PA-Sen: NYT Criticizes Toomey as “Profile in Cowardice”

Pat ToomeyThe paper of record took a shot at PA’s freshman Republican Senator today.

The New York Times published an editorial, titled “The G.O.P.’s Surreal Diversity Show”, that critiqued Republicans who have been supportive of the Trump campaign.

“If the Republican Party wants to escape the Trump undertow, it will be up to others to repair the distrust and anger,” they wrote. “So far they have been profiles in cowardice. The House speaker, Paul Ryan, plus Republican senators and Senate candidates — John McCain in Arizona, Joe Heck in Nevada, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Rob Portman in Ohio — are all supporting Mr. Trump while strenuously trying to change the subject. Marco Rubio, in Florida, is running for re-election talking about algae blooms.”

Sen. Toomey has indeed been critical of Trump over the past few months. Nevertheless, on several occasions the Senator has also pledged his intention to “support the nominee”.

Whether Toomey brings Trump closer or pushes him away will be one of the more fascinating questions for the rest of 2016.

19 Responses

  1. Jared, all you have to do is read the NYT editorial board’s own words and how they flip their opinion multiple times on the exact same issue depending on the party in power.

  2. Toomey has a hard time with decisions. He really only good at obstructing. I think when the Koch Brothers tell him what to do they write it down. I like the comparison of Toomey to a garden gnome. Toomey in 51/2 years in the Senate has done nothing for average middle class voters in Pennsylvania that a garden gnome couldn’t do. In November throw the garden gnome out into the landfill .

  3. one needs only look at his commercials to realize he is a man in search of principles…I am conservative but I want to expand federal education mandates??? I am confused

  4. The NYT is located in NYC. As a Pennsylvanian living large in the very rural northern tier, I don’t give a damn what the elites at the NYT say or think. If they had any sense whatsoever, the fools would not be living like ants in an anthill in the Godforsaken NY metropolitan area.

  5. I’m shocked that the NYT has an unfavorable view of Senator Toomey. BTW, they don’t think much of Donald Trump, either. So our Senator is in pretty lofty company. Of course the NYT is never wrong about anything. Also and equally true, a squadron of fifty pigs is at present flying in tight formation over my home.

    The NYT: WABOA!!

  6. Unsanctioned R aka Brett COTT aka HaHU aka FaFaFellon

    Well if you’re hung up on spelling than content than good for you.
    However you spell it Brett COTT is a convicted felon and theif who uses the word troll a lot and has questioned my spelling. Sounds like you may be him Brett can you explain why you couldn’t go to a regular school growing up. Maybe some learning problems and mommy had to teach. Anyway, Baldy keep posting and keep being OWNED

  7. I appreciate the help from the conservative trolls, but with spelling like that, no thank you.

  8. Bungy aka HaHU aka BRETT COTT aka FaFaFELON

    You know Brett my spelling was never that good but what was wrong with you that your
    Mom had to teach you. Hmmmmm…. Learning disabilities maybe……Oh Ok that
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  9. Oh look!! A pathetic RETARD troll coward coming to the defense of a garden gnome coward!


  10. How do you measure diversity in GOP? First, you have old white men who oppose Trump, such as Cruz and Bush and Kasich. Second, you have old white men who are fence-riders like Toomey and other cowards. Third, you have the fat white men who are true-believers, like Chris Christie pretends to be, as he grovels for a job, and includes law and order Rudy and loser Scott Walker. That is all there is to diversity in today’s GOP.

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