PA-Sen: McGinty Launches First General Election Ad (VIDEO)

McGinty is shifting to the general election but she isn’t changing her message.

In her first TV ad of the campaign’s second phrase, McGinty is still emphasizing the fact that she is the ninth of ten children.

The thirty-second spot even begins with her naming all her siblings. In fact, the title of the commercial was “siblings”.

“All ten of us raised on a policeman’s salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess,” McGinty states. “Imagine trying to do that today.”

“With Washington looking out for the favored few, I’ll bring a different point of view to the U.S. Senate,” she continues. “Working-class roots and the mother of three, I’ll put middle-class families ahead of Wall Street.”

McGinty concludes that it’s “your turn to get ahead.”

She is running against incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey in the November 8th general election.

21 Responses

  1. My husband has a hard-on for HaHaHa. He is a latent homosexual. And he is OBSESSED with HaHaHa. I have started divorce proceedings.

  2. Bungy aka HaHU aka Brett COTT aka FaFaFelon

    Just curious why your mom had to teach you growing up because you couldn’t go to a regular school. Leporsy, Chinese Rot, Big Bulbus bald head wouldn’t fit in doorway.Hmmm special Ed? Nothing wrong with that would explain your fascination with trolls, clown cars and posing as a women and homosexual hater. Wow, no wonder you turned out to be a convicted felon and theif.


  3. Casey has no plans to do anything. That’s why he wins. He’s Mr. Milquetoast.

  4. It’s funny that Repubs are so afraid of Bob Casey. He’s almost as invisible as Toomey – but of course nobody beats Invisible Pat.

    Don’t worry UR, unless Casey gets off his ass and does something over the next couple of years, he might not be the candidate your guy loses to in November 2018.

  5. “Bungy” is an infrequent commenter who Hahaha can’t stand and so steals his handle. He won’t use his real name with me because I embarrass him every time he tries.

  6. Unsanctioned R (etard) is just a pathetic troll. Do not respond substantively. Just call him names. He will lose his shit (as always).

  7. You guys have cute little made-up names for everything your shriveled up brains are afraid of. What or who is Lurch?

  8. Nope, I just remember Toomey popping his head out of the foxhole long enough to introduce something he knew wouldn’t pass.

    Toomey is my MUSE: Most.Useless.Senator.Ever

  9. Montco, Remember that big comprehensive gun reform debate everyone had on Casey-Manchin?

  10. Pat Toomey? Isn’t he the guy who got elected in 2010 and then disappeared for six years?

  11. I heard Pat Toomey just has the chambermaid go to the bathroom for him and sex is beneath him

  12. Katie’s parents had an active sex life and weren’t into birth control which totally means Katie is the person who I want representing me. Such a refreshing message. Go Katie!

  13. She had to share one bathroom with all those brothers and sisters.

    I’m convinced! She has my vote! No need for any substance! IT’S TIME FOR A WOMAN!!!

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