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PA-8: Santarsiero Unveils Slew of Endorsements

santarsieroIt begins.

Just hours after Shaughnessy Naughton announced her candidacy for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, as well as the support of former Gov. Ed Rendell, her opponent State Rep. Steve Santarsiero released a lengthy list of his supporters.

A State Representative since 2009 and before that a Lower Makefield Township Supervisor for six years, Santarsiero has deep connections in the district.

In an attempt to skirt the divisive 2014 primary, Santarsiero highlighted his support from backers of both Strouse and Naughton two years ago.

“Steve Santarsiero will have the entire Democratic network behind him. He is a candidate people are really excited about,” said Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia, who supported Strouse in 2014.

“As one of Shaughnessy Naughton’s earliest supporters for the 2014 cycle, I know her to be smart and capable with a genuine passion for the environment and policy,” Doylestown Borough Council President Det Ansinn stated. “That being said, Steve Santarsiero is my candidate for 2016. I’ve known Steve for more than a decade and have seen him put his words into action. I am thrilled that he stepped up to the plate for 2016”.

“Steve Santarsiero hasn’t just talked about the issues,” Bucks County NOW President Helene Ratner asserted. “Steve has put up the tough votes in Harrisburg to show that he is willing to take a stand on the issues that matter most like women’s reproductive rights, environmental protection and LGBT rights. I was proud to help him secure the support of the National Organization for Women and he will continue to have my support in 2016.”

“I’m honored to have the backing of so many local leaders from across the district,” Santarsiero responded. “Bringing people together to get the job done is what my career has always been about – and it’s good to see what working in my campaign for Congress as well.”

The full list of Santarsiero’s endorsements is included below:

Congressman Bob Brady

Fmr. Philadelphia Controller Jonathan Saidel

Fmr. Congressman Peter Kostmayer

Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia

Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro

State Senator Matt Smith

State Representative John Galloway

State Representative Tina Davis

State Representative Matt Bradford

State Representative Madeleine Dean

2012 PA -8 Democratic Nominee Kathy Boockvar

2014 PA-8 Democratic Nominee Kevin Strouse

Bristol Township Democratic Committee

Doylestown Mayor Ron Strouse

Doylestown Council President Det Ansinn

Doylestown Council Member Joseph Frederick

Bristol Borough Councilman Greg Pezza

Falls Township Supervisor Bob Harvie

Falls Township Supervisor Jeff Dence

Bensalem Councilman Bryan Allen

Yardley Boro Council President Joe Hunter

Morrisville Borough Council President Nancy Sherlock

Morrisville Borough Council Vice President Fred Kerner

Newtown Township Supervisors Phil Calabro

Newtown Township Supervisor Jen Dix

Northampton Supervisor Dr. Kimberly Rose

State Committeewoman Pam Janvey

State Committeewoman Stephanie Fineman

State Committeeman Jordan Yeager

Bucks County Democratic Committee Vice-Chair Glynnis Tihansky

143rd District Democratic Committee Chair Bill Ritter

29th District Democratic Committee Chair Brian Munroe

18th District Democratic Committee Chair Karen Downer

Lower Southampton Democratic Club Chair Sean Hoffman

Plumstead Democrats Chair Charles Beebe

Newtown Democrats Chair Dennis Fisher

Hilltown Township Democrats Chair Katherine Macaulay

Bridgeton Township Democrats Chair Michael Doyle

Warrington Democrats Chair Kayma Sherman-Knuckles

Lower Makefield Democratic Club Chair Mark Moffa

Lower Makefield Democratic Club Vice-Chair Karen Vander Laan

Lower Makefield Democratic Club Treasurer Zachary Rubin

Doylestown Democratic Committee Vice-Chair Susan Gordon

Warminster Township Democratic Organization Acting Vice Chair Patricia Boyle

Fmr. Centennial School Board Member Michael Monaghan

Candidate for Lower Makefield Supervisor John Lewis

Candidate for Newtown Township Supervisor Mark Joseph

Candidate for Warminster Township Supervisor Katherine Frescatore

Newtown Township Committee Person Charles Goren

Newtown Borough Committee Person Sally Thompson

Newtown Township Committee Person Patricia Fear

Newtown Township Committee Person Edward Valenti

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Fred Childs

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Joanne Lewis

Warrington Township Committee Person Stuart Marc Cohen

Buckingham Township Committee Person Robin Rosenthal

Hilltown Township Committee Person Laura Rivera

Northampton Township Committee Person Gregory S. Hill

Doylestown Borough Committee Person Randee Block

Bensalem Township Committee Person Sharon Derr

Middletown Township Committee Person Fran Fried

Middletown Township Committee Person John Toth

Lower Makefield Township Community Organizer Robin Stelly

Middletown Township Committee Person Evelyn Throne

Bristol Township Committee Person Kathleen Siry

Doylestown Township Committee Person Cathleen Schlager

Springfield Township Committee Person Cara Simonetta

Wrightstown Township Committee Person Katherine Bartholomew

Warminster Township Committee Person Raymond Regan

Warminster Township Committee Person Mark Greiner

Doylestown Township Committee Person Samuel Kolodney

Doylestown Township Committee Person Madeline Rawley

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person David Auslander

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Markus Barth

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Arthur Cohn

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Alan Dresser

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Connie Gruen

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Jerry Gruen

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Phil Lewis

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Paul Roden

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Linda Schmid

Lower Makefield Township Committee Person Christian Schwartz

Newtown Borough Committee Person Marvin Cohen

27 Responses

  1. Susan, I’ll reference what the good irishman below me mentioned: “Democrats fall in love, republicans fall in line.” If there’s one thing that’s true in politics, it’s as much as the Republican Endorsement controls the day, the democratic endorsement does not. Those committeepeople mean nothing. Let’s see what Shaughnessy does.

  2. Although Santarsiero will be a very worthy opponent, he will be defeated! The last thing the 8th Congressional District needs is another Pat Murphy “Clone” sitting in OUR seat in Congress! Rest assured that the Tea Party is alive and well in the 8th Congressional District and we’ll work our butts off to make sure NO DEMOCRAT wins the 8th!

  3. Sean Ryan best politicspa prognosticator is back! Don’t worry everyone else get ready for 2 years of comments where DiGirolamo is up by 15 then 20 then 25 then 30 then 25 then 20 then 15 again

  4. Mike F,
    DiGirolamo is a farmer who connects with the rural central portion of the district. He has a huge pro-life rating. The NRA gives him a 100% rating. Most importantly, his strong relationships with the Labor unions will destroy any democrat challenger.

    He is by far the only person that can destroy Santarsero as easily as Fitzpatrick would.

    Let us also remember that it was Gene DiGirolamo who stood out as the opposition to Tom Corbett’s rightwing agenda.

    Instead of winning Bensalem by 2700 votes like Fitzpatrick, he would win it by 5000 votes. Areas of lower Bucks that have been historically democratic strongholds will vote for DiGirolamo and crush ant opponent. But the most important thing to remember, Democrats fall in love, Republicans Fall in line.

  5. Robbie,

    Fitzpatrick disgraced Strouse and the only reason Strouse was able to climb above 35% of the electorate was Wolf carrying him.

  6. Why does Shaughnessy’s voter registration list her as a resident of her parents’ house? Why does her campaign manager live there too?

    From what I’ve heard, she actually lives in Philly.

  7. Well there should be some state senate races in 2016. Maybe Naughton can get offered one of those, refuse it and then after she loses in the primary she can demand that the democratically nominated candidate step aside.

    Doesn’t matter which district. She’s happy to change her voting address.

  8. Any thoughts on what Shaughnessy will try to run for when she loses this primary? My bet is on State Rep or Mayor this time

  9. Every voter wins by every challenged race, primary or general. I don’t live in 8, but I know both Naughton and Santarsiero to be true friends of the environment and working people. Dems win either way, and who knows? With this extremely rare thing known as “a challenged PA Primary” (yes, it does exist), perhaps issues might get addressed. Or, at least the voters have the chance. Imagine that.

  10. When you have a long list of your opponent’s former supporters ready on the day she announces, I’d say that’s rather impressive.

  11. The list might not be “impressive” to outsiders, but it shows Steve has already secured much of the committee support that is going to matter for the endorsement, and supporting him at the polls–which, in a primary, matters.

  12. What a joke! Committee persons? Are you kidding me? Have you ever heard of QUALITY over quantity? This makes him look like a fool. Hey, forgot to list his neighbors and school teachers!

  13. Gene is a nice man, but his strength as a candidate is being vastly overstated by some of the people commenting here (who are either not from Bucks or are scared Bucks Republicans). He has not had a real race in years — if ever — would not have the support of his party’s base and would lose support among Republican women in the center of the county on issues like choice and gun safety.

    As for Santarsiero, he’s the only Bucks Democrat who has consistently won Republican support, he has had a series of tough races that have boosted his name ID and he’s not afraid to hit back harder when he’s attacked. It’s why the BCRC is scared. Oh, and as to the reference to his loss when he ran for county commissioner, remember, he came close to winning in a municipal election year when Democrats don’t vote and before he had a real base. He has the base now and, I may be going out on a limb here, but I think Democrats will turn out in 2016.

  14. 2010: Pike vs. Trivedi
    2014: Strouse v. Naughton

    Generally it seems when candidates are competing for and publicizing *committee people endorsements*, it isn’t a good sign for the viability of the winner in the fall.

  15. Sean Ryan:

    You mean like you are at the top of “Who’s Who of Terrible Prognosticators”? (Yep, it’s “Who’s Who” rather than “Whose Who” – go back to elementary school to learn the difference)

    I remember a year ago when you predicted Tom Wolf was “wasting money and…will fizzle out in a few weeks, by late March” because McCord was strong due to PSEA support and a statewide support base.

    How did that work out for you? I’ll give you a hint: now we call him “Governor Wolf” (what a waste of money, huh?); Wolf beat McCord by more than 40% (that really is fizzling out, huh?); McCord came in 3rd place out of 4 candidates (McCord’s PSEA endorsement must have been worth a lot, huh?); Wolf won all 67 counties, beating McCord by a lot in each county (great statewide support base, huh?); and McCord will be lucky if he avoids spending the next few years in jail rather than the Governor’s mansion.

    So before you make predictions and mock others for having lost elections, maybe you should think about your own terrible track record on predictions.

  16. Gene DiGirolamo will beat Santarsero or Naughton by 15%.

    This list of “endorsements” is nothing more than puffery. It is smoke and mirrors and won’t bring in large sums of money like that of Ed Rendell.

    I would also point out that there is a “whose who” of failed countywide candidates.

  17. Jerry S., if DiGirolamo is the candidate then Santarsiero, even in a presidential year, will lose by a good margin. Probably not as bad as Boockvar, but by enough that’s an embarrassment.

  18. with presidential turnout, Santarsiero could win this race. Naughton has no chance no matter how good the turnout is for the dems.

  19. 2012 PA -8 Democratic Nominee Kathy Boockvar

    2014 PA-8 Democratic Nominee Kevin Strouse

    Both of whom got beaten like a drum.

  20. Republicrat-

    The next 2-year term for congress would start AFTER his current 2-year term as state rep was over. So, really not an issue.

  21. Yes, let’s all take a page from Det’s example and remember what not to do, which is nearly destroy the party by over the top support for a loser like Naughton.

  22. Nothing like announcing your candidacy for another office just minutes after being sworn in for the term that you were just ejected to!

  23. These two shouldn’t count against her, as it was a foregone conclusion they would not support her:

    2014 PA-8 Democratic Nominee Kevin Strouse
    Doylestown Mayor Ron Strouse

    However, the list is very impressive. I applaud Det Ansinn for his respectful treatment of Naughton, unlike many of the others who are slamming her. He has “street cred” as strong supporter of her run last year, and he’s not saying anything bad about her now. He feels the Santarsiero is more experienced and stronger candidate. That is a fair/reasonable position.

    Det has been long rumored as a candidate for the seat himself, so he’s given the job some thought.

    Whether Dems support Santarsiero or Naughton, they should take a page from Det’s example.

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