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PA-Sen: PPP Poll: Toomey 41% McGinty 38%

Pat-ToomeyA newly released survey by Public Policy Polling (PPP) has GOP Senator Toomey with a slim 3 point lead, 41% to 38%, over Democratic challenger Katie McGinty in PA’s senate race.

The poll also found that over 1 in 5 Pennsylvanians still are undecided about the Senate race.

This roughly confirms what a Quinnipiac poll from May showed, a very tight race.

This survey was conducted just after McGinty was caught making false claims about being the first in her family to go to college.

Another reason for McGinty’s team to fret is that the poll found much more party unity for Toomey. Republicans back Toomey by a 70-12 margin, McGinty leads 61-18 among Democrats. Just like Hillary Clinton, McGinty will have to work to unify her party after a contentious primary.

Toomey also has a significant lead among Independents in the new poll 41-26, though one-third of independents have yet to make up their minds.

Both candidates have horrible approval/favorability ratings. Only 29 percent of voters approve of Toomey’s job and only 26 percent have a favorable view of McGinty. 41 percent disapprove of Toomey’s job and 34 percent have a negative view of McGinty.

In good news for McGinty, two-thirds Pennsylvanians still want to see Merrick Garland get a hearing. A majority of Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans all supported confirmation hearings.

Furthermore, 45 percent of respondents said that opposing confirmation hearings, as Toomey has done, would make them less likely to vote for that candidate.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,106 registered voters from June 3rd to 5th. 80% of participants, selected through a list based sample, responded via the phone, while 20% of respondents who did not have landlines conducted the survey over the internet through an opt-in internet panel. The margin of error is +/- 3.0%.

5 Responses

  1. Let’s not forget that Pat Toomey was a leader of the effort to default on our National Debt in 2011. That he was also a key player in the Sequester, which has been done away with.

    Also, that Mr. Toomey has a fanatical belief in tax cuts – he doesn’t particularly care what government services will suffer – the “Club for Growth” nonsense. This is the same thing that Sam Brownback is doing in Kansas – with very bad results.

  2. “Furthermore, 45 percent of respondents said that opposing confirmation hearings, as Toomey has done, would make them less likely to vote for that candidate.”

    Weak analysis. The crosstabs show that Obama voters are driving that 45% number. They weren’t going to vote for Toomey anyway. Only 28% of voters who voted for someone else or “can’t remember” say that it will make them less likely versus 19% who said it will make them more likely.

  3. When Trump makes a campaign swing through PA, Toomey will hide and be nowhere in sight. Because Toomey is a coward. And, yeh, Trump is an ass.

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