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PA-Sen: NRDC Targets Toomey in New Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

Senator Pat Toomey is feeling the heat from environmental groups.

Sen. Toomey is being called out on his opposition to the new Clean Power Plan rules announced by the Environmental Protection Agency last month. The plan establishes the first-ever national standards to limit carbon pollution.

The National Resources Defense Council released a new TV ad urging Toomey to back the plan.

“More kids are suffering from asthma,” a narrator states over images of abandoned swings, bikes and pools.

“And we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children,” the thirty-second spot continues.

The commercial then hammers the Senator for voting against environmental measures in Congress and taking money from polluters.

“Tell Sen. Toomey to vote for the Clean Power Plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn’t be a right but playing outside should be,” the narrator concludes.

As detailed by Laura Olson of the Morning Call, these ads were done in partnership with other environmental groups like the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. The goal is to target Republican Senators who stand for reelection this upcoming year, including Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

According to David Goldston, Director of Government Affairs for the NRDC Action Fund, “Sen. Toomey is a focus because he is from a state where the public supports action on climate, and yet (he) has been opposed to any real action.”

“Sen. Toomey supports clean air — what he doesn’t support is a radical proposal that would greatly jeopardize Pennsylvania’s 36,000 coal jobs, and increase the price of electricity in Pennsylvania by up to 14 percent, all for minimal environmental impact,” Toomey spokesman Steve Kelly responded.

Recent polls from PPP and Quinnipiac suggest Pennsylvanians support the EPA’s plan.

6 Responses

  1. As one of Toomey’s constituents I’ve been repeatedly disappointed by his voting record. He says he cares about certain things but when you lmactually pay attention, his voting record is in direct opposition to his words. He does not represent my values or the values of many I know yet he pretends like he does. And as far as the EPA Clean Power Plan rules, it’s just one more thing I stand in favor of that he cites ridiculous reasons to oppose. He doesn’t care about Pennsylvanians, or their jobs. He cares about the Koch Brothers agenda.

  2. Linking CO2 and fossil fuel power to asthma is a flat-out lie. CO2 doesn’t cause or aggravate asthma. Conventional pollutants from fossil fuel power are down dramatically over the last 30 years per EPA, see

    Sierra Club and NRDC will say anything to support their misguided agenda. Senator Toomey is smarter than that.

  3. Here Here! Toomey has no concern about environmental issues. The litter is piling up along our roads faster than you can say Impeach Obama yet Toomey cares less about the filth. But just to be fair neither does any other politician be it local, county or statewide. They enjoy the slum look.

  4. Guess jk uses a wood stove to coke on and bike to get around on…plus good old candles to read her fiction novels by

  5. Just last month the EPA caused more damage to the environment than any private industry. Why should Toomey want to give them any more power?

  6. It’s not only environmental groups that are upset by Toomey’s opposition to the Clean Power Plan, most Pennsylvanians support the EPA’s plan and so should Senator Toomey!

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