PA-Gov: Corbett Releases Radio Ad (AUDIO)

Tom-Corbett-portrait-loresGovernor Corbett is out with his latest radio commercial today, a one-minute spot that takes aim at several of his Democratic opponents.

The premise of the ad, titled “Ding Dong”, is that all of Pennsylvania’s voters ring your doorbell and ask you to decide who their choice for Governor should be. While that’s not the best concept in the world, it does allow the narrator to get to the point, disparaging the history of various Democratic candidates.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz is recognized as a liberal who voted to raise taxes over 60 times. Then they turn to John Hanger, who is painted as a looney liberal who wants to legalize marijuana, there’s even a helpful “cuckoo” sound effect in case you missed the point.

The ad then focuses on Rob McCord and Tom Wolf, who are identified as multi-millionaires who want to cut Medicare by $715 billion (this claim concerns the candidates’ support of Obamacare which proponents assert reduced waste in the program rather than cut funds).

Finally, the voiceover ends by listing the accomplishments of Governor Corbett during his time in office.

“Our opponents have run to the extreme left of the electorate trying to win this primary,” the Governor’s campaign manager Mike Barley stated. “From higher, job-killing taxes, to the proliferation of illegal drugs to their unwavering support of President Obama and his hallmark legislative disaster Obamacare, they are proving every day that they are out of touch with hardworking Pennsylvanians.”

Interestingly, the ad suggests that the Corbett campaign believes Allyson Schwartz is their most likely opponent. They chose to lump her in with the most liberal candidate in the race, John Hanger, and only dealt McCord and Wolf glancing blows by comparison.

It’s highly possible that this focus will change given the new polls showing Wolf in the lead. The ad also completely neglected some top-tier candidates like Katie McGinty and recent entrant Jack Wagner.

To listen to the ad click here.

5 Responses

  1. Corbett doesn’t talk about katie mcginty in the ad she either got a great track record or her polling numbers are real bad.

  2. After listening to the ad ……Figures don’t lie but liars…….from…..

    America’s Most Vulnerable Governor: Unapologetic and Undeterred
    Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett faces a daunting path to re-election.-US News

    “Pile up the statistics and it becomes easily apparent why he’s earned the brand of America’s most vulnerable governor.”-USNEWS

    “Just 1 in 4 registered voters in Pennsylvania believe he deserves another term, including less than half of his own party. In December, he earned his worst-ever net approval rating in the Quinnipiac University poll. And that number was generous compared to another fall survey which tracked his approval rating all the way down to 24 percent.”-US NEWS

    “The large field that’s assembled to oppose Corbett could be seen as a referendum in itself.”

    “And yet, Corbett remains obstinately undeterred and perhaps somewhat unwilling to accept his predicament.

    He issues no regrets for the policy moves he’s made nor grants any apologies for the verbal slip-ups that have exposed him to a perpetual political whipsaw. In most cases, he reverts to the fail-safe tradition of blaming the media for misrepresentation, exaggeration and obfuscation.”-US NEWS

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