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PA-Sen: Q4: Toomey Raises $1.9M, $9.6M COH

Pat-ToomeyIn the political world where money reigns supreme, Sen. Pat Toomey holds a substantial lead over his three Democratic challengers.

Toomey’s re-election campaign raised $1.9 million over the last three months of 2015, bringing the junior Senator’s cash on hand to $9.6 million, Laura Olson of the Morning Call reports.

Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign raised less than half of what Toomey raked in over the quarter, just $980K. The former Chief of Staff for Gov. Tom Wolf now has $1.2 million to spend before the April 26th primary.

Democratic frontrunner Joe Sestak had $2.4 million in cash on hand at the end of September, while John Fetterman brought in a solid $168,000 in his first weeks in the race.

The Toomey campaign received 27,590 contributions in 2015, with 85% of those under $200, campaign manager Peter Towey wrote in a Jan. 7th email to County GOP chairs.

Full FEC financial disclosure reports are due Jan. 31st.

11 Responses

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  2. bobguzzardi–your empty headed statement that bipartisanship is another word for “selling–out” is what is wrong with wing nuts like you. This country was founded on compromises. Go brush up on history, imagine if our founding fathers had your intellect. I shudder when I think of it.

  3. Pat Toomey abandons and betrays his Tea Party and Pro-Life grassroots base who elected him in 2010.

    In a spirit of bipartisanship (another word for “selling-out”), Senator Pat Toomey joined with Democrat Bob Casey to “blue-slip” two of Obama’s Planned Parenthood judges. And, in December, Pat Toomey presses for confirmation. Disappointing: Pat Toomey makes Donald Trump look like a social conservative.

    After Facing Questions on Abortion, Obama’s Judicial Nominees Fail to Advance

    FTA The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding up two of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees for federal judgeships in Pennsylvania.

    In particular, some Republican committee members weren’t satisfied with either Colville’s or Younge’s answers about the ability of states to regulate access to abortion.

    Neither nominee initially addressed questions of abortion directly, saying instead that the controversial Roe v. Wade decision is “settled law.”

    Colville, a judge on the Court of Common Pleas for Allegheny County, indicated to the Judiciary Committee that he supported the precedent established in Roe v. Wade. Then, asked if unborn children have human rights, the judge responded, “Probably yes, but only in certain respects and manners of speaking, not all.”
    Younge received questions about endorsements he received while running for the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia. While a candidate, he sought support from Planned Parenthood’s political action committee.

    In December, a Toomey spokesman told a Pennsylvania newspaper that the senator “has spoken directly with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to emphasize the importance of getting these judges confirmed as soon as possible.”

  4. League of Dirty Coal Plants:
    I get what you are saying and totally agree with you! I see big dollars coming her way!!

  5. McGinty’s revolving door to $$$, I couldn’t disagree more. It is energy companies who should “power” campaigns, that’s what they do!

    That’s why we’re supporting Katie McGinty, cause she knows which side her bread is buttered on.

  6. Sue is correct. When you represent corporations, not people, money is no problem. But money may prove not to be the main factor in several election contests this time. Big bucks Bush not doing well, while Trump spent little and is doing great. And, Bernie raised a lot from small donors, as has Sestak. The bigwigs still fund our corrupt campaign finance system, but wouldn’t it be great if voters begin treating campaign ads like the phony commercials they really are. It’s time for public financing, of course. It was really hilarious seeing an outside group recently spend a million or more trying to make Toomey look like he was good for veterans and smart on defense issues–all as a counter to Joe Sestak. These ads–looking like an act of desperation on behalf of Toomey–were a waste of money! Veterans were not fooled by Toomey’s propaganda.

  7. Getting money is never a problem when you are a reliable rightwing vote.
    Actually representing your constituents instead of your donors …..not really a Toomey thing.

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