PA-Sen: Q4: Fetterman Raises $158K, Just $131K COH

FettermanJohn Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock and Democratic Senate candidate,  has turned in his 4th quarter campaign fundraising numbers.

Fetterman didn’t officially announce his candidacy until September so he had some ground to make up in campaign fundraising efforts.

Top-Line Numbers

Fetterman’s FEC report for the fourth fundraising quarter, which lasted from October 1st to December 31st of last year, shows that he has raked in $158,028.

The campaign has spent $170,280.75 leaving him $131,671.79 cash on hand and no debts.

Additionally, there were no loans taken out.


So far Fetterman has received a total of $1,000 from Paul Costa for State Representative and $100 from Friends of Andrew Stober. The candidate contributed $1,410 to himself and and received nothing from Political Party Committees.

Fetterman received $155,486.69 of individual contributions, $79,754.85 of which were greater than $200, and $75,713.84 from contributions of $200 or less.

The candidate got just $1,150 of PAC money, $1,000 of which came from State Rep. Paul Costa. The rest was given by 2015 Philadelphia City Council candidate Andrew Stober.


The campaign’s expenditures have mostly been on campaign facilities, events, staff payroll and ads.

Fetterman paid Acres NYC, a content development firm, $25,517 to produce his campaign ads. Additionally, like all Democratic campaigns, they’re paying $2,250 to NGP Van for access to the party’s database.

Finally, the Fetterman team spent $50,000 for digital ads from 270 Strategies.

9 Responses

  1. note that most of Fetterman money comes from 11 donations made by his relatives who each gave $2700 in Q 2015 and again in 1Q 2016. rumors reported by news media in 9/15 that stated he had hired notable campaign manager John Hynes ( who managed nutting’s and de Blasio’s campaigns…) Fetterman’s recent youtube attacking mc Ginty for denying she took oil and gas money is very well done.. and true.

  2. Steve, if that’s what you’re getting from reading those finance reports you really need a new calculator. And are PAC donations bad things when they come from unions? Here I was thinking Dems supported unions. I guess that’s not what the Fetterman campaign is about.

  3. I think you’re wrong Regina. Hillary thought she had it wrapped up too. The unique thing about this race is that the winner only needs 34% percent of the vote.

    If you take out PAC donations, double maxes that are off limits in the primary, and out of state contributions, McGinty is barely outraising Fetterman.

    Nobody actually likes her and is only registering because the party is pushing her hard. We know how that worked out for Jeb Bush.

  4. PA Dem is correct. As good a guy as Fetterman appears to be (by all accounts), if he can’t increase his COH by AT LEAST a factor of 10 very, very soon, his message will never be heard.

    For example, I follow this stuff closely, and I can’t yet tell you what either he or McGinty say they offer better than Sestak. And she has twenty times his cash.

  5. If Fetterman had delayed his announcement by two weeks, it would show him raising a very respectable $300,000 in the quarter which is the same amount as Sestak.

  6. I think this a error:

    $2,250 to NGP Van for access to the party’s database.

    I think that’s just for the reporting software. The party charges $50,000 for the voter database part (Sestak forked over that much last April).

  7. Fetterman raised a little less than half of the guy whose been running for this office for 6 years. Not a bad start.

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