PA-Sen: Toomey Attacks McGinty in New Commercial (VIDEO)

Pat Toomey is shifting his strategy.

At least a little bit.

While his campaign’s TV ad, titled “Choice”, still accuses McGinty of lying to Pennsylvanians, it also makes the case that he is independent in a way he is not. This line is likely the result of recent trends in the presidential contest.

“Katie McGinty started her campaign with a lie about being the first in her family to go to college. And it’s been one lie after another about Pat Toomey,” a narrator begins.

Sen. Toomey then appears and delivers the second half of the thirty-second spot.

“Clear away the mud and people have a choice in this election,” he states. If you want a partisan rubber stamp, then Katie McGinty is for you. But if you’re looking for someone who stands up for taxpayers and public safety, then join our campaign.”

13 Responses

  1. I had a homosexual affair with Pat Toomey when I was 28. For $100,000, I’ll give you the whole story! By the way, he ain’t that big! Hee, Hee!

  2. Stay focused on her support of illegals and Toomey will carry the entire state except Philly, which he loses anyway. He needs new campaign chief, too scattershot and nothing sticking.

  3. Toomey is slow…all he needs to do is show a picture of Katie with Kathy (Kane) and voters will get the message in 10 seconds

  4. Is that why you moved so quickly to call for an up or down vote on a Supreme Court Justice so as not to be a partisan hack? Oh wait….

  5. A two-pronged attack from Toomey means he spoke with both sides of his forked tongue.

  6. So wait — he spends the first 10 seconds of the ad throwing mud, then appears and says “When you clear away the mud..” ???

    Shouldn’t it be “When you clear away the mud I JUST THREW” ?

  7. Bono, if that’s your biggest beef with Toomey, then you should be voting for him. McGinty is the most self-absorbed and unqualified candidate in a long time. When she appointed herself Acting Governor, she made the secretaries in the Governor’s Office answer the phones “Hello, Chief of Staff McGinty’s office…”

  8. Translation: “McGinty wants to be a partisan rubber stamp. That’s MY job. I’m Pat Toomey and I approve this message.”

  9. Pat Toomey is the epitomy of a partisan rubber stamp when it comes to the confirmation of Judge Garland.

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