PA-8: Naughton Named “Game Changer” by WCF


Shaughnessy Naughton, candidate for PA-8, counts being a chemist and businesswoman among her accomplishments. Now, the Women’s Campaign Fund has opted to name her a Game Changer for her current, and potential, work as a politician.

“Shaughnessy is a chemist with a background in breast cancer research and drug discovery who gave up her career at Wyeth to jump in when her family’s small business was struggling,” the WCF explained. “Shaughnessy cut her pay in half to save the company and her employees’ jobs, and now owns the business.”

The Game Changers program entails national recognition, and names “forty women running across the country who just might change everything.” Naughton is the second Pennsylvania candidate to be added after physician Val Arkoosh of PA-13 received the same title last week.

“Pennsylvania could be left without any female Representatives,” said Clare Bresnahan, Political & Programs Director for WCF. “Shaughnessy represents the chance to not only have another woman in office, but to have a scientist and small business owner who understands the needs of struggling middle class families. Shaughnessy has spent her life fighting for progressive values, and will bring her background in breast cancer research and small business to the House floor.”

The WCF has backed Naughton for quite some time, announcing their official endorsement in September of 2013.

“Women’s Campaign Fund has been with me since early in my campaign, and I am proud to have been named a Game Changer,” said Naughton. “Women and families in the Eighth District need a Congresswoman who will stand up and fight to create jobs, invest in infrastructure, and technology, and improve our schools. In Washington, I will be a game changer who is not afraid to stand up to special interests and big corporations to do what’s right for middle class families.”

Naughton has received endorsements from several women’s rights organizations along with the WCF, including the Women Under Forty PAC, the National Organization for Women, and Emily’s List.

Naughton is running in PA-8’s Democratic primary against veteran Kevin Strouse. The May victor will take on incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) come November.

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  1. Yeah Naughton would be a “game changer”except for the fact that Naughton has neither the resources nor the intelligence to win. Naughton is an airhead whose desire to run was motivated by campaign staff who clearly do not understand politics. She has no understanding of the policy process and lacks any experience that qualifies her to be a member of congress. Her attempt to run is an insult to the Democratic party, the country and anyone concerned about serious governance. She is an embarrassment to anyone who aspires to public office and anyone who thinks that PA deserves better. If she had any kind of loyalty to the Democratic party or any interest in advancing sound policy she would not have run against a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who is a serious candidate with a great deal of experience in government; She should not be a member of Congress she has no qualifications to do so and the fact that she thinks she can win is evidence of her political in experience

  2. I think she has a solid shot. She knows the issues but she’s not as sound-bitey as Strouse. They have virtually the same platform with a handful of exceptions…

    Also, not really sure where she “attacked a vets service”

    At any rate it’s going to come down to whether or not she can get on the air at the end and/or run an effective mailing campaign. I wish the 13th had these two running instead of the clusterf*ck that’s there now…

  3. Normally I do not comment on congressional articles but after reading the comments I would like to say that Shaughnessey seems like a nice person who has literally no idea what it means to be a member of congress

  4. @PAVoter that would be true about Naughton if you believe that vision is saying you are a women (who doesn’t actually live in bucks county and whose claim to fame is that she is a scientist…where is the MA or PHD) and that experience is a complete lack of understanding how policy is made and no record of public service. I would to again quote Bucks guy saying Naughton has ““….the political instincts of a donkey…” but I think that is giving Naughton and her campaign team way too much credit…donkeys have brains to I would say they have the political (and lets be honest policy) knowledge of a rock or anything that has no brain but that honestly skill might be a generous assessment of Naughton

  5. Shaughnessy has both the vision and experience necessary to be a great member of Congress

  6. I previously said “The Republicans would rather have Kevin as their opponent than Shaughnessy because she grew up here and runs a business here.” but after a watching the most recent debate I am convinced that Naughton is not a very good candidate; She does not have a very strong grasp of any policy issue and she attacked a Veterans career in public service; that is just not the kind of person who should be a member of Congress

  7. Breaking News from the Naughton campaign: We still have no chance to win but the sky is blue and women like us

  8. she could beat strouse. he’s all gab no substance. neither candidate has articulated strong positions on any issues aside from party-line BS.

    the reason the ‘woman’ thing is being played up so hard now is probably because that’s one of the few actual differences between her and strouse’s platforms/candidacies…

  9. It’s funny how SN’s defenders like to mention that she grew up in Bucks County, but ignore the fact that she lives in Philadelphia. What a joke.

  10. Yeah Usually the best way to win an election is to have a campaign with the resources to win and a candidate who actually understands issues the Naughton campaign lacks both

  11. The Republicans would rather have Kevin as their opponent than Shaughnessy because she grew up here and runs a business here. They have done their own polls. The key is turn out. Democrats out number the Republicans in voter registration. Convincing Democrats and Independents to vote for Shaughnessy is in their interest and not for Fitzpatrick will be key to victory.

  12. As a successful business woman, with over 30 years in the healthcare industry, it is insulting to intelligent women that the WCF suggest we support Naughton because she is a female. “….has spent her life fighting for progressive values…” Really? Doing what?
    If the WCF watched her debate Strouse at BCCC they would have learned that she lacks depth, knowledge, and in the words of BucksGuy “….the political instincts of a donkey.”
    Strouse by 20%…. then on to November to defeat Fitzie.

  13. We need politicians who will represent women in Washington. Fitzpatrick doesn’t and votes no to women. He can’t even support the Leadership of the Girl Scouts while strongly supporting the Leadership of the Boy Scouts.

  14. Yes as a Ive said a billion times before Shaughnessy is a women, small business owner and chemist so beyond that does anyone have suggestions?

  15. That is not fair Shaughnessy has a chance at winning its not a very good one but she is a woman and that important for some reason so yeah she should be elected not because she understands stuff but she is a woman

  16. If she is such a game changer why is her campaign so pathetic that she hasn’t even gotten the endorsement of EMILYS List I mean some on does she have any political judgement I mean there is not a snowballs chance in hell that she can win the primary let alone the general

  17. And someone (who doesn’t work on Naughton’s campaign oh wait they probably do) will include something like “I know this district as well as Mick Fitzpatrick does and he’s afraid of me” BUT it should be “I am full of shit or I have the political instincts of a donkey because if I think that I have a chance at winning in November I am high as a kite”

  18. Shaughnessy Naughton running for congress is an exercise in stupidity. She is a person of little accomplishment who seems to think that saying she is a women every day means that she should become a member of congress. When she can articulate a real reason for why she should be in congress great! I suspect she or someone else will respond to my post saying she “a small business owner, chemist and women”

  19. Ok Naughton campaign we get it she’s a woman and thats why she should be in congress and is the strongest candidate (is she also a small business owner and scientist? I wonder hmm…) because of course god forbid the anyone on the campaign talk about what you want to do in congress

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