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PA-Sen: AFL-CIO Launches Anti-Toomey Online Ad Campaign

Toomey AFL-CIONow, it’s labor’s turn.

After a Democratic and a Republican Super PAC each put money into the Pennsylvania Senate race, the AFL-CIO is also joining the fray.

The AFL-CIO will be running anti-Toomey ads on Facebook. Those ads will then redirect people to petitions demanding that Senators strengthen the Voting Rights Act, support infrastructure investment, reform the tax code, and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Rick Bloomingdale, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, declared that Toomey “fails to stand up for working Pennsylvanians. Whether he’s supporting bad trade deals that destroy our jobs or allowing billionaires to pay lower taxes than nurses and teachers, Senator Toomey leaves working people out in the cold.”

The ads are part of a larger group that will be also targeting the Senate races in Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin.

These latest ads come as a recent PPP poll showed Pat Toomey with only a one point lead over challenger Katie McGinty, 40% to 39%.

6 Responses

  1. You need to do an information ad exposing his claim to have initiated back ground checks in Pa. When I became a principal in a charter school in Phila. I had to have FBI, state criminal and child abuse clearances in the year 2001. Well before Toomy was in office. This is a lie and needs to be exposed.

    J. Goulding

  2. I disagree with the old maxim that early polls don’t matter. In a race like this one with Toomey and McGinty with all the money pouring in on both sides daily the polls matter a lot! Why else constantly spend??? This race will be defined by the savy of the candidate and how flawless they run campaigns because the big bucks spent on media sort of negate the media as does the Trump and Clinton Show negate the media in the Senate race. There is no way media is going to be a factor in the Toomey/McGinty race….and in the final analysis, Toomey has run a smarter campaign while McGinty has tripped up on dumb things like claiming to be the first one in her family to go to college. Advantage Toomey.

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