocking off Larry Farnesse for the first Senate district seat, as his house district has the most Dem voters of any other house district in that Senate district, and Brian’s 5th ward contains more Dems than Larry’s 8th ward within the Senate district.

  18. Dino- Sims practiced law at a small boutique firm in philly for a coue years and jumped out of that pretty quick, to go do some bogus admin job at the philly bar association. Don’t make him sound like a really good attorney. He’s best at promoting himself, end of story. He’s not even that popular in his own district, and pretty unpopular in Harrisburg. If fattah is going down and nutter wants the seat, it’s his.

  19. Brian Sims is a second term PA House Member. He is also a sucessful attorney. He is very smart and competent. He would represent Philly well in the US Congress.

  20. Other than being gay, which is totally cool and thankfully increasingly less noteworthy, what is the appeal or agenda of this guy? I mean, really.

  21. Brian lives in the 1st Cong district. That does NOT preclude him from running. Congressional candidates can live in any PA district and run for any other district.

    (And, Sestak ran despite living in Virginia, because no one made an issue of it.)

  22. This is the same guy that made up a story about a long time elected official and later deleted the comments he blasted on Facebook. The issues of our time are too great to send this clown to Congress or back to the State House.

  23. Great, now he can do nothing on a larger stage! *blows down your door with a shotgun* “HEY EVERYBODY, I’M GAY, DID YOU KNOW THAT?!!”

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