PA-Sen: Roll Call Proclaims Toomey’s Seat is A “Race to Watch”

Pat ToomeyLess than two weeks after Sabato’s Crystal Ball called Toomey’s seat a “toss-up”, Roll Call has deemed the Pennsylvania Senate race as one to watch in 2016.

According to Emily Cahn of Roll Call, a central question of the race will be whether Toomey can appeal to the political center. The Senator is a strong fiscal conservative, at one time serving as President of The Club for Growth.

What makes the race all the more interesting is determining the Democratic nominee. As of today, only Joe Sestak has tossed his hat into the ring, and his support has been lukewarm.
The other major factor in the Senate race is that 2016 is a presidential election year. Pennsylvania hasn’t voted for a GOP nominee since 1988, so Toomey has to attract split-ticket voters in hopes of winning.

It should be noted, however, that Arlen Specter was able to win re-election in 1992 and 2004, and Rick Santorum won a second term in 2000, despite the top of the ticket going blue. Sen. Toomey hopes to replicate that feat.

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14 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Roll Call Proclaims Toomey’s Seat is A “Race to Watch””

  1. SFx says:

    That’s very deceptive the way you call the Republicans the tea party . I think the pelpoe have spoken once again. We need to establish the restored United States of America . Drive the Nancies and Barnies out they have been rejected!Well I have to go now George W is on Oprah and his book just hit the stores. TTLY.

  2. Jim says:

    Toomey wins if the Democratic candidate is Sestak but not by a comfortable margin. If the Democratic nominee is a centrist candidate that person will win by a healthy margin. Toomey is too much of a right wing radical to represent this state.

  3. Honest Abe says:

    Prediction: Toomey will win by a comfortable margin.

  4. Reasonable Rep says:


  5. From the burg says:

    Obama has done a lot for this country. His face should be on Mount Rushmore. The US has had a good year by any measurable standard so Obama deserves a victory lap.

    Obama is the brightest American President facing the crappiest Republican government since the the esteemed FDR was in office. As others have said,

    Lincoln had no economy in total free fall to deal withwhen he took office, FDR had no immoral wars to inherit and wind down when he took over in 1933.
    Obama had all of the above to battle when he took over in 2008. With no help from a deadwood opposition party of creeps and losers. Who stood by as idle obstructionists who told Joe Biden the ‘GOP Leadership” said they were to say no to everything, and stay on the sidelines just collecting a paycheck all these years. Read Robert Drapers Book on the House of Representatives.

    Obama has accomplished a tremendous amount despite so many idle and downright toxic Republicans.
    By every quantifiable standard, we are doing great. That is why very conservative Forbes asked “Economically, Could Obama Be America’s Best President?”
    Barack Obama has turned it around. MILLIONS presently have jobs now –they had no hope of employment 6 years ago. When Obama came into office, the U.S, was hemorrhaging 700, 000 jobs per month, with total job losses accumulating in the zillions. Far too many people were facing ruinous medical bankruptcies if they possessed pre-existing conditions– even if insured. Pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition.
    Gas prices were soaring daily. More small businesses were failing every other week. Credit to business was impossible to get. The U.S. auto industry was near extinction. Soldiers were dying in the Middle East because Bush had freudiandaddy issues yet hired his dad’s war-mongers as his cabinet and advisors.

    Global economic catastrophe was staring us all in the face.
    And after 6 years of Obama it is just the opposite. People are saving 70 cents a gallon or more on gas.
    This president has rescued the American economy with nothing but opposition and disparagement at every turn. He’s beyond incredible considering all he’s been up against.
    Best. President. Ever

  6. From the burg says:

    Tired of right wing extremists with a foot in the 19th century who will let this Republican Party further hurt the poor and disadvantaged, and let the banks once again destroy the economy and get yet another tax payer bail out.
    Republicans are dangerous to us all. Can Democrats remember to get out the vote and stop with the apathy????

  7. jim says:

    Toomey is putting on his 2016 election face and nothing more. He’s a right wing zealot and always will be. He was one of seven Tea Party Senators that wrote to their House counterparts during the debt ceiling legislation debacle several years ago and urged them to vote against the measure. For those of you that have political amnesia this caused the country’s credit rating to be lowered and eventually led to the government shutdown that cost the country $25 billion. Yep he’s a fiscal conservative only when it serves his twisted ideology.

  8. tommyd says:

    Gee, Bleed Green, I didn’t know Wall Street was in Pennsylvania!

  9. Bleed Green says:

    Wow we are so lucky to have a Senator Toomey. He fights hard for PA. He seems to be one of the few grownups in the Senate. Thank you Senator!

  10. New_Liberal_Lion says:

    “Militant Moderate Rescumlican” a definite contradiction in terms.

  11. Sue says:

    By voting for the cromnibus, he showed he is representing the banks and the polluters, not his constituents.

  12. Militant Moderate Republican says:

    By voting for the CRomnibus Toomey has indicted that he is concerned about governing. This appeals to centrist voters and separates him from the bi-partisan wack job coalition of Warren and Cruz.

  13. Ready for Josh Shapiro says:

    Help recruit Josh Shapiro for US Senate and elect a Democratic majority in 2016!!

    Like us at

  14. David Diano says:

    There are 24 GOP seats and 10 Dem seats up in 2016. There are a bunch of them in states that Obama won.

    So, any state that Obama won could be vulnerable for the GOP Senate.

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